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This week Mando and the baby are going back to Nevarro to repair the ship. Meanwhile, Cara Dune keeps some criminals away and returns their stolen goods to their rightful owners. She’s a city marshal now, and since Mando left, they’ve started a school. They leave the baby with the class while they discuss things. Cara and Griffin will repair the razor and Mando will help them close the imperial military installation and finally free Nevarro from the remains of the emperor. But as soon as they get there, they find evidence of scientific experiments on a child’s blood. This is a laboratory, not a military base. Moffa Gideon’s plans were much darker than Mando and others had thought. They’ll also know Gideon’s still alive. Mando hurries to have the baby while the others jump on the imperial ship. However, it is unknown that one of the engineers commissioned by Gideon installed the tracker on the razor.

The siege is led by Carl Weathers and conquers, as it should be, the return of his hero Gref Carga and the former Dune of Kara (Gina Carano), who has been transformed into a shock tournament. I thought I would see them again soon, but I was surprised to see Mythrol (Horatio Sanz), Mando’s blue friend who is trapped in a pilot of the carbonite series, alive and well. I don’t know if they mentioned it last year, but the headquarters explains that it was introduced specifically for Karga and not for a customer. Now that he has taken over the torch, Mythrol pays off 300 years of debt to Karg, most of which is forgiven in exchange for performing dangerous tasks in this episode. I wonder if they’ll give this character the right name (myth role is actually his type). You can make him a recurring character since he now lives on Nevarro. The child revives good times in a state of siege, from the first scene of the episode. You know, a lot of people come back every week to see more kids. Surprisingly, they were able to use them intelligently without relying too much on them. My favorite time with a besieged child comes early, when he and Mando eat together. It’s a trifle, but I thought it was really cute how he adjusted Mando’s helmet to the food and tried to look under his mask. I also found it very funny when he took cookies from his classmate, and hilarious, though a bit harsh, when he finally spit them out.

The main attraction of the siege is the military installation, which Mando can enter together with his old friends. In the tanks they soon find mutated life forms reminiscent of the failed Snock/Palpatine clones of the Skywalker ascent. They are also looking at a recently created hologram that confirms that Moff Gideon is alive and wanted the child to take blood samples from him because of his high midichlorine levels. I’d like us to take a closer look at the test subjects in the test tubes, and I really hope they’re not meant for the unsuccessful experiments shown in the last film. So far they seem to have ensured that the aftermath has not been confirmed or denied, which is probably best. Many people (including myself, to be honest) would like to see the persecutions removed from the canon or transformed into some kind of alternative universe that can be prevented or even ignored. I don’t think that’s very likely, though, and it would upset almost as many people as you’d like. I wondered if Mandalorian chant would be used as a kind of bridge between the original trilogy and the sequels, especially since that would happen. I don’t want to see any Disney movies amplified or investigated. I don’t care how the First Order came about, if they wanted us to deal with it, they had to make it more charismatic, threatening and interesting. When they go down that road, they also need an explanation of how Ahsoka died. She’s the ethereal voice Ray hears in Skywalker Rise, something like the Phantom of Power. I’m really, really not happy to watch Ahsoka die. Even if they wanted to kill her, it had to be in the rebel’s second season that she met her former master. I didn’t want her to die at that moment either, but it would have made the most sense for her character as a way to finish her story. It would be hard for me to accept that Moffa Gideon or anyone we’ve seen in Mandalorean is (so far at least) the equal of Ahsoka, let alone that I’m able to kill them in battle. We will have to wait and see, but I hope that these clues from the episode will lead to something completely different or serve as a kind of mistake. Ahsoka’s story will probably be repeated next week, because Mando is on his way and the episode is apparently called Jedi. I hope they will soon explain why she is considered a Jedi again, or I suspect that Bo-Katana called Ahsoka because she does not understand the nuances of the situation. The director of this episode is Dave Philoney, and I’m sure he’s not going to ruin his greatest creation right now, so I can’t wait to see them take care of it.

Finally, we also see Moff Gideon standing in front of huge threatening tank suits when he discovers that Mando is now being watched as he wanted. It was very disturbing, and I’m sure the costumes will be quite dangerous later, maybe towards the end of the season. That’s part of what Ahsoka and I are worried about. When Mando leads the child to her and Gideon follows Mando, they can try to use the confrontation with him to explain how she died for the aftermath. I also assume it’s related to the black sword, Gideon’s lightsaber, which is according to Bo-Katan. The main characters at this week’s show were also very nice. It is clear that Mando is becoming more and more open and friendly; his communication with his friends shows a deeper trust and joy in their company. I also like what they did to Cara Dune in this episode. Now she’s a marshal, but they let her speak for herself, not that there’s a female sheriff in Nevarro or any other boring shit. I liked the way she dealt with the little rodent that she had saved first and that is now probably her own little Yoda. The scene closer to the end, where she talks to the Republican pilot, which we have seen several times, was also pleasant. Pretending she’s lost everyone is an established idea, but that’s because it works. If I remember correctly, it would have been Alderaan’s last season, but she left everything as it was.

In general, the chair is pretty good. He sees and sounds great, he raises the stakes considerably and he moves each main character forward to a certain extent. I think Marshall may still be my favorite episode this season, but the chair is an exciting show, and it’s much better than the heiress, and I like that.

Package – 8.5

Action – 10

Progress – 8

Production technique – 10

Share – 8.5



In general, the chair is pretty good. He sees and sounds great, he raises the stakes considerably and he moves each main character forward to a certain extent. I think The Marshal may still be my favorite episode this season, but The Siege is an exciting episode, and it’s much better than The Heiress, and it works for me.

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