In the discussion of episode 1, I talked about the amount of tablets present at the premiere of season 2, so that the characters can recover from the losses they suffered at the end of the first season. And yet there were no real moments of emotion, because Mirzapur had to find a balance between many things in order to get along with countless characters. Episode 2 takes us back in time as it contains the much needed emotional scenes between the Guddu and Gola families as they reunite and collapse after the loss of their loved ones.

For me, the emotional family bond between the experts is the basis of the episode. Out of desperation, Guddu and Dimpy decide to return and meet their parents before they leave for their respective trips; this means that Dimpy will go to Lucknow to perfect his skills, while Guddu will surrender to his revenge. The dynamics of intra-family relationships is completely characteristic and heartbreaking when Vasuda Shayba Chadda is lost and even weeps for the material wealth they briefly embraced in season 1. She’d give anything to have her son back.

But it’s the intense father-son dynamic that’s actually the pulse of the scene. Under Gurmit Singh’s guidance, his father’s restraint was perfectly captured. However much he lost his son, it was Gudda’s arrogant ambition that carried him on this journey and led to Babla’s eventual death, and Rajesh Tylang plays with the balance between relief and anger. It’s a very low-threshold performance, and you can still see the pain underneath. Ali Fazal, for his part, does a remarkable job by depicting the inner anger of gudduism without falling into the anger, as is usually the case.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 2 Episode 4.

But Ali Fazal’s challenges are as emotional as they are physical. One blow to the kneecap, she’s now chained to crutches for two episodes (and probably more). Fazal has done a commendable job by changing his gait to stretch it convincingly on one leg, as can be seen in the photographs, which do not hesitate to hide this fact. It is almost ironic that Guddu proved his physical ability and agility in his first season by taking part in steroid bodybuilding competitions. After the strength he had in season 1, he even fought for a few seconds to keep his weapon up. The physical battle he fights is just as difficult for a man of his calibre and must be much more difficult.

The second season also gave us the opportunity to learn more about the family of Rati Shankar Shukla. Where we usually limited ourselves to his antics, with the exception of his son’s short performance, we got a deep insight into how his son works and even how his wife thinks. The Shukly are cold and selfish strategists who don’t shy away from anything to achieve their goal. And Charade is the least interested in chasing all those burning guns like Moonna. Instead, he looks at Munna’s shrill entrance and concludes that she is someone to play with. And that’s how he does it – earns his trust, proves his loyalty. It is a grand scene that convincingly places Charade as the third pillar of the conflict for the conquest of the city. Now I’m really starting to like Sharad as a character, and I like the image of Anjum Sharma as a smarter, growing and approaching gangster.

Meanwhile the Tripathians continue to rule the city and we get another deadly demonstration of Ahandananda’s ruthlessness. Pankai Tripathi portrayed the descendants of Tripathi with strict restraint and used an unprecedented economy of gestures to sell the fear of his power. He was also at the forefront of political games and played a major role in this episode when he went over JP Yadav – a mean politician dancing over his head – to meet his big brother, the boss. He gives him the incredibly naive Lalit as the author of the Gorahpur wedding victim, who was strangled on the spot to express her opinion. The member has the opportunity to publicly state that he has captured a bandit and is forming a false front to stop the violence, all because Ahandananda will never have to deal with JP again.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 2.

But at the scene of the crime was Munna, who again witnessed the murder of a friend of her father’s. After his father forced him to kill his best companion last season and lost another at his wedding, Lalit is all he has left, not to mention the absurd stupidity that shows itself. And now Lalith has been sacrificed like a pawn before his eyes. Logical, it’s logical – it was the cleanest way to get Munna out of this mess. But psychologically, Moonna’s in an even bigger mess. Note the summary of the message he recognized, and the camera is just shy to focus on McBull. I bet Moonna will create a situation that will force Ahandanand to sacrifice McBul.

After all, our main characters somehow fall into the trap of tripathy. Guddu goes on a rampage against Moonna and takes revenge. Moonna is angry at his own father for going out with his friends. And the eldest of the Tripata, Satyanand, has a hold on Bina and attacks her sexually in such a way that Bina thinks about committing suicide before she feels any better. And yet, somehow our characters understand that they can play regardless of the dominance of Tripata’s powers. Sharad plays Moonna and Bina plays Satyananda. Maybe the best way to get the Tripathians out is to turn them against each other.

Finally, Golu shows pretty fast progress when she feels comfortable with a weapon in a scene that I think should have taken a little longer. A star in the eye, Golou Guddu trains for a few seconds to hold her right hand and play the viola – she is now a licensed gangster. I hope her entry into this dark world will teach her even more, but the way she talks to her father and eventually shoots, you’d think her descent into Mirzapur would be as fast as the Guddu gang started the first season.

Always episode three.

In general, nothing special happened in this episode, as Hargosh continued his table game that had already started in the first season. But the failures are progressing well, so there is a triple conflict between the three parties. The episode really reached an emotional climax when, as viewers, we finally realized how much the characters suffered from the defeats of the first season.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 2 Review: 8 out of 10

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I’m going to go through the different episodes of the second season of Mirzapur. These ratings include spoilers up to the broadcast. Please read the following comments to find out what you think of these individual evaluations and let me know what you think.

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