Taskmaster is a master of disguise and trickery, but Moon Knight has the power to see through his illusions. Which hero would win?

The moon knight vs taskmaster 15 hours is a battle that has been going on for years. It started when Moon Knight went after Taskmaster and then continued to go back and forth.

Moon Knight is a dark Marvel superhero who will soon get his own TV show. He has a one-of-a-kind skill set and mentality, making him a dangerous opponent. Another Marvel character that made a recent debut in the MCU (at least in a rendition) in the Black Widow is Taskmaster. Who would prevail in a fight between Moon Knight and Taskmaster?

Moon Knight not only beat Taskmaster in the comics, but he also frightened him to death. Even though both depend on their distinct hand-to-hand fighting abilities, Moon Knight has the advantage over Taskmaster, and he knows it.

Despite this, Taskmaster performed well throughout the early part of the battle. He intended to do an extra job that would cause him to slow down: he was supposed to show Moon Knight a movie to teach him a lesson before murdering him. It was enough for his opponent to seize the initiative and triumph. Also, because each have many variants, let’s compare the most powerful ones to determine who would win.

Moon Knight (Khonshu’s Fist) and His Abilities


Moon Knight originally appeared in the 1975 issue of Werewolf by Night #32. Marc Spector is his actual name, and he was a former marine, CIA operative, and boxer before becoming a mercenary. His incredible combat talents stem not just from his Moon Knight powers, but also from his extensive training prior to his transformation into the masked vigilante.

So, what exactly is his backstory? Spector was defeated on a mercenary assignment and left to die in a newly found tomb. Marc Spector was given a second chance by Khonshu, an Egyptian God of the Moon, who rescued him and granted him extra abilities based on the moon’s phases, transforming him into Moon Knight.

He was supposed to have superhuman strength, speed, and other powers, but the authors scrapped that concept and instead made him a street-level vigilante with a mental condition. He’s had at least ten distinct personas throughout the years, has no feeling of pain, and enjoys it when his foes know he’s on his way.

Many others wondered whether Khonshu was really a genuine person or if he was simply another manifestation of Spector’s mental condition. However, suggestions that Khonshu’s Fist (Khonshu’s Fist) was a fabrication of his mind have been disproven on many occasions. Spector was revived by Khonshu many times after he died, and his body was healed from injuries and other ailments.

Instead of focusing on the versions where Moon Knight’s superpowers were abandoned, I’ll concentrate on The Fist of Khonshu Moon Knight, that is, Moon Knight with all of his amazing skills centering around the moon cycles and the night, for this study and comparison.

The Fist of Khonshu

Moon Knight is also known as the Fist of Khonshu, which I’ll use to characterize all of Moon Knight’s superhuman abilities as a result of being rescued by Khonshu and expressing his will in the world.

Marc Spector has always been a competent and well-trained hand-to-hand fighter, but The Fist of Khonshu bestowed upon him superhuman abilities. Depending on the moon cycle phase, these abilities included superhuman strength, speed, and durability – thus the moniker Moon Knight.

Other abilities Khonshu bestowed on him were visions that gave him magical insights into the future, reviving him on many times, and so on.

Moon Knight can fight head to head with almost anybody, but Khonshu’s abilities elevate him to a whole other level.

Weapon Combatant and Master Martial Artist

Marc Spector was a CIA operative, a boxer, a soldier, and, in the end, a mercenary, as I previously said. Years of training had given him incredible hand-to-hand and armed combat abilities.

He could fight with the best of them, but his one-of-a-kind, almost insane fighting style set him apart from the others.

Moon Knight has a reputation for eating punches. He doesn’t do it by mistake – he makes every bout a game of endurance by just absorbing blows instead of blocking them, which gives him a fresh window of opportunity to retaliate.

His tremendous toughness, along with his mental condition, enable him to either ignore or not experience pain at all. His fearlessness is also an important factor in his fighting abilities. We don’t sure whether he’s not afraid at all, or if he simply knows that if he dies, Khonshu will resurrect him.

In any case, he thrives on outlasting his opponents, which makes him very fearful.

Detective Skills and High-Tech Equipment

It’s simple to see similarities between Moon Knight and Batman from DC Comics. They’re both vigilantes on the streets, wealthy, well-equipped with cutting-edge technology, and with extraordinary intellect and investigative abilities.

The man, like our beloved bat, has a plethora of incredible weaponry and vehicles. Some of his weapons have magical abilities as well.

The difference between them is that Batman wears all black to blend in with the darkness and destroy his enemies via stealth. Moon Knight, on the other hand, wants his opponents to notice him coming since he enjoys receiving blows in order to deliver hits. That’s why he constantly dresses in all-white outfits, making himself very noticeable — the polar opposite of subtlety.

The Taskmaster’s Powers


Tony Masters, also known as Taskmaster, first debuted in The Avengers #195 in 1980, and he soon earned a reputation as one of Marvel’s most deadly hand-to-hand combatants. Deadpool, with whom he had many confrontations and was one of the few people he couldn’t fully read, had given him the moniker Tasky.

Taskmaster’s backstory is fascinating for those who are unfamiliar with him. He was formerly a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who injected himself with a Nazi version of the super serum, which gave him extraordinary powers in addition to his pre-existing abilities, but at a cost. Let’s take a look at what made him such a fearsome anti-hero.

Reflexes in Photography

Tony possessed this one-of-a-kind ability known as photographic reflexes since birth, but it was boosted even more by the injection he received. He could perfectly imitate anyone’s fighting style and movements, utilizing them to copy their strikes, anticipate their actions, and beat them in battle.

So he would have the same abilities as you simply by looking at you. He could often imitate superhuman strength and speed. For example, he might do the identical maneuver as Captain America but at twice the speed.

It does, however, come at a high cost. He forgets things like his memories, conversations, and essentially a part of his personality in order to store all that knowledge in his brain. He had totally forgotten about his time with S.H.I.E.L.D., his wife, and a whole bunch of other things.

It did, however, turn him into a superb, unrivaled assassin and fighter, since he learned all of Captain America’s, Ant- Man’s, Black Widow’s, Daredevil’s, Hawkeye’s, Iron Man’s, Spider- Man’s, and many other heroes’ combat abilities.

He can not only mimic other people’s movements and abilities, but he can even alter his vocal chords to resemble their sounds, enabling him to pass himself off as them.

Assassin Master

Taskmaster may have lost some of his memories, but when it comes to being a deadly assassin, he is unrivaled, since he can learn to fight as well as anybody, if not better. With the exception of the Nazi super serum ripoff injection, he is still a human.

He does, however, possess all of the talents of everyone he has ever faced, making him a one-of-a-kind assassin. This applies to both hand-to-hand fighting and weapons.

However, as you’ll see later in the essay, he still has fear. He also doesn’t fight himself nearly as frequently as he trains others. He not only taught numerous criminals how to battle and destroy the Avengers, but he also trained John Walker, Captain America’s successor, who became known as US Agent.

For example, he picked up something from everyone: Hawkeye taught him archery, Black Knight taught him swordsmanship, and so on.

Who Would Win in a Battle Between Moon Knight and Taskmaster?

Finally, we have two incomparable hand-to-hand combatants, each with their own set of skills, but who would win?

We received a hint at the solution in Moon Knight #6, when the two faced off — and Moon Knight came out on top. Taskmaster was so terrified that he pleaded for his life before fleeing the area.

However, we must take the battle with a grain of salt. Despite the fact that Moon Knight won, Taskmaster dominated the first part of the battle. His deal, however, required him to show Marc a film before killing him. We may assume he would have won if he didn’t want to finish his deal.

Moon Knight, on the other hand, didn’t have his high-tech or The Fist of Khonshu powers at the time, so it’s fair to assume the result would have been the same if they’d all played to their full potential – Moon Knight would have won.

There’s another cause for my optimism. Taskmaster never replicated (or even meant to imitate) Moon Knight’s combat abilities after their meeting. Because of his crazy fighting technique, he despised fighting and being copied.

Marc, as previously said, never blocks a single shot. He takes every blow, even allowing arrows and bullets to damage him as he fights on, eventually outlasting his opponents.

Taskmaster isn’t into the “take damage to inflict harm” game, thus despite the fact that Moon Knight has Khonshu’s abilities, Tasky despises battling against him since he can’t utilize his most powerful ability.

However, although Taskmaster’s combat abilities are unrivaled, Moon Knight’s abilities combined with his lunacy would most likely be too much nine times out of ten.

Moon Knight is a superhero that has the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts and summon his own personal army of bats. Taskmaster is a master of disguise who can copy any fighting style. The two have faced off against each other in comics, but which one would win? Reference: moon knight vs daredevil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Taskmaster beat Moon Knight?

I am not sure, but I would say no. Taskmaster is stronger than Moon Knight in terms of physical strength, but Moon Knight has more experience fighting crime and training in martial arts.

Is Moon Knight the strongest?

Moon Knight is not the strongest.

Can deathstroke beat Taskmaster?

Deathstroke has a higher strength than Taskmaster.

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