Pankaya Sachdeva

1. Dialogue and singing.

Aisa pehli baar hua hai, satraah athraah saalon me, andekha aanjaana koi, aane laga khayaalon me. -Sea whales Dulhania Le Jayenge

Aisa peli baar hua hai satraah saalon mine, koi aaye jaaye, just khayaalon mine. -Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

2. A cry in Luxmia and Sangarche.

3. Two giraffes have finally met at Yagga Yasus.

4. Interesting fact from Jai Arjun Singh’s blog: Ketan Mehta has made five films with alliterations in their titles.

  • Bhavni Bhavai
  • Mirce Masala
  • Heroes of Hiralal
  • Maya-Memsaab
  • Grade Razia

5. Pursuit of the victim to Mirch Masala and Padmaawat.

Galti tere roop me hai.

Uske dekhne me nahi?

-Mirsh Masala

Dosh ape ke roop ka hai.

Aur dekhne vale ki buri nazar ka nahi?


6. The end of Mirch Masala and Padmaawat. Learn more about Padmawat.

7. The colors of this scene are those of Kabha Alvida Naa Kehna: She’s dressed in red and green. He wears red and green. He has an ostrich in red and green. The rose is red and green. To learn more about the Kabha Alvid Naa Kehna, click here.

8. Mohsin Akhtar, who played a small role in the film Luck by Chance – husband of Urmila Matondkar.

9. Some scenes in the Harami trailer look like scenes from The Gully Boy.


10. Rich people are good for their money. Similar lines to the parasite and the white tiger.

11. Rats representing Sarika’s fear in the Hasin T corner. She overcame her fear.

How it started: How it ended.

12. Speaking of rats: Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a film about people who don’t want to participate in a rat race. Rashid’s room is dirty and filthy. We often see the rat running around the room. Rashid also dreams about a rat coming out of his ear. He wears a vest that indicates that the rules must be broken and complies with the carnival rules that give him a contact number for pest control. Eventually his room is clean and the rat dies, which indicates a change in his life.

13. On Sunday, Arjuna’s niece in Tu Hai Mera reads several verses from the poem Leisure time by William Henry Davis, which states that there is no time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, as in the theme of the film. What kind of life is that if, full of care, you don’t have time to get up and look. There is no time to stand under the branches and stare at the sheep or cows.

14. Aisa lagta hai saare jawaab just saamne hai, lekin mujhe nazar nahi aa raha hain, Suri told Talaash. Actually, the answer was in front of him. Koi kab so duoba ragega, Sahab. Kabhi na kabhi toh tair ke upar toa hi padega, Rosie said. And Suri finally comes out of the sea of sorrow.


Sea of Grief

15. Bindu talks about her emotional baggage in Mary Piatry Bindu – Ab toh main sach me bhaari ho gayi hun.

16. According to Hayder’s script, the text of Hayder’s speech at his mother’s wedding was originally written about the king and the queen. In the film it was shown in Bismila as the story of a falcon and a nightingale.

17. Yes, jee le apni zindagi appears twice in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

18. Smith Patil in Ganda.

19. Randip Huda wrote an interesting article in his Instagram report about his roles in the monsoon marriage of Mira Nair and the boy she was married to.

outsiders in the industry

Never forget your old friends.

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