Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Paris Buckingham (White Diamond) is right to be wary. Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) helps Zoe Buckingham (Ciara Barnes) out of the blue. Quinn has plans for the future, and her friendship with Shawna Fulton (Denise Richards) is on the rocks. Can she use Carter Walton (Lawrence St. Victor) to make Zoey do what she wants?

Bold and Beautiful Spoiler – The Loss of Sean Fulton

B&B spoilers reveal that Quinn has implicated Sean in her plans. But the loss of this close friendship is not Quinn’s only problem. With Shauna, she had too much of a conscience to follow Quinn’s plans. This was a source of constant conflict between the two women. It also gave Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) the chance to finally discover the truth about their so-called marriage. While Ridge confronted Shauna, Quinn lied or improvised to keep the plan from falling apart.

Although Quinn and Shauna have met, it is clear that their friendship is not as strong as it once was.

B&B Spoiler – The schemers block each other

Quinn is alert and cautious. She knows Zoe’s a plotter, too. The only problem is that Zoey lets her emotions take over. She’s also a bit inexperienced and doesn’t know how to be patient. Quinn, however, thinks she has found the perfect new affair partner in Zoe.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers – Zoe Buckingham doubts

Bold and beautiful spoilers reveal that Quinn asks Zoe to mix enzymes into her sister’s cocktail. Quinn didn’t do it himself and didn’t push too hard. Then she deliberately left the room to see if Zoe would really follow her. But Zoe later regretted this decision. Quinn noticed Zoe’s confusion and decided to use a different tactic.

Bold and Beautiful (B&B) Spoiler: Paris and Zoë’s Enemy Sisters – Teamwork sets the romance

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B&B Spoiler – Dangling Carter Walton

Quinn knows that Zoe wants Carter more than anything. Quinn is too selfish to bring a couple together unless it helps him. There’s a reason she keeps pushing Carter to forgive Zoe. Quinn has a new plan, but he won’t let Eric Forrester (John McCook) catch him. It would destroy their marriage.

So she needs someone else to do her job. It won’t be by another friend like Sean who will admit his guilt and back down. So Quinn can tell Zoe that if she doesn’t do what she’s told, she’ll lose Carter just as quickly as she gets him back. It will probably be enough for Zoe to do the dirty work. This could give Zoe a chance to redeem herself. Maybe one day she’ll be faced with a choice that will force her to betray Quinn, even if it means losing Carter. We see no other way for Zoe to redeem herself, which means Quinn’s next plan has to be bad.

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