A real cult classic. I’ve always said that, and the world is finally catching up with me. Arrow has released the latest edition of this film.


The world ends in a wild fantasy.

Review :

This is how the world ends, says Richard Kelly, writer and director of this great film. He gives us his complex and layered version of the book of Revelation, and it’s a fascinating and amazing journey. It starts like George Lucas did with the original version of Star Wars in chapter 4 and ends in chapter 6, and it feels like the world somehow ended before it even began. It’s a domino effect, with dozens of important and seemingly insignificant characters playing their part in a grand cosmic plan to end it all. In the beginning we learn that in 2006 there was a nuclear explosion in the state of Texas the size of Hiroshima and almost immediately after, World War III. World War I has begun. Oil and gas extraction is becoming increasingly difficult and alternative forms of energy are needed to sustain our way of life. The project has been reinstated, interstate travel is only possible with a visa, and a state-of-the-art American think tank has been established within the government. Karma Fluid, an alternative energy source, and a prophetic scenario co-written by a porn star named Krista Now and an amnesiac movie star named Boxer Santaros have surfaced online…. Holy cow! It doesn’t even scratch the surface! In this regard, it should be noted that Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) is not the only one with amnesia. There’s also Ronald Tavernier (Sean William Scott), who has a twin brother and is recruited by the Neo-Marxists to imitate him, but is kidnapped by the Angel of Death (Christopher Lambert!), who rides a pale horse that is actually an ice cream truck, loaded with machine guns and grenade launchers. This movie was made with good actors: John Laroquette, Jon Lovitz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, Miranda Richardson, Kevin Smith, Curtis Armstrong, Justin Timberlake and others. Kelly weaves an intriguing spell, and it almost looks like a David Lynch dream/nightmare, but it’s more fun than any Lynch movie. It’s a film like no other, and it rewrites the post-apocalyptic genre.

I recommend reading the first three chapters of Richard Kelly as a graphic novel for best results: The convergence of the two roads, fingerprints and mechanics, which led to the events of this film. This movie is hard to follow even if you haven’t read it (which I did before releasing it in 2007), so the more help you get, the better. Donnie Darko’s first film, directed by Kelly, also follows the path of the apocalypse, and you might want to start with this one. His third film, Box, also had an apocalyptic slant, and although all three films were criticized, I encourage you to give it a try. Moby did a hypnotic score of Southland Tales, and all the original songs work very well. This movie has been delayed at least two years as far as I know, and if I can understand why, I’m also shaking my fist at the studio (it was at Universal before it was at Sony) for not releasing it sooner. Miraculously, it’s more than ever before and almost seems to be a prophecy of the end of the world, especially in a post-Trump / COWID world.

The new (and long-awaited) Blu-ray release of Southland’s Tales of Arrows is a two-disc limited edition and includes both the play and the elusive Cannes montage, which runs over 10 minutes. LACME premiered the film in Los Angeles a few years ago, and I can safely say that I prefer the original cut, but for fans of the film (and the next one is sure to grow), the Cannes cut is a must. Arrow has restored the film in 2K and includes an audio commentary by Kelly, an in-depth documentary on the making of the film, archival footage, an animated featurette, an image gallery and much more.

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