No bats this week, so I’m bringing back a character I missed in the last episode of Rule 1. We’ve known drug dealer Angelica Martin, played by Bevin Brue, for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that we learned she had joined the Black Mask False Face Society and was given a new name to match her mask: A doll. There’s a villain named Baby Doll who was born into the great Batman: However, the animated series, like Harley Quinn, made it into the comics in time. However, the cartoon baby is very different from the doll we saw in the series: Let’s see.

Mary Dahl was born in Gotham City, New Jersey, and suffered from an extreme form of hypoplasia known as hypopituitarism: She grew normally until she was five years old, but from then on her body stopped growing. However, her mind developed as it should, and eventually she became a grown woman in the body of a little girl. Dahl was clearly suffering from her condition, but she ultimately made the best of it: She became an actress and got the lead role in the sitcom Love That Baby, in which she played the famous doll. The producers loved it: Finally, they had a child actress who would never grow old. Mary Dahl was notoriously difficult to work with, a real diva who provoked outrage from all the cast and crew, but the little rascal with the I-didn’t-want-to-be slogan was the fans’ favorite, and she felt she was entitled to everything ….. When the show’s ratings began to decline after a few years, the writers introduced a new character to the show, another family member named Spanky. Unfortunately, Spanky proved to be very popular, so much so that Mary felt his darkness. Finding that she was becoming a secondary character, Mary quit filming and left. His sudden absence led to the cancellation of the show, but Dahl didn’t care: She was convinced that a brilliant career as a serious actress awaited her. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t quite ready for her yet: Audiences laughed at her portrayal of Lady Macbeth, and critics disapproved of her stage debut because no one seemed to take her seriously. After all, she looked like a five-year-old girl.

Dahl tried to revive Love That Baby, but the producers let her go because they couldn’t risk working with her again. For years Mary Dahl disappeared from the scene, isolated from the world, unable to face further rejection or….. and loneliness, humiliation and discontent gradually drove her to it. When she finally resurfaced, she called herself a doll, just like her character, and wanted to reclaim the only world she was happy in, that of the TV show. One by one, they stole their old suits: Todd Baker, June Winthrop, Brian Daly, Tammy Vance, she had them all, and she played them, on pain of death, her characters (Daddy, Mommy, Tippy and Susie) all the time and created an imaginary world in which she could be happy. Only Spanky was missing, but she would get him back, even though the GCPD had already discovered that she was behind the kidnappings and had almost stopped them from taking Vance. When she found the young actor who played Spanky, Spencer, Baby Doll kidnapped him too, and was finally ready to take him out of the show for good….. for good. She replayed the birthday episode where he had shined on her years before, but this time it was Spanky blowing out the cake candles and one of them was a bar of dynamite. The boy, however, is not the one she saw from afar, but Robin, who acted as a decoy to protect the real actor, find a hiding place for Baby Doll, and lure Batman there. While Robin defuses the dynamite, Batman storms in, arrests Baby Doll and sends her to Arkham Asylum for treatment. Whether Mary wanted to let go of her fantasy world, however, remained unclear, …..

Mary Dahl is a grown woman in the body of a small child, a condition that would drive anyone crazy, and which is compounded in her by a bad temper, arrogance and excessive pride that have alienated her from everyone else. As Baby Doll, she is a ruthless and unexpected criminal who knows explosives and firearms. She uses her acting skills to impress others and make them believe she is an innocent girl. Baby-Doll is an insane thief and kidnapper, who is only comfortable around other outcasts like Killer Croc and will do anything to ignore reality and create a better world for himself.


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