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Making Monsters is a 2019 Canadian horror film about a celebrity couple’s YouTube weekend that turns into a nightmare.

The film is directed by Rob Brunner and Justin Harding to a script written by Harding. Starring Alana Elmer (Shorts: Locked; Cookie), Tim Loden (Scary Tales series), Jonathan Craig (Shorts: Cut), Jarrett Sidda (Shorts: Locked; Cookie), and Peter Higginson (Shorts: Viewpoint).


When a couple of celebrities, known for their YouTube channel, are invited to spend a weekend at a friend’s converted church in the countryside, a series of terrifying events take place that plunge them into an inexplicable nightmare…..

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There’s a lot to like here, and when it works, it’s a movie worth watching. I just wish they had scaled back some ideas to really give substance to what was shown and explore what makes a better watch. But even with these criticisms, Making Monsters is an entertaining horror film that plays with some good ideas and largely executes them. CGM Backlot Magazine

This loosens up the tension and makes the monsters fly, thanks to Elmer’s solid work. Elmer is gifted with the ability to convey different levels of fear and confusion in his face and is a revelation to watch. Although the supernatural subtext could have been better developed, Making a Monster manages to give goosebumps and chills. Axis Cinema

Creating Monsters is an ode to classic horror films and looks at them through the eyes of modern online content creators. The film has an intriguing mystery element that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is definitely worth exploring. Still scared.

Making Monsters manages to hold the viewer’s interest and attention with terrifying images, suspenseful sequences and more than one twist in the story. There’s also a really interesting bit with forks, and you don’t see that on YouTube every day. As opposed to stupid jokes. …. Modi Film School

Sometimes the film feels like it wants to be a stalker/thriller and sometimes a ghost story.  The two were never married, and I hate to say it, but I need some explanation to explain the spirit’s action.  I found out eventually, but I wish I had been caught sooner. The scariest things

The Making of Monsters successfully put in a few twists that I didn’t expect, and much of the film’s success rests on the excellent acting performances of the three main characters when the power dynamic shifts and the film goes in different directions. Distorted perspective

Working with monsters is good and even fun. All the actors do a great job of being sincere and quirky.  The makeup and practical effects are excellent. The story also manages to hit a lot of high notes. Measured against the basics of the film, Monster Creation is still a bit disappointing. Wiley Papers


Creating Monsters first aired on the 5th. September 2019 at the Fantasia Film Festival in Germany and was subsequently released on the 20th. Screening in October 2019 at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

The film comes out on the 26th. March 2021 by Samuel Goldwyn Films digital release and on demand.


We first talked about this movie on the 23rd. September 2019, but we reposted it for US release news.


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