The scene is played with a cold and calculated intensity. The background music gradually rises to a crescendo, a sparkling bass. Eventually the cold opening made way for the now emblematic introduction of Mirzapur. Shooting, manipulation at work, violence under the guise of normal industrial work – the introduction is complemented by an exciting theme by John Steward Eduri. And everyone who’s in the band since 2018 knows you can’t miss the intro to Mirzapur.

But in this first of the second season the legal procedures are limited, and rightly so. The highlight of the first season was the loss of two great characters, who occurred up close. After all, Reverend Massey and Shriya Pilgaonkar were both intelligent and strategic Babula and sweet, caring, but spicy candy, until Moonna found them both in the brutal slaughter of the 1st wedding. These are the last moments of the first season and we haven’t had the chance to see the reaction of our heroes to this event yet.

It is not clear how far Season 2 has progressed (due to the interaction of the characters it seems that it has not lasted more than a few days), but the first episode of Dhenkul is mainly about the consequences of this marriage and how these two deaths have affected all those involved. Dimpi and Gola suffer in silence, too shocked to understand how the situation could degenerate so quickly. The blow stunned her and held back her tears of sorrow. And Guddu is a broken disaster with one thing in mind Revenge. It doesn’t matter that he can barely get up to pick up the gun for him.

Always episode three.

The Tripathys elders, on the other hand, celebrate the victory a little more discreetly. They only have one gate. Meanwhile Munna has nightmares of Guddu killing her (or it was Guddu’s dream of revenge). Despite realizing that he had made a big mistake keeping Gudda alive, Moonna pretends to be cool when he knows deep down that his days are numbered. Charmas Divendou plays the scales with subtle precision and holds the fear in the hands of the moon, here and there a little or twice.

The characters of the battles are also influenced by the consequences of the final of 1. Mirzapur Squadron has been hit. JV Ram Sharan Mauria is in turmoil after most of his team was destroyed by the Tripathians to prevent him from staying away. The parents are shaking: Babloo’s father, veteran Mirzapura, lawyer Ramakant Pandith, is shocked that his insistence on taking over the case set in motion a chain of events that eventually cost his son his life. The loss was all the more striking to him because Babla was only just aware of the abyss of violence he had fallen into and seemed to indicate that he wanted to arrange everything. Rajesh Tylang has only one scene in this episode to sell that pain and sorrow, and he makes a phenomenal and convincing breakthrough.

Meanwhile, Hong’s father, Parshuram Gupta, is barely able to control his anger when the Tripats quietly kill his daughter and recklessly refuse to do so when accidents happen. Moonna tells Parshuram that no one can be more upset by Sweety’s death than Moonna herself is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back on Parshuram’s loyalty. Unfortunately, JV Mauryia has left the fight and now fears for the safety of her family, while Parshuram has stayed to collect fragments of her life that have been ruined by the death of one girl and the disappearance of another.

But even if the characters catch up after the dark events of last season, alliances are formed and new actors come into the picture. I am of course talking about Sharad Shukla, the son of Rati Shankar, who is not like his vengeful, vengeful father, but is much more strategic and intelligent, who prefers to train the muscles of his head rather than brute force in conflict resolution. In that sense he has a lot in common with Bubble. It’s a pity that Gudda shot Rati Shankara in the head, otherwise he would have had a great partner in Sharada if he had destroyed Tripathis forever.

Always episode two.

Despite the fact that the tripathies are like that, things aren’t going so well in Tinsel City. After the elections a safe front was ordered with all possible measures to contain the violence. This means that the perpetrators of violence go to prison, which in this situation relates directly to Munna. If there is one thing we know about Ahandanand Tripathy, it is that he will bring heaven and hell together to protect his son at all costs. But future episodes should give an idea of the kind of power Ahandanand has and how he overcomes the political manoeuvring in the interest of the elections.

Considering that in season 1 the paths of the two brothers are different, season 2 may well be based on the path the two great ladies, Dimpi and Golou, have taken to take revenge. This becomes clear during the show when a witness leads a policeman to a deserted place where the duo took care of Gudda. The fierce and wet shooting that follows in Dimpi almost kills a stranger, but prefers not to be confused with Gola, who stabbed a policeman to death. It is an echo of the sequence from Season 1 of Episode 4 of Virginity where Guddu and Bablu are invited to shoot at their first target – Bablu is sick and after several shots at chickens, while Guddu takes advantage of his descent into madness. The subtle difference is that Gola doesn’t necessarily tend to kill, but there is so much anger and sadness that she needs to be set free. This release manifests itself in the repeated stab wounds it inflicts on a police officer long after he is already dead and deformed.

This could well be the driving force behind the second season, just as this dilemma determined the development of the character in the first season. Whatever the circumstances under which you are judged, it is your decision that determines what kind of person you can really become. And in some cases, your choice has already been made, at least unconsciously. Gudda and Golu both know what kind of people they were, a demon hiding inside them, waiting to be unleashed. It is only a matter of time before the events will evade all false appearances and activate their true images without any condemnation.

The series also deals with the balance of power that moves and changes hands between characters such as Dhenkul or Saw. It fluctuates on the side of an individual or family when it exerts or demonstrates sufficient strength or weight, whether by threats, violence or other means. And then when the enemy launches a counteroffensive, he goes to the other side. In the first season the Tripats had almost lost control of Mirzapur, before in the final episode they reminded everyone of their existence and showed their true strength, turning the balance to their advantage for a long time. But with players like Gudda and Sharad waiting to strike, they may not be able to keep Dhenkul on their side for long.

The second season has generally started well. Of course, it’s restrained and moves quite slowly, but that’s understandable when you see the monumental quake we had in season 1. In general, shows that are designed for draws take a few episodes before things really begin to go and increase bets. Until then we had only jumped on one attraction, and that shows the promise of offering something interesting, entertaining and funny.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 1 Review: 8 out of 10

Read here my review of Mirzapur season 2, episode 2.

I’m going to go through the different episodes of the second season of Mirzapur. These ratings include spoilers up to the broadcast. Please read the following comments to find out what you think of these individual evaluations and let me know what you think.

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