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They come in the middle of the night. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! The wilderness.

Nightwing is an American horror film from 1979 about murdering bats on an Indian reserve in New Mexico.

Directed by Arthur Hiller (In the Law, Silver Streak, Love Story) from a script by Steve Shagan, Bud Shrake and Martin Cruz Smith, based on the novel of the latter, it contains Nick Mancuso (Gargoyle Rising) ; Ship of Death, David Warner (In the Mouth of Madness; Waxwork; The Omen), Catherine Harrold, Stephen Macht (The Legend of Bloody Mary; Watchers 4; Graveyard Shift) and Brother Martin (Ssssss; Brotherhood of Satan).

The music for the film was written by Henry Mancini (The Pink Panther).

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…If you thought Donald Pleasence looked like he had to stop his overactivity inhibitors in Halloween movies, don’t believe David Warner in Nightwing. He’s John Carradine’s pride. Bats don’t have enough work to make this film as entertaining as it should be, but for fans of unusually bad Jaws imitations or big fans of exceptionally poor performances by normally good actors, it’s still worth it. 1,000 or more bad hours

Overnight, unreasonable harassment – fear of the environment and Aboriginal issues – has an incredibly damaging effect. The results are unusually boring and uninspiring. At the time the critics claimed that the film wasn’t scary, but if the three sets of bats aren’t too scary, everything in between is scary. DVD conversation

…The film never goes unnoticed, but it’s not really fascinating, scary or frightening. It works well as a background film for working on a crossword puzzle, because you can continue with peace of mind, because nothing becomes so fascinating (neither the puzzle nor the film) that it completely distracts you from the other task ahead. Fantastic music films and trolls

Too talkative and often lethargic, he never really gets going and is sabotaged by a confusing subplot in which the supernatural is involved. Lead Mancuso does his best and David Warner (from Omen 1976) adds a touch of class. But they can’t save this sinking guano pile. The horror trap

Actor George Clutsey, fresh out of his role as an Indian seer in the equally insightful Prophecy, finds himself in a similar role. All attempts to make this nonsense scary eventually failed due to cheesy special effects and gaping holes in the script…… TV guide

That’s right, it’s when the Warner gives a better hammy performance to make us forget the lack of bat attacks, and when they show up, they have weak effects and tension. The first major bat attack (on Mancuso’s girlfriend, Catherine Harrold, who camps with the walkers) is completely idiotic, except at the time of the speed jump…. Video cemetery



Young man Duran: What a superstition one man’s religion is another man’s!

The actors and characters:

Nick Mancuso… The young man Duran David Warner… Philip Payne-Catherine Harrold… Anne Dillon-Steven Power… Walker ChiBrat Martin… Selwyn George Cloutsey… Abner Tasupi… Ben Piazza… Roger PiggottDonald Hotton… John Franklin-Charles Hallahan… Henry Judith Nowgrod… JudyElice Hirson… Claire FranklinPat Corley… Veterinarian Charlie L. Vogel… Beejay (as in Charlie Bird) Danny Zapien… Joe MamoaPeter Prouse… Dr. Jose Toledo… Harold Masito (as José Toledo) Richard Romancito… Ben Mamoah-Flavio Martinez… Isla Laloma (as Flavio Martinez III) Lena Carr … A pregnant woman Virginia P. The money… Old SquawWade Stevens… Ambulance Robert Dunbar… -helicopter pilot John R Leonard Sr… Helicopter pilot

Shooting locations:

Bonanza Creek Ranch – 15 Bonanza Creek Lane, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico

Recording data :

19. April 1978.



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