Mandy Moore brought in at 20. February gave birth naturally to her first child August Gus Harrison. Since then, the This Is Us star has decided to keep her fans updated, both before and after her pregnancy. When the brand new mother had already returned to work, she informed her son that since returning to work she had been having trouble giving milk.

Mandy Moore says she has some difficulty breastfeeding.

The actress wrote in her Instagram story that she was fighting a clogged milk duct at work, along with a photo of the star twisting her face while wearing her character’s makeup.

She wrote about the photo: There’s nothing better than fighting with a clogged milk duct. Uh-oh. She also wrote the words green tx in the white cloud in the photo. In the movie, she wears her bra backstage.

On Friday, the actress posted an update on the pain and how she is fighting it with medication and learning what works for her body.

When she got home from work at 2 a.m., fed a little and tried to fix that clogged drain, she shared a selfie in the bathroom. Thank you for all these messages, colleagues.

Definitely football, exclusive clothing on one side and breastfeeding, lecithin, massages, warm Epsom salt baths, etc. I suspect it’s because he’s going back to work and pumping more often than when he’s at the breast during the day. EVERYTHING IS GOOD!

Mandy Moore’s journey to breastfeeding

Last month, during an episode of the Informed Pregnancy podcast with Dr. Elliot Berlin, the brand new mom explained how she cares for her newborn son, who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith. At the time, she said she was happy because breastfeeding came easily to her.

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I feel I’ve been very lucky. I guess the gods were in my good graces with the breastfeeding because I was having such exhausting contractions, she says. Because it was, on the face of it, relatively easy. It was put into operation immediately. I have had no problems with the deliveries. He’s a very hungry, well-fed man.
I had pain in my nipples at the beginning and had to increase my tolerance and my threshold for… I like to play guitar where my fingers have blisters. You know what I mean? she added. You have calluses on your nipples, and it doesn’t hurt as much. But he eats well and sleeps well. And so far it hasn’t been a problem, so I’m grateful for that.

I have extra milk. I’ve been through it before, but I’m sure it will work itself out, she continued, explaining that after breastfeeding her infant son, she has to pump extra milk to make life easier.

I have a lot of milk, so his feed is short-lived. He gets enough in eight to ten minutes, she said. …Sometimes he can’t go to the other side when he eats because he gets so much milk. But yes, it wasn’t much. I had to pump a few times to get rid of the stock, but I’m keeping them.

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