First let me tell you a few things that are clear about the upcoming reboot of Real Blood on HBO. 1. This is a very bad idea. 2. It’s too early for a new start. 3. HBO can in no way improve or raise the level of the show. 4. True Blood is imperfect, but impeccable. 5. The restart will be a disaster of epic proportions. Mark my words. But more importantly.


You must have heard the news. HBO has just announced the imminent relaunch of the classic True Blood series. The program, which was broadcast from 2008 to 2017 and lasted 7 seasons, will be the subject of a remake. And I’m not very happy about it. It’s a bad idea, and it doesn’t do justice to the original television. I’m not a pessimist. I’m just a realist. It’s a different culture now. And a culture that is very different from that of 2008. After the MeToo movement and the PC culture that is destroying the modern TV/cinema, this becomes a real dream. I just know that.

But apart from the change in tone, culture and values, there is an added bonus: the attempt to improve what was great in the beginning. You see, I’m the first to admit that Tru Blood was far from perfect. It was an inferior and sometimes stupid show, but it was grainy. It was a festival with a southern charm, with a southern lifestyle and an atmosphere that really fused with vampire legends. To tell you the truth: Vampire legends are much more than that. The unequal groups among vampires reflect the polarizing nature of our society. As far as I can see. And if you add the themes of salvation, forgiveness and guilt, you have a lot of seriousness to turn it into a very everyday vampire show.

That brings me to the characters. How cool were they? Yes, some of them were boring, aggressive and stupid (Arlene, Sookie, Tara), but most of them were really great. My favorite was and is Sam, but I also worshipped Pam, Eric and Jessica. And here’s my biggest problem with the show. All I know is that the same character won’t be as grainy, layered or memorable as before. They are painted and transformed into one-dimensional characters that miss almost everything.

Oh, and don’t be stingy with sex, nudity and a general R rating. But seriously. The position of the Liberals on these issues has made this show great. I know it wasn’t easy for the actors to film those scenes, but boy, were they fun. Sam’s my favorite, and I loved his promotion. He’s a real puppy. Beautiful and loyal, and that’s not a metaphor. He really is a puppy. Those of you who’ve seen the show know what I’m talking about. And why fix something that hasn’t been broken before? It’s about Sam and most of the show.

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Oh, yeah. I just know it wouldn’t be right. The tone, the sexually charged atmosphere, the nudity, the atmosphere and the overall quality. Mark my words. I’ll be the first to admit I’m pleasantly surprised, but yes. I don’t think the reboot is that close to the secrets of southern vampires. Or the original TV show Tru Blood. I think time will tell. Stay with us. I intend to write about it again. When the time is right.

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