Two worlds… one deadly evil!

Stakes is a 2002 American horror film about vampire hunters on the trail of Alice, the queen of vampires and her evil bodyguards. Also known as vampire coke.

It was directed by Joe Ripple (Jebediah; Dead Hunt; Crawler; Vampire Sisters; Harvesters) from a script he co-wrote with producer, cinematographer and editor Don Dohler (director of Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage; The Galaxy Invader; Nightbeast; The Alien Factor).

TimeWarp Films produces stars: Jamie Bell, George Stover (Manos Returns; Camp Blood 666; President’s Day, etc.), Stephen King (Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage; Harvesters), Erin J. Corsair), Ashira Zimra and Leanna Chamish (The Maker of Monsters; Snakehead Swarm; Fear the Clowns 2; Vampire Sisters).


Imagine a parallel Earth where vampires cut off a band of humanity. The disease is so severe that predatory leeches start eating each other. Three survivors make the jump to our country. But Alyssa, the queen of vampires, and her evil bodyguards are also using the gateway to enter our country. They come here to feed and breed. Today, the number of vampires here is increasing and time is running out!

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The stakes are the lowest type of home video with low rentals. I’m sure there are those who enjoy this kind of amateur hour as much as a good street fight – but it’s hard to find any legitimate entertainment value in such a poor quality production. eFilmCritic

…the performances were generally pleasant. The story wasn’t bad either. Pureblood vampires could walk in daylight, and the stakes were not affected. It was creative enough to kill those seemingly indestructible vampires. As for the special effects, I have only one minor complaint. The use of the IGO as a blood donor should not have been pursued. The DNA of horror

Despite the inherent laziness, the incompetence on display under Joe Ripple is truly a spectacle, blurring the line between the willing and the incompetent. It’s not The Last Vampire on Earth (and Joe isn’t Vitaly Versace), but I have to credit any lame movie that doesn’t reward a comic book character with a chick in his chest, but leaves him with an old Irish priest. Minion Max

The stakes are high with the use of SyFy Channel CGI effects and saving the splash for the second half of the film […], but it manages to be an entertaining film by fun standards, with Ripple moving the film forward quickly in its short 81-minute time frame while maintaining a fast pace that half of the outdated action likes is noticed…. Stephen Millan

He has his moments and for the most part he continues to act. Cheesy CGI, weak choreography, and a woman in a gothic costume but a haircut that belongs to Karen. That was fun. Not said.

The actors and characters:

Jamie Bell… Jake Bishop-George Stover… Father John O’Grady-Stephen King… Dr. Brian SmithersErin J. Corsair… Elizabeth N… FlemishAshira Zimra… Shannon Wallace-Leanna Chamish… Alyssa The Vampire QueenJohn Michaelson… DragusSin DeWil… RavenJames. Waltz Billy StrebbDarla Albornoz… Vampire 1-Wayne Althoff… Owner of Bar 1Steve Backus… Vampire 2-Glenn Barnes… Vampire 3Jerry A. Bazenski… Inspector 1Frederick E. Bushet… Detective 2

Technical details :

83 minutes in
format: 1.33 : 1
Audio : Mono


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