Tom Holland in Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland shows a scene photo of Spider-Man 3 in Peter Parker’s costume, alias Spider-Man, as part of the official start of shooting for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last summer Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures signed a contract with the Dutch Spider-Man for a stay at MCU, of which he has been Captain America since 2016: Civil War – and announced plans for the third film in the solo superhero franchise and another team adventure. Spider-Man 3 was originally planned for July 2021, but has since been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to Hollywood and the start of the production of new Spider-Man 3 movies is approaching. The stars of Spider-Man 3, including Holland, Zendaia (Michelle Jones) and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), have met in Atlanta, Georgia, where they have filmed numerous Marvel projects in recent weeks. Then Holland and Batalon took a first look at the script of the film, although Holland promised not to ruin Spider-Man 3. Today Holland put her costume photo on the set and offers a first look at the shots of the movie Spider-Man 3.

At the Instagram exhibition, the Netherlands presented a new image of Spider-Man 3, which was shot on the set of the film Marvel with the actor in a superhero costume from the film Spider-Man: Not far from home. In addition, the actor wears a face mask, which refers to the safety protocols of the film to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In the subtitle Holland writes: Put a mask on, I’ll wear two. Check your mail below.

What this new image shows mainly confirms that The Netherlands has started photographing Spider-Man 3. The actor alluded to it earlier this week when he released his GIF on Spider-Man’s set: The homecoming, but it is a picture of the Netherlands in the costume of Peter Spider-Man: Away from home, there’s official confirmation that the cameras have started working. This image also indicates that Spider-Man Holland may not have a new costume in the upcoming film. That would be logical, because the red-and-black Far From Home costume was only made at the end of the film and is relatively new in the chronology of the MCU. Moreover, this Spider-Man costume is the fifth costume the Netherlands gave to Peter at UCM – after his home costume, the Stark/Home Evening costume, the Iron Spider costume and the Night Monkey costume – so it would be nice if he could hang around a bit longer.

There is also a historical reason why Spider-Man didn’t exchange his costume for a new one, namely that Peter Parker was declared Spider-Man’s alter ego at the end of the house. As part of this revelation in Spider-Man: In addition to the scenes in the epilogue, Peter was also shot to kill Mysterio, which means he may be on the run and have no access to the resources that could give him a new costume. The exact story of Spider-Man 3 and even the title of the film are still unknown. But it has been reported that Benedict Cumberbatch will appear in the role of Dr. Strangelove, and in a more shocking report it has been stated that Jamie Fox will appear in the role of Electro, who takes over his role in the film Sonia Amazing Spider-Man 2. The way in which all these elements are interconnected may come to light in the course of the investigation. Perhaps the next big discovery that will probably happen is the official opening of Spider-Man 3, although it is still pending.

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