Rush week is the 27th. April 2021 released on Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome. The film was recently restored in 2K from its 35mm interpositive. Characteristics:

Audio Commentary The Hysteria Continues Podcast
Interview with actor Dean Hamilton
Interview with actress Courtney Gebhart
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It’s the perfect university with an absolutely terrifying secret.

Rush Week is a 1989 American horror film directed by Bob Bralver (Midnight Ride) to a screenplay by Russell W. Manzat and Michael W. Layton (who also produced Pale Blood). It was filmed in 1988 and released at 1. January 1989 published.

The stars of the film: Pamela Ludwig (Pale Blood), Dean Hamilton, Roy Tynes (Norleys Tapes; Horror at 37,000 Feet; Satanic School for Girls), Donald Grant, Courtney Gebhart, John Donovan, David Denny, Todd Eric Andrews, Laura Burkett, Jay Pickett, Edward Rayden, Mark Clayman, Tony Lee

Dominic Brashea (actor in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, directed by Evil Laughter) and Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween, 4) have small cameo roles. The Dickies’ newest rock band plays three songs, and rock star Greg Allman makes a brief appearance as a stoner student advisor.


Tambers College: Aspiring student reporter Tony Daniels investigates missing female students and begins to suspect a connection to the Dean and fraternity rituals during rush week…..


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If the producers decided to ban traces of blood for fear of extreme censorship, they certainly did not ban nudity. There is more breastfeeding than feeding in the delivery room…. The incision on the…

The acting in Rush Weeks is pretty good and has a decent budget. The film is expertly filmed and edited and entertains you enough to distract you from the nonsense of the murders. 80s Horror Central

Rush Week’s main selling points are interesting guest appearances and lots of naked flesh….. If you’re looking for more than just nudity and fun, you’ll be disappointed, but for less picky viewers, Rush Week is entertaining enough. Jim Harper, Legacy of Blood: The complete guide to horror films

Despicable enough to be called one of Julie McGuffin’s bisexual bimbos, it’s not the mysterious one littered with naked girls and bloody spankings….. Aurum movie dictionary: Terror

It oscillates between slasher scenes and unfunny shenanigans played by the residents of Beta Delta Beta with campus….. Bob Bralver’s directing is pretty bad. John Stanley, Characteristics of Creation.


Unfortunately, Rush Week is too slow and never escapes its own pitfalls long enough to create enough tension, and by the time the action finally gets going, it’s already too late. Still, it should keep you in the dark for at least a few minutes (although it does hint at the possibility of an excellent twist that would make it look even more like Scream). …. Vegan Voorhees.


Dialogue about the elections:

Jeff: Wake up. This is real life, not some stupid horror movie.

The actors and characters:

Pamela Ludwig… Tony DanielsDean Hamilton… Jeff JacobsRoy Tynes… Dean GrailDonald Grant… Byron RodgersCourtney Gebhart… Jonell Watson… John Donovan… Arnold CrangenDavid Denny… Greg OxTodd Eric Andrews… Harvan Laura Burkett… Rebecca Winters-Jay Pickett… ParkerEdward Rayden… IchabodMark Kleiman… GordoTony Lee… AlmaJonna Johnson… Cigarette GirlDominick Brashea gets her pussy… PeeperKathleen Kinmont… Julie Ann McGuffinHeidi Holicker… SarahGregg Allman… Cosmo KincaidRay Bickel… Officer Dean Vine… Agent Arrell Midget… Professor Caldwell…


637 S Lucerne Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (fraternity)
Hospital VA – 11301 Wilshire Boulevard, Brentwood, LA, CA

Technical details:

96 min. Aspect ratio
: 1.85 : 1
Audio : Ultra Stereo



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