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Darren McCord of Pittsburgh is a disgraced firefighter who took a job as a fire prevention officer at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. During Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final in 1995, McCord invited his two children to watch the game while he worked. Unbeknownst to McCord, a team of terrorists infiltrates the arena and takes hostage the visiting Vice President of the United States and several other VIPs. Terrorists threaten to blow up the arena if the government does not transfer millions of dollars to foreign accounts. Fortunately, that was without counting on McCord, who not only fights for every life in the arena, but also for the lives of his children.

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Darren McCord (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a firefighter with the Pittsburgh Fire Department. He is currently the fire chief of the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. He was given this assignment after failing to save a young girl from a house fire two years earlier. McCord is still recovering from the defeat. McCord works on the night of Game 7 of the 1995 Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Darren takes his son Tyler (Ross Malinger) and daughter Emily (Whittney Wright) to the game as a last-minute birthday present for Tyler. McCord is divorced and shares custody of the children with his ex-wife.

Little does the McCord know that a group of terrorists has entered the arena and taken U.S. Vice President Daniel Binder (Raymond J. Barry) and several other VIPs hostage in a luxury suite. The terrorists are led by former CIA agent Joshua Foss (Powers Boothe), who has rigged the entire arena with explosives. Foss wants to blow up the arena with all the spectators at the end of the game unless the government transfers millions of dollars to his offshore accounts.

During the game, Tyler and Emily argue while McCord works. Emily runs away and seeks comfort from the Iceburg team’s mascot, not knowing that the original player has been murdered by Carla (Vera Minton), the only female terrorist. Emily is kidnapped by Carla and taken to a luxury suite with the other hostages. When McCord returns to the children’s seats, he orders his son not to leave his seat under any circumstances and to go in search of Emily. He finds Carla dressed up as an ice castle and realizes something is wrong. When Carla tries to kill him, he evades her attacks and eventually kills her.

I’m having a bad day. Darren McCord.

McCord then asks the security guard for help, but he is another terrorist in disguise. He and McCord are fighting. A terrorist uncovers a criminal operation before he is killed by McCord. McCord, now aware of the massive operation, finds a cell phone in the executive offices and uses it to communicate with Secret Service agent Matthew Hallmark (Dorian Harewood), one of the agents outside the stadium who is trying to figure out a way to get into the arena without killing everyone. Hallmark advised McCord to wait and leave it to the FBI. McCord, however, refused and said he could handle it himself.

Outside the stadium, the Secret Service and Pittsburgh police surround the arena and begin to close in. Foss starts blowing up vehicles in the parking lot to warn the police to stay away from the building or he will blow up the arena. Meanwhile, McCord manages to find and defuse several bombs, and kill several other terrorists. However, Foss killed several hostages after the end of the first and second periods. Hallmark ignores Voss’ requests and goes to the stadium alone. He meets with McCord, who explains to him where the remaining bombs might be. Hallmark turns out to be an ally of Fosse and tries to kidnap Tyler, but fails. When Hallmark meets McCord for the second time, he reveals his duplicity to the firefighter. McCord sets fire to Hallmark and eventually kills him. McCord then uses Hallmark’s phone to contact Foss, who ridicules McCord for holding his daughter captive.

As game time approached, McCord continued to defuse the bombs around the stadium. However, Foss’ men are now attacking him more actively, because they know where the bombs are and because they know McCord is looking for them. To avoid capture or death, McCord disguises himself as a Pittsburgh goalie to escape the terrorists and enter the game. He rebounds the shot successfully on goal. As the third period drew to a close, Luke Robitaille scored against Pittsburgh, sending the game into sudden death overtime.

McCord decides there is no time to defuse any more bombs and heads for the roof of the arena. He fights two of Fosse’s suckers, one of whom falls on the scoreboard and blows it up. The fans panicked and ran out of the stadium. Tyler stays where he is, just like his father told him to. McCord slips past the wire to the top of the owners box and works his way in. He rescues Emily, the vice president and the rest of the hostages. McCord and Emily reunite with Tyler and the trio leaves the arena.

Meanwhile, Foss manages to escape and blend in with the panicked crowd. He detonated one of the bombs to create panic and further distract the police. He runs into Emily, who recognizes him, and he takes her hostage again. Foss and Emily make their way to the top of the arena, where a terrorist helicopter awaits them. McCord follows him and saves his daughter before Foss shoots him. As Foss tries to escape, McCord shoots the helicopter pilot. The helicopter begins to slow down and crashes into the arena, where it explodes on impact with the ice, killing Foss.

McCord is treated in the EMS medical ward while his children tell the paramedics about his heroism. Tyler and Emily see their father as a hero again. McCord is loaded into the back of the ambulance after a long day.

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