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Shane Dawson’s been in the news a lot lately. Yes, there are charges. Although I didn’t want to share my small opinion in complex discussions about past mistakes, sincere apologies against manipulation and cultural extinction, I knew it would be wrong not to mention my connection to its content. As a child I used to watch OG YouTube videos and laugh. I got too big as a teenager.  As an adult, I enjoyed the content and understood how the author of a content can evolve over time. Of course, his attitude towards the idea of a sociopath in Jake Paul’s Mind in 2018 was exaggerated, insensitive and, well … Yeah, his Jeffrey Starr Beautiful World series was a famous advertisement for his line of eye shadows. But he lived in garbage to my taste. And I really wanted to buy some of her makeup.

However, due to new discussions about problematic content (and its creators) and the responsibility for past mistakes, my attention turned to the real 2014 TV series The President. Since I don’t live in America and Shane Dawson was off my radar at the time, I missed him completely. Because I was good and liked the video on YouTube, I heard about his train accident in Not Cool. I never looked at it myself; I heard a rumor that it was an absolute evil, and I attributed it to the fact that a producer was just trying to misuse YouTube content to misinterpret it completely. When I found out where that shit stain came from, I knew it:

  1. Shane Dawson is certainly responsible for the countless horrific decisions that had to be made to make this film,
  2. The director was wrongly deprived of the opportunity to start a career because of this monstrous cruelty.
  3. I want this concept of reality TV less… unfair and problematic.

I’ve got a lot of unpacking to do here. To avoid boring tirades, I’m going to add some subtitles.

Chairman; reality series Starz

, or vice versa, why an adult in the middle of a pandemic decided to take over an outdated reality TV show.

The Chair, originally aired on Starz six years ago, was a reality show in competition that pitted two aspiring directors against each other to make a better film with the same script. More specifically, the Podium project, the series gave them the opportunity to work with the screenwriter, rewrite the dialogue and control the sound, the actors and the aesthetics of the final film. Although I really hope that Netflix will take this concept and turn it into a Next in Cinema or something like that, I understand the risk involved in making such a production. In the course of their production it is necessary to develop two feature films and many other regularly paid television programmes, which increases the cost of their production. It is clear that the president was afraid of such a monetary return, and although it was contrary to his goal of creating fair competition, he decided to hire famous talents to guarantee the rating. Send in Shane Dawson.

YouTuber Shane (a man with millions of hungry fans under the age of 15) is against… Woman who apparently wanted to be a director. In the end, the audience will vote for the best film. That’s good, isn’t it? Even if this were not the case, Dawson would certainly attract more spectators, which would increase the recognition of the names of the two directors.

Unfortunately, no one was watching. People barely remember. Then why bother?

Anna Martemucci; swallowed by the system before Greta cooled it

More than any other woman who opposed Shane Dawson, Anna Martemucci (or as she is now called by A.M. Lucas) was the child of a political refugee from communist Czechoslovakia and an Italian immigrant. His grandfather was the late artist Jan Lucas, a venerated figure from early Czech photography and film, whose works are presented in the permanent collection of MoMA (directly from his BIMD). Given Sophia Coppola’s family experience (unfortunately, I used two of my examples of mainstream female filmmakers to compare them to what I should be doing now?!), I wouldn’t blame you if you thought she was a loser in the competition. However, it is difficult to win the public vote against a man who is actually fed by a million people. In fact, the competition and the system she’s in have soiled my daughter.

Shane Dawson, president.

Not cool. I mean, really not cool.

I know this subsection was a low-threshold fruit, but to continue, I absolutely hate the compilation of moving images that vaguely resemble a film with the lowest common denominator, a Shane Dawson film. Yes, the jokes are sharp and problematic, but they don’t contain the slightest hint of humour to make them more fun than the crazy nonsense torn from the stupid notebook of a 13-year-old simulator. I can’t give a complete overview of the film here, because I would probably end up deconstructing the incompetence of each image, keeping me awake far into the past and leaving me with a broken human shell. Here are some dotted highlights.

  • They are disgusting characters pushed through the usual plot points of bad teen comedies.
  • Shane Dawson considers himself a leader, a man who was once the most popular man in the school, and everyone wants to take off his clothes and take care of him. Meanwhile, he plays clumsy and shy. It doesn’t make any sense.
  • First shot in the girl’s ass. In this way we can adjust the quality of the theatre we are going to see.
  • A homeless black man eats his own feces seconds before a horrible caricature of a blind woman appears on the picture. It’s a real sign of the film’s humour.
  • Shane’s girlfriend leaves him by lightning.
  • Everybody’s always screaming.
  • I feel sorry for Drew Monson everywhere. He is the only actor in this thing who has the potential to be funny from a distance, and I think this movie kind of ruined his chances.
  • There are a lot of jokes about shit. A LOT.
  • At some point, Shane tries to be romantic.
  • The Indian is portrayed as funny because… …he’s an Indian. It’s fantastic.
  • I was tired of the movie.

Apart from the badges, the sexism and the skills in Shane’s script (and I blame Shane because Dan Schoffer’s script was cut by him during the rewrite phase. Also… Shane wanted to write the credit, but because of union rules he couldn’t get it. He was hysterical. Please, guys, watch the chair. Any attempt at emotional shock is more like a terrible gal after ruining your whole Thanksgiving dinner.

Usually the movie’s bad. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Chairman; Zachary Quinto

Brief description by Zachary Quinto.

Zachary Quinto was the producer of these two films during the presidency. I like Zachary Quinto; he is known as one of the nicest people in the industry and he gets points from me because he is a Star Trek fan. The Stool’s plot follows Zachary’s hatred for Shane Dawson throughout the story. It’s fun to watch. He called Dawson’s film a waste of time in the end. He was too nice.

Anna Martemucci, president.

Hollidaysburg; a film that made me feel enough to justify this tirade of 2000 words.

I saw many of the early films in my career as a film critic. Every month we receive some independent reports, which unfortunately are not of sufficient quality to be placed on our website. We give them all the same attributes: a less star game, a confusing storyline, a poor sound design and the inability to bring something new to the table. But as with most early movies, I usually give them some space when I watch them. Even Taika Whititi, one of my favorite directors, has his first film, which, after showing the promise, did not overtake me like the others, more mature features. A good start is an achievement, and A.M. is definitely made.

Hollidaysburg is all you want in a drama as you get older. Throughout the film you will discover recognizable characters, a picturesque setting and free aesthetics, which give the setting a warm, lively and familiar look. Unlike the Dawson train, the early college blues is that even if someone lives thousands of miles away, they come home. Although he’s far from perfect (he can be a little crooked, and a few minor anomalies make his amateur status too obvious), he had something that touched me in my cold and critical little heart.

When I was seventeen, I moved to Brisbane for college. All my teenage life I hated my little Australian town because it was too closed and boring, and I dreamed of living in a vibrant city. It’s scary to live in such a big world when you’re just a teenager and you realize you’re missing it. You also discover that you grew up in the relationships you had there in the past, and you regret those you abandoned because of abstract notions of popularity as a teenager. You hope that people will miss you as your thoughts wander until you can attend your meeting and show how smart, sexy and successful you have become. Then, at 25, you realize it would be hell to go to next year’s school reunion, and you’d rather scream in the emptiness of the internet for a six-year-old YouTube movie than try to prove your worth to people who have also become strong and successful in their own way.

I may not have direct contact in Hollidaysburg, but I could look into any part of myself. I also knew people who had similar characteristics when they were young. I was at the parties shown in the movie. I had to regret my school life in a small town, which I never appreciated when I was there, and I tried to understand the need to grow. I visit my parents in my hometown and think about my stupid teenage character and crying at the same time. Growing up is difficult, scary and always evolving, and this film made me aware of that. I wanted to see more of this director… what else she had to say. If her short film A Cambodian Family, please for my pleasure, was a success and is now on my list, I want this little reality show to catapult her to something more. I’d like to think of more than four female directors. I’m glad she’s in fifth place now.

Anna Martemucci, president.


Shane Dawson eventually won the $250,000 Grand Prix chair, but his film panicked the critics and is now on the list of the worst of all. Although he claims the voting system was fair (he thinks his fans wouldn’t go that far to fill in a big, bulky document, and cites that as a reason for his victory), I can’t help but think about how the documentary that started it all was forgotten and the director with the potential for a big first feature film wasn’t sufficiently compensated. Was his floor part of it? Not directly, but I think A.M.’s journey has a good metaphorical connection with thousands of women of different races, religions and backgrounds who cannot succeed for lack of opportunities, brains and financial resources. In fact, Shane Dawson was never directly responsible for this situation; he was pretty stupid during production and showed a lot of rights the whole time he was in the chair, but he never wanted to hurt his colleague. However, I think it is a good symbol of a system that rewards powerful men and leaves no room for many promising newcomers.

In fact, I hope my long speech did only one thing: Anna Martemucci or A.M. Lucas (whatever she prefers) should receive praise for her beautiful film, and I hope some of you will look for it.

Netflix, please do a similar reality show. I’ll take him outside.


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