The United Kingdom has recently announced that it would be creating a royal commission to examine the use of data in the workplace. It is believed that the royal family will have their personal health and private data examined and it is hoped that this will lead to better mental health care for members of the royal family.

While getting ready to become a dad to his first child, Prince Harry has been tight-lipped about his personal life. But the royal has taken to Twitter to open up about his mental health.

British royal family news indicates that one body language expert has decoded Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex’s latest public performance and what she has to say might (or maybe not) enlighten you.

Today Harry dropped The Me You Can’t See, an Apple TV+ show he co-produced with Oprah Winfrey. He is seen performing a variety of mannerisms and since his behavior is now the stuff of legend, why not pick it apart tic by tic?

Lest you think this is intrusive, Harry himself invited the cameras into his private therapy session and it’s hard to think of anything more invasive than that. So, what is modern-day Marlene Dietrich transmitting with his body signals?

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Like Marlene Dietrich

He allowed cameras to film him undergoing a therapy session in which he participated in ‘eye movement desensitization and reprocessing’ (EMDr) treatment for anxiety attacks he said are triggered every time he flies into Britain. He has flown into Britain once after he dumped his family in a spectacularly public and humiliating fashion more than a year ago.

Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL that she saw a “powerful,” body language moment in which Harry seemed to be addressing his father directly.

The non-therapist also claimed to see in his therapy session Harry unselfconsciously, “acting out his distress,” in the style of a “role-play,” in a bid to share the technique’s methods.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is The Prince Of Woke

Judi claims that Harry exhibits three sets of emotional reveal. The first is the “unmasked version with signals of sadness and vulnerability, then the very angry, resentful version with eye-narrowing and lip-jutting, and lastly the ‘adult, in control’ version of Harry, who appears calmer and as something of a guru or therapist himself.”

She noted, “There is a very powerful body language moment in this episode where Harry appears to be addressing his father Charles directly.”

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Is Livid Over Prince Harry’s Latest Digs #PrinceCharles #PrinceHarry

— SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) May 23, 2021

Royal Family News – Prince Harry’s Behavior Is Dissected

She continues, “He begins by making comparisons between his mother’s fate and Meghan. When he asks himself about regrets in a rhetorical format he shows signs of anger again as he replies he regrets not taking a stance earlier and calling out racism.”

“His finger points in a stabbing gesture of mimed aggression and his blink rate increases. He makes comparisons to his mother’s circumstances using the pointing gestures and ending in a wry, mirthless laugh to suggest disbelief.”

To conclude Judi said there are, “subtle clues,” that, “suggest tension and anxiety within the prince, especially when he talks about his four years of therapy.”

What is next, Harry invites us to play naked pool?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the royal family. Come back here often for royal family news and updates.

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