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After a one-week hiatus, the Luminaries return to the arms of the Young Moon for the finale of the Old Moon series. I have not been a fan of The Luminaries so far, quite the opposite, I found the characters unconvincing and the story boring and confusing. I felt lost after the first episode of Fingerprints, but I really thought the show would find its stride and get better. After all, this is a BBC adaptation of a well-known novel, with respected actors. The following weeks have produced both good and bad episodes, with the exception of last week’s broadcast. Let’s see if the finale can redeem this series (probably not).


The old moon in the hands of the young moon finds Anna on the way to the farm. Lydia and Francis continue to conspire against the young woman, but Mr. B. is not interested. Moody’s sympathy for her grows. With no lawyer and no witnesses, Anna’s defense is a disaster. Their luck changes when Moody accidentally takes Mr. B’s luggage. Lauderback receives. He finds letters from Crosby to Alistair, stating that they are half-brothers. They also reveal that they briefly dated after Francis blackmailed Alistair with the allegations against Francis. Meanwhile, Lydia decides to frame Anna for Emery’s death, while Crosby’s murder trial becomes more complicated. But Te Rau finds Emery and brings him back to Anna, making this point moot.

Emery, of course, agrees to testify in Anna’s defense. Along with Mr. Moody, they devised a plan to derail the shipment. Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Moody becomes Anna’s lawyer, and in his testimony Emery has himself portrayed as Francis’ accomplice. He accuses himself of stealing Anna’s purse and helping Francis steal Crosby’s gold. Emery also reveals Francis’ plan to kill Crosby and steal his identity, along with a few more embellished details. He also claims that the opium came from him and not Anna. When Francis is called as a witness, things get even worse for him. He denied that Lydia was involved in the conspiracy and was sent to prison. But on the way Te Rau kills him, to Lydia’s shock and horror. Anna is acquitted, Quee receives some of Crosby’s gold for his testimony, and Emery is sentenced to hard labor for the crimes he confessed to. The sentence is only one year because he seeks redemption, and can be reduced to nine months if he behaves well. Anna takes him in her arms, they kiss, and they both agree that they can’t wait to be together. Anna meets Lydia on the beach and tells her that she really enjoyed working for her and that she would have liked to stay if she had been honest. Anna gives Lydia the rest of Crosby’s unmined gold and becomes a prospector while she waits for Emery.

The old moon in the arms of the young moon is a strange episode in a strange series. Before we begin, what is the title of this episode? Did I miss anything? As usual, Lydia is talking gibberish about the moon and the sun in this episode, but I’ve seen Old Moon in the Hands of a Young Moon twice, and I’ve never heard a sentence like that. Speaking of Lydia, I still don’t know if she has magical powers or knowledge or if it’s just magic tricks. I also don’t know if she’s really a brothel owner like I thought, but that’s not the point. I thought Mrs. Wells was only paying lip service to impress the city and attract tourists; but she was absolutely right about Anna and Emery being astral twins. In this episode, her fake seance is overtaken by a real (?), apparently unintentional seance in which she accuses Francis of murder in Cantonese, a language she does not speak. Besides the unresolved mysteries surrounding her character, Lydia’s decision is also very unsatisfying. Her boyfriend dies and most of the gold she killed her husband for goes to the city council, all is well. But Francis lied to protect her and Anna gave him the rest of the gold, it drove me crazy. I don’t feel sorry for Lydia or Francis, I don’t like anyone on this show! It’s really frustrating for the main antagonist and master manipulator of the series to get free, get rich and keep his business. To me, she’s worse than Frances, because she helped kill and steal her own husband, and tried to frame the person she said she was friends with. Francis is an ex-convict and a murderer, but he’s not bossy or cunning like Lydia. Choosing the worst of them is like taking the smartest one out of the trash, but it’s still Lydia. What a confusing ending.

As for the lack of clarity, I have that problem with Emery too. His statement troubled me in the sense that, in retrospect, I honestly didn’t know what he was lying about. It’s clear that he wasn’t really plotting against Anna or Crosby, but some of the details are unclear. When he says that he and Francis were planning to hide the gold in the landfill, I have a feeling that’s not true, but I don’t remember. The story of the Luminaries was messy, dense and confusing from the start. This show has too many characters, too many plots and too little emotion to hold the attention of even the most avid television viewer. It was surreal when Lydia openly cried a few times and Anna smiled and kissed Emery; she’s the most emotional character in the entire show. I had a strange and happy feeling when Anna showed up on the last shot, and I don’t know why. I don’t like Anna and I don’t care about her quest or her relationship with Emery; in fact, I don’t even care about Eve Hewson’s performance as Anna. This isn’t even one of those series that had potential and blew it. Luminaries is just an underdeveloped concept with a bland script, dry acting (for the most part), unsympathetic visuals and characters.

Location – 3
Action – 3
Progression – 2
Production design – 5
Intrigue – 1



The old moon in the arms of the young moon is pretty bad in both the finale and the standalone episode. The games were an extremely frustrating experience.

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