This week’s topic is actress and singer Natasha Jasmine Irons, born in New York City on June 20, 1984. Her screen credits include the movies Star Trek, Deep Blue Sea, Outlander, and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, plus the TV show Charmed.

Natasha Jasmine Irons (Steel) is an actress best known for her role as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. She has also appeared in several other TV shows and films, notably in The Keeping Room , The Captain America Franchise , and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay . She is also a musician.

The final episode of Superman and Lois brought a lot of surprises, starting with the reveal of the mysterious stranger’s identity. In Man of Steel, it turns out that the man we thought was an alternate version of Lex Luthor is actually John Henry Irons, and in his flashback we meet his daughter Natasha, played by Tayler Buck. In the comics, Natasha isn’t really John’s daughter, but his niece (and certainly not Lois Lane’s daughter), and she’s a character in her own right, replacing her uncle while he’s sick. It’s still unclear if the show will continue to use Natasha in some form, or if we’ll just get her (deceased?)….. lookalike, but for now we’ll definitely be watching the original.

Natasha Irons was the daughter of Clay and Blondel Irons, and she grew up with her brother Jemal, who always proved to be her biggest rival and antagonist. She knew from childhood that she lived in a special family: Her Uncle John was secretly a steel superhero, and she greatly admired him for it. Apart from Uncle John, her great-grandmother Bess was the only one with whom she had a close relationship. Growing up wanting to do something meaningful with her life, Nat started working as an intern for a US Senator, but she didn’t really like the experience of working in politics, so she tried something else. Apparently fate chose her for , because over time she grew closer to her uncle and became involved in Steele’s adventures, whether she wanted to or not. She was first kidnapped by Hazard, a telekinetic cyborg working for Rainforest Technologies, and then captured by Plasmus, a radioactive anthropomorphic blob that melted everything it touched: both times she was saved by Staal, but she was scarred by his experiments, and when Staal froze Plasmus, she even broke his body, intending to kill him, though the villain survived. Nat no longer wanted to be a passive part of Staley’s story and began using the drug Tar, like Bane’s Venom, to gain superhuman powers and fight at her uncle’s side, but she soon became discouraged, and observing the terrible side effects of Tar was enough to convince her to stop using it, even with the best of intentions. She eventually decides to follow John to Jersey City to help him, but she gets into trouble again, this time poisoned by another supervillain, Scorpio. Her father Clay, meanwhile disguised as Crash, the armored villain, goes to the police to save her with a blood transfusion. This act cost him his freedom, but at least he saved his daughter’s life. After this episode, John and Natasha moved to Metropolis together, where they started their company Steelworks.

Natasha learned a lot while working as John’s personal assistant in the steel mill, and began to develop a passion (and talent) for mechanics and engineering herself. At one point, she even reprogrammed Superman’s robot Kelex and had it speak in modern hip-hop slang instead of the usual old and polite vocabulary. Their final test came when Staal began using the Aegis of Entropy, a suit of armor designed by Darkseid himself that gave him tremendous power. But in doing so, he became completely enslaved and corrupted by evil forces. When John was finally caught by Aegis, Natasha intervened: She made her own armor that could emit the and harness the power of Aegis, and she accompanied Superman, Supergirl and Superboy from the Matrix to Apokolips to free Steel. She faced a baptism of fire against a force as powerful as Doomsday ….. But she not only survived the experience, but she was even able to free Jon from his apokoliptic armor. Although John Irons had been released again, for a time he was too damaged to wear armor, but he had just realized that his niece could be a worthy replacement. When John and Nat return to Metropolis, the former designs a new and better suit of armor for the latter, and when Superman is attacked by the mysterious ninja spirit Byakko, Nat finally makes his debut as the new Steel, ready to defend the greatest superhero on Earth. Along with Cir-El and Girl 13, Steel stopped Byakko and even saved Superman’s life by electrocuting his heart after he was nearly killed by his attacker. Steel, brave but inexperienced, was among the young heroes captured by President Luthor when he announced he had captured Superman and Batman and set up an ambush for anyone trying to escape, but she and the others were eventually rescued by Batman. She still has a long way to go to become a hero, but she is more than determined to stick with it.

Natasha Irons is a brilliant young woman, a strong-willed and energetic heroine characterised by great enthusiasm balanced with absolute pragmatism. As Steel she uses an enhanced version of her uncle’s armor that gives her superhuman strength and invulnerability, the ability to fly, a wide range of sensors that mimic enhanced senses, a life-support system powered by a fragment of Imperiex’s armor that is virtually inexhaustible, immunity to telepathy, the ability to fire sonic or energy blasts with sonic transmitters and wrist-mounted plasma cannons, and to increase its size to a gargantuan 18 feet ; She is also armed with a controlled visor. The new Staal is a modern knight in shining armor who is dedicated to the defense of his city. He has the brains and strength of his predecessor, but also the energy of youth: As she gains more experience, she promises to become a hero worthy of Metropolis’ legacy.


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