The original motion picture soundtrack to Wish Dragon is now available on . The score was composed by Mitch Moreno, who also composed the music for the popular video game, Fortnite. The Wish Dragon score was recorded at Studio G in Los Angeles, California with an 80 piece orchestra and choir. This is the first time the full score has been released in its entirety. The score was recorded by Maury Morrow (The Italian Job, Pacific Rim) and includes an atmospheric theme that plays while the dragon is riding her motorcycle.

Gather, listen. The Wish Dragon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has been released on iTunes. Featuring music from ZHU, The Griswolds, and more, the album is available for purchase.

Freewheeling Film is a Chicago-based independent film production company. We produce documentaries, feature films, commercials and music videos. Currently we are working on a short film titled “Wish Dragon” and the soundtrack is available for download now.. Read more about wish dragon and let us know what you think.

Earlier this month, Milan Records released the soundtrack to Sony Picture Animation’s Wish Dragon, composed by Philip Klein. The 25 compositions use a range of traditional Chinese instruments – pipa, sheng, ruan – but have been synthesized and given a modern sound.

On his work on the score, Philip Klein said: Work on the score for Dragon of Wishes began with hours of creative discussion, a good dose of cheesiness and musical experimentation with director Chris Appelhans.

He went on to explain: Our shared love of discovering lesser known music and sounds has taken us through generations of Chinese songs, instruments, artists and folk expressions. A year later we had a multi-layered, colourful thematic score with beautiful traditional instruments, melancholic textures and the power of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Chris’s deep love and respect for this story and all the brilliant filmmakers and artists behind it made my work a true wishful thinking.

After an inspiring trip to China in 2006, director Chris Appelhans returned fascinated by the country’s vibrant culture and rapid modernisation. He realized that this was the perfect environment to write a story about desire; in a world that is changing so rapidly, it is impossible to ignore the big questions about life and values. He wanted to share this unique but universal story with audiences around the world and realized animation was the best way to convey the authenticity, humor and heart of the story. He even learned Chinese.

Chris Appelhans had this to say about the result: Philip Klein] has created a score that not only enhances the film, but also stands on its own: iconic melodies, authentic soul, and a timeless blend of modern and traditional elements. Every time I listen to it, I am moved – and for me, that is the highest praise a piece of music can receive.

List of titles

1. Endless Sky – Kenton Chen, Katherine Ho & Weilim Lin
2. Free Smiles – Tia Ray
3. Prologue – Philip Klein
4. Li Na Says Goodbye – Philip Klein
5. I Gotta Go – Philip Klein
6. The Goons – Philip Klein
7. All Dressed Up – Philip Klein
8. Tea is ready – Philip Klein
9. Finders Keepers – Philip Klein
10. City walk – Philip Klein
11. Aerobatics – Philip Klein
12. Dean and Lee Na – Philip Klein
13. Long Admins – Philip Klein
14. Fight between Dean and Mom – Philip Klein
15. Dismantling Shanghai – Philip Klein
16. That Same Old Shikumen – Philip Klein
17. Some Expectations – Philip Klein
18. Wish Dragon – Philip Klein
19. The battle of the dummies – Philip Klein
20. True Victim – Philip Klein
21. My Last Wish – Philip Klein
22. Everything That Matters / The End – Philip Klein
23. A Tale As Old As Time (Suite I) – Philip Klein
24. A story as old as time (Suite II) – Philip Klein
25. Piano Dina – Philip Klein

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