On August 24, 1967, a girl named Olga Viktorovna Isaeva was born in the village of Staromlysky, about 200 kilometers south of Moscow. She lived there until she was six years old, when her family moved to Dushanbe, a city in the Republic of Tajikistan, during the Stalinist era. In Dushanbe she was forced to take an inhumanly tough intelligence test. To the doctors’ surprise she scored a perfect 100. Her parents were warned that this was a sign of extraordinary intelligence, so they sent her to a special school for gifted children, which they paid for on their own. Her childhood was spent in the company of other children of the same age and IQ. They played

In the beginning of the 20th century, there were three main styles of ballet: the French style, the Russian style, and the German style.   The Russian style, which was based on the teachings of the great Russian ballet master Sergei Diaghilev, was the most popular.   The German style was developed by a German ballet master, Ludwig Minkus, and became the style meant for the young dancers who were just starting out.   The French style was the most formal of all.

About the characters who appear in Major Thunder: Doctor of the Plague, we find the second victim of Doctor of the Plague himself: Olga Isayeva, played by Anna Nevskaya. Isaeva, a corrupt banker who stole her customers’ money, is punished by a vigilante who ties her to a pole in her bank for a pile of money and then sets her on fire. As she curses and threatens to die, we realize that Olga is a pretty strong character despite her impending demise and in the comics, she happens to be one of the main villains in the other storyline. Let’s see.

Olga Isaeva was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is the daughter of the repentant criminal Viktor Isayev, the current director of the Ros-Garant bank. As a child, Olga grew up in an unloving environment, with her parents constantly arguing about everything: Eventually they divorced, and Olga was placed in Victor’s custody… …but she was not at all happy. In fact, the man loved his job above all else, and he never spent time with his daughter: He missed every birthday, every graduation, every event, and Olga grew up alone hating her father. When she was old enough, she finally decided that resentment was not enough and promised to make her father pay: To do this, she had to hit him where it hurt the most – in his precious work. Together with her lover Anna Arkhipova, her friend Ekaterina Khokholkova, and her friend Grigory Semyonov, she formed a gang of bank robbers who called themselves the Three Princesses because they were all dressed up as Disney princesses (Olga was Cinderella, Catherine was Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Anna was Jasmine from Aladdin, and Grigory, who led the group, had the code name Prince). As an insider, Olga organized the first raid on one of the St. Petersburg headquarters and led her colleagues into the vault, where they stole everything they could, leaving employees and customers as hostages. The plan worked perfectly, the three princesses ran away, and Victor Isaev became a little less rich from that day on. When she went to work in civilian clothes, Olga was more than happy that many customers called the bank to decline and threatened to sue Isaev: When their father called one of them, he was having a mild heart attack, but he refused to go to the hospital to continue working. Olga managed to destroy the man who had ruined her life.

Of course the police came to investigate the scene of the crime, and Olga, true to her role, even cooperated with the young Inspector Dubin and provided him with all the necessary documents; meanwhile, however, she was already planning a second robbery. That same evening the three princes robbed another branch of the Ros-Garant Bank, but this time the police came much earlier: Thanks to the prince, the trio manages to escape again, but the danger increases. The next day, Olga was contacted by another police officer, Mayor Thunder, who called a meeting to discuss the burglaries. Olga pretended to be in a hurry and let the policeman drive her to the next appointment: During the ride, they talked about her father’s enemies, although Olga refused to talk about the leader of them all, Alexei Kogan, head of a rival brokerage bank, a man who had also played a major role in her parents’ divorce. After talking to Thunder, Olga realized that this man was as dangerous as he was clever, and decided to beat the odds. On her way back to work, she gets a call from her secretary saying that her father has had another heart attack….. But before she could process the news, she was involved in a car accident and lost consciousness. She woke up in the hospital with only Major Thunder by her side: The policeman informed her that her father was better and had already returned to work, which only made the woman angrier: Victor Isayev has proven once again that he only cares about his work and doesn’t love his daughter at all. Crying, Olga put the final stage of her plan into action: She took Jasmine to the hospital and pretended to kidnap her while hiding in a shed near a dumpster. This time the plan was the final test for her father: Olga hoped for a third, perhaps fatal, heart attack that would prove he cared about her.

Olga Isaeva is an intelligent and determined woman who holds a constant grudge against her father, a man who ruined her life by always putting work above family. As Cinderella, she is the leader of the three princesses, a brilliant tactician with exceptional skills with firearms, including assault rifles and machine guns. Born of desperation and hatred, the criminal Cinderella leads her group with sheer determination: Nothing will stand between her and her revenge.


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