Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The story follows Himura Kenshin, who was a killer of the Bakumatsu period until he discovered a new meaning to his life as a wandering samurai during the Meiji Restoration.

The rurouni kenshin live-action movies in order is a list of all the live-action movies and animated series that have been released from the popular manga, Rurouni Kenshin.


Join Kenshin Himura on his quest to overcome a danger that is mimicking Kenshin’s previous self and redeem himself from his terrible past. He met a girl called Kagome on his journey to redeem himself ten years after the battle, and she would make Kenshin’s life more tranquil as the tale progressed.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin yet. I’ll walk you through viewing Rurouni Kenshin, as well as provide additional information that will help you get more acquainted with the series before you even start watching it. This series guide will include some information on the film’s production as well as a brief overview of each series. 

Order of Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Films

Nobuhiro Watsuki created the manga series Rurouni Kenshin, often known as Samurai X. The narrative of Rurouni Kenshin starts during the Meiji Period, when Hitokiri Battosai, a renowned assassin, transforms into Kenshin Himura. Kenshin is a traveling swordsman who carries a blade with a reversed edge as a sign of repentance for his past crimes. Instead, he uses his exceptional katana abilities to defend himself and his loved ones.

In chronological order, the Rurouni Kenshin films are:

Let’s take a look at the Rurouni Kenshin film’s chronology to see how the narrative unfolds:

The Beginning of Rurouni Kenshin (2021)


‘The Beginning’ is a prequel to the series, although it was released after the main narrative in the film series had concluded. This may be viewed before, after, or after the main chronology of the movie series is completed. 

The Beginning recounts the tale of Kenshin Himura while he was still known as Hitokiri Battosai in the last years of the Edo Period. It also revealed his connection with Yukishiro Tomoe, another lady. The cause behind Kenshin’s distinctive X-shaped scar on his face is revealed in this tale. 

Kenshin Rurouni (2012)


Rurouni Kenshin begins the main plot of the manga series by depicting Imperialist troops’ triumph in the last battle towards the end of the Edo Period. Hitokiri Battosai was a member of it, but he eventually left and terminated his career, leaving behind his sword as evidence. 

After ten years, Battosai renames himself Kenshin Himura and goes to Tokyo. He now wields a reverse-blade katana as a penance for his crimes, so that he can keep his pledge of never killing for good. He meets Kamiya Kaoru at the opening of the series, who runs a Kendo school that she inherited from her late father. 

He subsequently becomes friends with her and others along the road while attempting to stop Takeda Kanryu, a ruthless and powerful opium merchant. Simultaneously, he encounters his history in Tokyo, where he learns of a “Battosai,” who seems to be an old foe who now holds the sword he left behind in his previous battle.

Kyoto Inferno (Rurouni Kenshin) (2014)


Kyoto Inferno features Shishio Makoto, the series’ primary adversary, a renegade soldier who suffered terrible burn scars all over his body after being believed dead in the same battle as Kenshin. He is being pursued by Saito Hajime, who is informed that if he succeeds in conquering all of Japan, a revolt would erupt.

Meanwhile, Kenshin has moved into Kaoru’s dojo, where he lives with his new buddies from the last film. Kenshin was contacted by a government officer who asked him to hunt down Shishio, who had arrived in Kyoto and was frightening the city’s people. Kenshin first refuses, but after seeing the official’s death at the hands of Shishio’s right-hand man, Sojiro Seta, he reconsiders.

The Legend of Rurouni Kenshin Comes to an End (2014)


Kenshin was rescued by his old master, Hiko Seijuro, shortly after the events of Kyoto Inferno. Kenshin was informed by Hiko after waking up that he had been asleep for three days. Hiko retrained Kenshin in order for him to master the Hiden Mitsurugi’s ultimate technique and finally beat Shishio.

Meanwhile, Kaoru is still missing, and Shishio uses his amphibious battleship to take over Tokyo. Sanosuke was finally able to locate Kaoru, who had awoken from her coma in order to locate Kenshin, whom Misao eventually discovered. All that’s left now is to halt Shishio’s invasion of Tokyo. This is also the point in the story when Kenshin finally lets go of his past for good in order to live a better life.

The Final Chapter of Rurouni Kenshin (2021)


This is the film’s last episode. Following Shishio’s defeat, Yukishiro Enishi, a Shanghai mafia boss, comes in Tokyo to track down Kenshin. Kenshin is up against one of his most formidable foes. Kenshin now has the will to face the present without dwelling on the past, demonstrating significant character growth and demonstrating that Kenshin has completely redeemed himself.

As the film continues, we learn that Enishi is Kenshin’s former lover’s brother, who was thought to have perished at the hands of Kenshin himself. Kenshin and Kaoru’s affection became stronger at this time. This episode is linked to many important moments in the first, which is why some people prefer to see the first before viewing the second (no pun intended).

Order of the Rurouni Kenshin Films by Release Date

If you prefer to view a movie series by its release date, or if you have seen them all, I will organize the films by date this time. I also included some background information about the film’s production. So, without further ado, here is the whole list of Rurouni Kenshin films, organized by release date:

Kenshin Rurouni (2012)


Rurouni Kenshin was released on August 25, 2012, and by November of that year, it had earned over $96 million in Japan and throughout the globe. Before it was officially revealed, the Rurouni Kenshin film was speculated all over Japan and online, as were their intentions to distribute it abroad. The production budget for the film was $30 million.

Kyoto Inferno (Rurouni Kenshin) (2014)


Kyoto Inferno, a $20 million film, was released on August 1, 2014. The picture grossed $47.5 million in Japan alone, with a worldwide total of $52.9 million. It is one of Japan’s highest-grossing films, receiving great acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

The Legend of Rurouni Kenshin Comes to an End (2014)


On September 13, 2014, The Legend Ends was released. A $30 million budget was been aside for the film’s production. It brought in a total of $41 million in Japan and $44 million worldwide. 

The Beginning of Rurouni Kenshin (2021)


On June 4, 2021, The Beginning was released. The COVID-19 epidemic created delays in the distribution of the film, which led it to be released late. Despite the continuing epidemic, which significantly reduced ticket sales in theaters, it made a total of $21.3 million at the worldwide box office.

The Final Chapter of Rurouni Kenshin (2021)


The film’s last episode was released in Japan on April 23, 2021, and internationally on June 18, 2021. The picture grossed $36.9 million worldwide at the box office. Due to the fact that the filming was completed before to the pandemic, it was released in the same year as The Beginning. 

Order of the Rurouni Kenshin Anime Watch

For those who wish to watch the original series, I’ve included a little something more to keep you interested. This time, I’ll go through the watch order if you’d rather see it as an anime than in its new film adaptation. 

Simply stated, all you have to do is watch the whole series. Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese anime series with 95 episodes split into three seasons:

  • Season 1 consists of Episodes 1 through 27. This film follows Kenshin Himura as he travels to Tokyo and discovers that someone posing as Battosai is spreading havoc on the city. This includes several scenes and tales from the previous film, as well as new ones.
  • Season 2 – Episodes 28 through 62 make up Season 2. The second part of the season depicts the events depicted in the film Kyoto Inferno.
  • Season 3 – The series’ last season spanned from Episodes 63 to 95. There are many filler episodes known to exist. In addition, Episode 95 was never shown on Japanese television when it first aired.

If you’re a manga fan, you may read the whole series instead. From 1994 to 1999, the manga series was published in 27 volumes in Weekly Shonen Jump, with a total of 255 chapters (called Acts) and a final volume short tale.

Rurouni Kenshin was shown in Japan from October 14, 1997, to September 8, 1998. Due to its success, the series was released in many areas of the globe in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s also one among the top 100 most-watched anime series in Japan, and perhaps the whole globe. Who wouldn’t want to see a samurai cut and slash with their creative movements?

Rurouni Kenshin Watch Order is a subreddit that helps people find the order of all live-action and animated movies and series. Reference: rurouni kenshin watch order reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order do I watch Rurouni Kenshin Live Action?

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action is a Japanese live action film based on the manga of the same name. It was released in Japan on December 21, 2016 and then released internationally on March 26, 2017.

How many live action Rurouni Kenshin movies are there?

There are currently 5 live action Rurouni Kenshin movies.

Are all Rurouni Kenshin movies on Netflix?

No, all of the Rurouni Kenshin movies are not on Netflix. The first movie is on Netflix, but the rest of them arent.

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