There is a touching scene in Ritesh Batra’s Lunchbox that has stayed with me all these years. Ila (Nimrat Kaur) rushes to her parents’ house. Her mother (Lilette Duby) stands by while her husband is (invisibly) dead. She tells Ila that she has always wondered what would happen if she became a widow. Now that the time has come, the only thing wrong with her is that she is hungry. In the early years she felt love for her husband, but this feeling gradually turned to loathing – she describes this feeling with a vivid specter. Caring for Ila’s father, who has taken everything from her her entire life as a paraplegic. Now she’s hungry for food. Paraathen khaane ka mann kar raha hai. The hungry souls in Lunchbox crave food and embody the longing for the love that is missing from their lives.

In Paglet, Umesha Bista Sandhya (Sania Malhotra) has lost her (invisible) husband. Because she is locked in her room, her family members think she is in mourning. Sandhya’s parents rush to meet her, but she is irritated by her mother’s shouting. Bass, mom. Kitna ro-ogi. She asks her mother-in-law Wushu (Shiba Chadda) for a Pepsi. A few moments later, her friend Nazia (Shruti Sharma) arrives, also a bit perturbed by Sandhya’s insensitivity. As Ila’s mother, Sandhya tells her friend that she is hungry. Rona bhi nahi aa raha aur bhukh bhi dhaba ke lag rahi hai. Pagglaitis, we will learn later, also uses the desire for food to express a desire for love, but in the form of self-love.

Sandhya Astick’s husband is dead. The cause of death was never revealed. He was never in the movie. There are no memories, no photographs. But his presence is felt everywhere. The word asticus means theist; one who believes in the existence of God. In Paggleit, Asthik is more of a representation of Sandhya’s belief in himself. All her life, Sandhya has been forced to fight him. She never learned to love herself. She was forced to do things that took that love away from her. When Sandhya fell off her bike in sixth grade, her mother gave it back because if there was an accident, no one would marry her. Her mother forced her to follow the superstition, believing it helped her score and not Sandhi’s own talent. Sandhya was forced into an arranged marriage. Five months later, she’s still not used to it.

When Astik dies, Sandhya discovers that he had an affair with Akansha (Sayani Gupta). She wants to meet them. Sandhya is candid with Akansha and reveals that she hasn’t talked to Astik much. She thought that something like love had already happened in her life, and that she had never had the courage to love. She also adds: Hamari tara, Astik ko bhi pyaar karna nahi aata ta. Like her, Astick didn’t know how to love. She never loved herself. Now she wants to know what it was like in Astyk. She is surprised to learn of the innate bond between Astyk and Akansha. It is a romance between two personalities, but also a romance between two emotions – Astik (meaning faith) and Akansha (meaning desire). In his quest to know more about Astika, Akansha becomes Akansha Sandhya. Sandhya is totally in love with her. She copies the way she uses her hands, the way she dresses and the way she looks. When Sandhya visits Akansha’s house, she discovers that she lives alone. She sees her own reflection in Akansha’s image. A beautiful movie poster shows Sandhya Akansha in a mirror. At the café, Sandhya orders the same thing as Akansha. Faith had always been absent from her life, but now she found a face for her desires.

Thirteen days after death, the soul is released from the body and prepares to travel to Yam Lok. During these thirteen days, Sandhya’s soul is freed and prepares for her journey to fulfill her wishes. Puglet compares the two rides well. A clay pot is kept outside the house with food to nourish the soul during this time. Meanwhile, Sandhya is forced to eat a tasteless deluge. On the fourth day of mourning, Astyk’s ashes are scattered along the river. Eating Sandhya’s Goal Gappa once again highlights her taking steps to satisfy her long-suppressed desires. On the tenth day of mourning, the soul becomes whole again. Pind daan is being executed for Astik. The clay pot is broken and the soul is free. Meanwhile, Sandhya comes to know more about Astika and Akansha. It goes through a lot of emotions. Just as the soul is bodiless during this period, Sandhya is seen in shadows and reflections during this period. On the tenth day, Sandhya forgives Astyk and finally weeps. On the thirteenth day, all the rituals for Astiq were completed. The soul is estranged from the family. Sandhya runs away from his family to find a new path for himself. For me, these are the best scenes in Pugglet.

Two trips

The film does not hesitate to expose the hypocrisy, superstition and stereotypes of the people. At the beginning of the film, Taya Ji (Raghubir Yadav) reads the book Atut Bharat, a euphemism for the term Akhand Bharat, the lottery dream of a Hindu nationalist. Later he saw that he was reading Aryo ka Aadi Desh, another book with a similar ideology. He forces his cousin Alok (Chetan Sharma) to eat sweet food in his grief, but secretly likes to drink himself, which Alok points out to him. He prides himself on having an open-minded family, but when a Muslim Nazi comes to the house, all that open-mindedness turns into indecision. In another cup, his tea is served. She was forced to eat outside the house. Parchun (Aasif Khan) offers to take her for a biryani but tells her that she is a vegetarian. Har Sachin, Tendulkar nahi hota. This is something that many progressive and urban programs also advocate. In the new film Bombay Begums, Fatima (Saana Goswami), the lead actress, eats her lunch and lets the camera roll to make her eat biryani, implying that she is a Muslim woman. At a later stage of Paggleit, Astika’s father (Ashutosh Rana) goes for his son’s last rites and is almost harassed by a group of pandits offering their services. Death is a business. Even family members are more interested in the insurance money. The only ones who mourn are the parents of the deceased. That’s exactly how it works in life. Even the attitude of Sandia’s mother (Natasha Rastogi) changes when her daughter gets money.

Puglet creates tension in certain scenes through the use of sound and silence. When Astika’s uncle (Rajesh Tailang) arrives with his family, he starts a war of words with his brother. While they argue, the uncle’s daughter keeps knocking on the bathroom door, making the process even more difficult. And the other scene is when Sandhya gets the insurance money. The whole family gathered in silence, but the tension was so great that it could have been cut with a knife.

The film also incorporates small details into the story. It opens with the creaking sound of a spring on the bicycle saddle. The house is called Shanti Kunj. Grandma was called Oren everywhere, but eventually she took the name Sandia. Usha is the dawn and Sandhya is the dusk. Sandhya was busy embroidering, with a smile on her face, as it eventually turned out. As she walks to the bus stop, an old woman rides a rickshaw. It’s rare to see someone like her in movies. I was thinking of Tumhari Sulu, in which all the drivers in the film were also women. Several times in the film Sandhya keeps looking at Astik’s nicely lined shoes, perhaps another clue to his plans.

Puglet uses other films to add humor to his situations. At the beginning of the film, Parchun mentions Alok who looks like Gajini from Gajini. The doorbell in his house is his own character and plays Ooh La La from The Dirty Picture. Bua calls Dolly Ki Doli after hearing about the life insurance policy for Sandhya. Finally, the funniest sentence in the film is from Taiya Ji, where he refers to Pad Man while talking about Sandhya’s pregnancy.

On the one hand, the film leans too much towards exposition. I wish there were less of them. For example, when Sandhya finally cries, she also tells her friend: Mujhe rona aa raha hai. You can’t see their hunger, but you can see their tears. You don’t have to explain yourself. In another scene, Astyk’s father talks to his mother about the meaning of the word Astyk. These details can be observed by the public. During his flight, Sandhya reveals his motivation in letters (accompanied by a voice) to his family members. And then there was the music. This is fine in itself, but here it becomes a way of explicitly expressing Sandhya’s inner feelings. I also felt that the music did not fit the tone of the film. But Fire Focker is great.

In Paggleit, the focus is on Sandhya’s hands. She sees Akansha’s perfectly manicured hands and notices hers and tries to hide them. In the doctor’s office, Nation keeps him from touching his hands. It was reminiscent of Ritesh Batra’s picture where Sania Malhotra played a quiet Miloni and the focus was on her feet. If she seemed nervous, you could see her legs moving. Since Miloni doesn’t speak his mind and prefers to remain silent, these photos of his feet indicated his nervous state. Sandhya is kind of an extension of Miloni. Both were obedient and docile people who obeyed everything they were told. They always agree with their parents’ decisions. In the first scene of Photography, Miloni decides to buy what seems to fit his family. When asked what her favorite color is, she can’t answer. In Paglet, Sandhya sees that Astyk has only blue shirts. He never wore anything else. After an animated discussion with Akansha, she enters and puts on one of his blue shirts. At the end, she reveals that her favorite color is blue. When she runs, she wears blue. She struggled, but at Akansha she found Astika – confident and ready for a new journey. The end also means the beginning. In death Sandhya also found life.

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