With the success of the first season, a second season was green lit in 2014. The show is based on the book of the same title by Kevin & Shane Jones and has been produced by BBC Studios. The season was released on March 5, 2015 in Australia on Universal Channel. Universal Channel released the season on DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand on August 12, 2015.

In the second season of Made in Heaven, the focus is on how our individual and collective actions impact the future. The tone of the series is dark and solemn. The series explores the concept of entropy and how our actions and choices today affect our future. After the release of the first season, viewers were looking forward to the next installment of the series. The filming of this second season was completed in December of 2017 and is expected to be released sometime during 2018.

Made in Heaven Season 2 is a series of four TV episodes that will star British actress Hayley Atwell. The story of the show is based on a novel by Atwell’s comic book and graphic novel collaborator, James Stokoe.

Made in Heaven Season 2

Are you looking for a romantic, high-octane drama series in which we term marriages “made in paradise,” but the reality on Earth is very different?

Then you should read Made in Heaven Season 2, whose creators have announced that the second season will be released shortly. It was taken after the first season of the program was a hit.

I know you’re all excited for season 2, and it’s unfortunate that the filming of Made in Heaven Season 2 has been delayed because to COVID-19, which was originally scheduled to begin in 2020 but has now been pushed back to March 2nd, 2021.

So, although the filming of the second season is nearing completion or may be finished at this time, the issue remains as to when the fans and public will be able to see the new season.

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When Will Season 2 of Made in Heaven Be Released?

Made in Heaven Season 2

The filming of the next season of Made in Heaven has been postponed, and the official release date has yet to be determined. There is currently no announced release date for the second part of this series.

If any new information on this series becomes available, we will update the article as soon as possible.

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Perhaps it will be released next month, in August 2021, or perhaps the season will arrive a few months later, in the winter of 2021.

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Season of “Made in Heaven”:

Made in Heaven Season 2

If you’re new to the series and aren’t sure what to expect from Made in Heaven Season 1, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

It’s the tale of two wedding planners who chose to organize weddings for the wealthiest people in the world. Meet Tara and Karan, who organize the most costly weddings. They are from Delhi and run a company called Made in Heaven, where we believe God creates the jodis of couples.

In the new season of this romantic and comedic drama, we witness an overseas wedding, implying that Tara and Karan are planning a vacation wedding.

In comparison to the previous season, the new season has more drama and romance. With its romance, this online serial attracts a large following.

Fans, like me, are eagerly anticipating Season 2 to see what will happen in the new season and how the next season will be more exciting than the first.

Along with Zoya Akhtar, Prashant Nair, and Alankrita Shrivastava, Nitya Mehra directed the first season of Made in Heaven. Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti developed the program.

We’re assuming that this next season will have the same number of episodes as the previous one, i.e. nine episodes, and that it will be released on Amazon Prime Video again, since it is a great Indian series created by the same people who are directors and producers.

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Who Will Return in Season 2 of Made in Heaven?

Made in Heaven Season 2

If you’re searching for cast members who will return for season 2 or if there will be a totally new cast for the next season, you’ve come to the right place. The majority of the actors from season 1 will then return to make season 2 even better.

These are the primary cast members of Made in Season 2, and we also see some new faces in the crew or cast.

  • Karan is played by Arjun Mathur.
  • Tara Khanna is played by Sobhita Dhulipala.
  • Faiza Naqvi is played by Kalki Koechlin.
  • Adil Khanna is played by Jim Sarbh.
  • Kabir Basrai is played by Shashank Arora.
  • Shivani Raghuvanshi plays Jaspreet Kaur or “Jazz” in the film.

Other members of the season’s cast include:

  • Arjun Mehra is played by Neel Madhav.
  • Jauhari is played by Vijay Raaz.
  • Adam is played by Zachary Coffin.
  • Shibani Bagchi is played by Natasha Singh.
  • Ramesh Gupta is played by Vinay Pathak.
  • Kishore Khanna is played by Dalip Tahil.
  • Mitali Gupta is played by Yashawini Dayama.
  • Vimala Singh is played by Manini Mishra.
  • Renu Gupta is played by Ayesha Raza.
  • Suchitra Pillai in the role of Mani Pandey, among others.

Trailer for Season 2 of Made in Heaven

There is no trailer for season 2 since the release date has not been officially announced; however, when the release date is announced, an official trailer will be released with it. So, until then, check out the official trailer for Season 1 of Made in Heaven, which is embedded below.

Where Can I Watch This Delightful Show?

Made in Heaven Season 2

It’s accessible on Amazon Prime Video, and according to the IMDB link, the program received an 8.3 out of 10 rating, which is good enough to warrant a new season. If you look at the season 1 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll see that this romance show has an 88 percent average Tomatometer rating.

If you like this program, you may enjoy the following shows as well:

  • My life is a crime scene.
  • Everything Is Connected: The Untold Science
  • Shtisel
  • Phoenixes on the Rise


There is still a lot of time before the second season of Made in Heaven premieres, so you’ll have to wait or watch the first season online. You can also read similar posts about romance, criminal, thriller, and mystery drama series on our website.

Topher Grace, from “American Pie” and “That ’70s Show”, leads the cast of this romantic comedy series in its second season.. Read more about made in heaven season 2 imdb and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Made in Heaven season 2?

Unfortunately, Made in Heaven is not returning for a second season.

When did the show you season 2 come out?

Season 2 of the show came out on October 17th, 2018.

Was Made In Heaven Cancelled?

No, Made In Heaven was not cancelled.

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