News from the British royal family Prince Harry shows that the British Prince Harry Duke of Sussex does not accept his shame over the Memorial Day list. He asked the Royal Family to place a wreath in his name at the ceremony, but the Royal Family refused his request because, incidentally, he denied his right to be a member of the association.

A royal expert sees the rejection of her stupid application as a sign that Hollywood Harry has spent on her. They’ve been through a global pandemic that’s hit two royalties without him, right?

Prince Harry isn’t a working king, so he can’t expect to be treated as such. The palace rightly rejected his request, and his irritable reaction underlined how petty and deaf he really was.

The duke of Sussex wanted to hang a wreath on his half at the official commemoration in Great Britain on Sunday.

And yet historian Robert Lacey seems to feel sorry for the old man. He told Newsweek: I think that means it’s worse than we thought. If everything was Hanky Dory, there seems to be no reason why the crown shouldn’t have been on Harry’s name.

If the royal family or the palace wants to cooperate, it would be reasonable to ask. I don’t think she anticipates the prospects for reconciliation.

No, not really. It’s not a reasonable request – Harry threw his family and his place in it with megxit.

But Lacey says at first glance it seems that Prince Harry is insisting on reconciliation or the preservation of some kind of bond, not the granting of the palace.

So far, Lacey’s analysis of the sordid relationship between Harry and his family of outcasts has caught his attention. But taking Harry’s side in his last fraternal maneuver is a mistake.

If Harry wanted to make peace with his family, he would have publicly apologized for erasing the terrible scenario that had led to a public divorce.

Prince Harry is not a martyr, and to think otherwise is a sad mistake.

Lacey seems to have completely missed the time he claimed: We saw the pictures they took of themselves of Harry and Megan Markle. They’re sad, almost tragic.

He talks about the shameless and disrespectful public relations operation that Harry and his wife Megan Markle conducted on Sunday after the royal authorities asked him to leave the country. These two otters in love used their memories of Sunday Remembrance, a lynx at a cemetery in Los Angeles, up to nine people dressed and accompanied by a photographer. Harry shamelessly affixed his military medals to his chest and took careful photographs, staring unnoticed at the gravestones of people he had nothing to do with.

In a shiny photograph, Megan, dressed in a designer dress of insane value, looks with her mouth open at the grave of a stranger, which should be a gesture of piety. Make no mistake, these two greedy people are not saints and never will be.

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