The new trailer for Loki gave us a new look at the Time Variation Authority and some of its officials, including a judge with a rather telling name. Loki is indeed condemned by Ravonna Rensler, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. In the history of Marvel Comics, Ravonna and time travel are always synonymous with trouble, and her history is quite complicated, with many different versions in the history of the Avengers, where she is an ally, an enemy, or something in between, depending on her agenda and origin. Given that her lover will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and rumored to be the next big MCU debacle, it’s safe to assume that Ravonna will reappear after the series… but in the meantime, let’s at least take a look at her basic version, ready to take on the rest in the future.

Ravonne Rensler was born on Earth-6311, a possible XL century when Earth was divided between many kingdoms. His father was King Karelius, ruler of the last dominion that Kang the Conqueror had not yet incorporated into his realm. Against all odds, Kahn fell in love with Ravonna, but she accused him of being a commoner and even threatened his father. Kang vowed to win her love, and tried to impress her with his fighting skills by challenging the Avengers to defeat her in front of her lover in the future….. But he miscalculated when the Avengers teamed up with Ravonne and tried to destroy him. Nevertheless, Kang defeats the princess and her new allies and conquers her kingdom. His code was to execute all former rulers of conquered lands to prevent rebellion, but this time he ordered that a wedding ceremony be prepared instead, causing his most loyal general, Baltag, to rebel against him. To save Ravonne, Kahn frees her and the Avengers and makes an alliance with them against Baltag: This time he managed to impress the princess, who finally saw the courage and generosity hidden under the armor of a warlord and conqueror. When Baltag was defeated, he tried to shoot Kang with his last breath, but Ravona protected her lover by falling into an irreversible death coma to protect him. A version of Kang traveled back in time and saved her by creating an alternate reality in which he was killed in her place; this Ravona lived alongside him, but ultimately sided with the Immort (an older, wiser Kang), who embodied all the good she saw in him. She married the Immortal and ruled by his side, helping him destroy several deviant Kangs. However, the real Ravonna was still in a coma and was the prize of the match between (the other) Kang and the Grandmaster.

Grandmaster promised Kang that he would revive his beloved Ravonna if he won from him, but in the end, even with a win, Kang chose to try and kill the Avengers over reviving the princess. Out of curiosity, the Grandmaster revived her and informed her of Kang’s decision: Enraged at the man she thought would do anything to save her, Ravonna has vowed revenge on Kang the Conqueror, using all his technology and plots against him. First she disguised herself as Space Pirate Mist and attempted to take over the Ultimate Nullifier from the Cross Kangs Council; then she began manipulating Dr. Avenger Druid by appearing to him in dreams, hypnotizing him, and forcing him to take control of the Avengers, which she intended to use as a private army against the Kangs. But just as she went to get the Nullifier, the Avengers freed the Druid from her control, and the Kang Council came to her aid as well: In the next fight, She-Hulk threw her into the storm, where she would be lost forever. However, she possessed all the techniques from Kang’s time and used them to make contact and manipulate the Fantastic Four to free them. She ends up on Earth-616, but in the past, in 1961, where she tries to regain control of her former puppet, the young Doctor Druid, who is resisting her this time. For a while Ravona kept quiet, planning his next move: With the help of the Fantastic Four and Doctor Druid, she eventually gains access to Chronopolis, the capital of the Kan Empire, and faces a direct confrontation. She presents herself to him as Terminatrix, ready to take revenge on the man who betrayed and abandoned her, for her long-awaited revenge.

Ravonne Rensler is a proud and strong-willed woman, a born ruler who gave up everything for a man – a man who then betrayed and abandoned her, filling her with rage and a desire for revenge. As a Terminatrix, she is an experienced warrior with a small arsenal of future technology: With her armor, she can change her appearance to look and sound the way she wants, materialize weapons like Vibroblades and Impact Blasters to increase her own power and durability, teleport through space and time, and project herself into the dreams of others to exert unconscious mind control over them. Terminatrix is an experienced tactician who plays with multiple alternate timelines simultaneously. She is a born leader, ready to reclaim her lost power and her status as the new Queen of Chronopolis.


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