Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, announced on Monday that he would be stripping his brother, Prince William, of his military titles when he is no longer in active service. Some of Prince Harry’s titles were stripped from him when he was one year old, while others were bestowed on him when he joined the British Army in 2005. The titles that will be removed upon his 30th birthday are those of a commander, lieutenant and honorary colonel. Prince Harry’s decision to do so comes after his brother, Prince William, took a year-long break from his military duties. Prince William, who is currently second-in-line to the throne, is currently serving as an Apache helicopter pilot in the British

This week, Prince Harry was stripped of his military titles, but Prince Edward, who quit his military role last year, was able to keep his. A few months ago, the British government stripped 21-year-old Prince Harry of his military honors, including becoming an honorary Army captain and being awarded the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel. The government claimed it was in line with the prince’s civilian role as a royal.

Prince Harry is the youngest child of Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne. He’s also a British Royal Air Force helicopter pilot and Apache helicopter combat pilot. But, it seems, being the Prince of Wales means you have to get a doctor’s note when you quit your job.. Read more about uk royal news and let us know what you think.

British Royal Familyreports that some royal experts see a medal disparity between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his uncle Prince Edward.

Prince Harry was stripped of his military rank after the Meghsite, which seems appropriate given how he rejected the monarchy. But Edward gives up military training and retains eight titles.

Royal Family News – Why was Harry undressed?

The question comes as Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle managed to spend Memorial Day in California on Monday without causing a scandal at a veterans’ cemetery in Los Angeles, as they did last year.

Just three months ago, Harry was stripped of his military rank, even though he was a veteran who had been on the front lines in Afghanistan. There he allegedly opened fire on the Taliban from an Apache helicopter.

This service does not negate his departure from kingship and his departure from ministry. Therefore, he cannot wear his military uniform at royal events, such as Prince Philip’s funeral, which took place in April.

News of the Royal Family – Prince Harry has been stripped of his military rank

Although Harry was stripped of the medal, Prince Edward, who resigned from the Royal Marines four months after training, is a full recipient of the medal.

He holds a total of eight ceremonial military appointments, including Colonel Royal of the 2nd Battalion. Battalions of the Rifles, Honorary Colonel of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry and the London Regiment, and Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Auxiliary Fleet.

Royal Family News – Why did Edward leave the army?

At Trooping the Color, Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday parade held every June, her son Edward wears a military uniform, and at a 2017 event he wore all but one of the Medals of Honor, The Sun reported.

At Prince Philip’s funeral, Edward wore at least five medals on his chest, plus the star of the Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.

Harry, in disgrace, was spotted wearing three medals on his chest, plus a neck medal and a star for the distinction of Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, awarded to him by the Queen in 2015.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton vie for the title of most iconic member of the royal family – who won?

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 1. June 2021

Royal Family News – Why does Edward retain his military ranks?

Then why did Prince Edward leave? Their commander, Colonel Ian Moore, told The Guardian newspaper: I want to say that he has done a good job with his training. He was respected by his instructors who spent a lot of time with him. He met all the physical requirements to complete his training satisfactorily – really well.

He added: He received a very good report from Major Bancroft on his first training, and all indications are that a good career awaits him.

There is frustration here, but we understand it and everyone on the force feels the same way. He left with very warm wishes for us and we for him.

Perhaps that’s a polite way of saying that the information about why Edward resigned is provided on a need-to-know basis and we don’t need to know!

Keep an eye on everything that happens to the royal family. Check this page regularly for news and updates from the royal family.

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