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Fear the legend.

The legendary 2013 monster film tells the story of a cryptozoologist who tries to catch a mysterious creature before a bounty hunter kills it. Also known as the Legendary Lady: Tomb of the Dragon

It was directed by Eric Stiles based on a screenplay by Andy Briggs, the star of a British-Chinese production by Scott Adkins (The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud; The Capture; Legacy of Lies, etc.), Dolph Lundgren, Yi Huang, Nathan Lee, James Lance and Lydia Leonard.


Cryptozoologist Travis Preston (Scott Adkins) and his team travel to China in search of something that shouldn’t exist… Your mission is to capture a creature that is wreaking havoc in a remote village, and you must do that before it is killed by Harker (Dolph Lundgren), a famous bounty hunter.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

I liked the Legendary film, but I was very disappointed. In the same movie, Dolph and Scott Edkins had to make some pretty cool action/combat scenes, and all we got from Legendary was a couple of giggling lizards and a gun. Action film fanatics

I have the real vibe of the legendary national treasure, just replace history with cryptozoology. It’s an action/adventure film, but it certainly puts more emphasis on adventure than on action films. That’s what I expected when I saw the PG-13 review. So if you really want to see Scott Edkins hit a bunch of people, you shouldn’t watch this movie. Bulletproof effect

Scott Edkins isn’t exactly a cryptozoologist, but he does his best. And it’s nice to see him do something different for a change. Lundgren’s role is not so brilliant, and the rest of the distribution is simply solidarity. On the other hand, the game is good, the landscapes and scenery are beautiful, because most actions take place outside (hills, lake, caves, you know). BZ-Film

It’s more than anger, it’s frustration that she sucks out the wrong sauce herself.  Who but me thought it was a good idea, but they did, they decided to take two talents as a television premiere and turn them into a nonholistic asylum monster and we suffered. Straight to the video expert.

If you overlook the fact that this is an Adkins movie without much fighting and you get to the creature’s attraction, then it’s a monstrous pleasure to be fast with this huge B-series lizard. Films from the Far East

…still able to entertain, despite the KGI lizard, which sometimes looked like @ss.  That didn’t sound so bad sometimes. Yeah, we’d rather have Scott and Dolph punching each other in the face, and yeah, the legend wasn’t the best we’ve seen coming out of China lately, but we’re still living for it, and at least it didn’t make me want to commit suicide afterwards. The film critics gathered

The legendary one isn’t that different from what you would have seen as a programmer with a double B in the 1950s, but its narrowness doesn’t do it much good. Edkins is doing well, but he doesn’t seem to be at home in this environment, while Lundgren, who goes in and out of the film in such a way that its creators probably only had him for a very limited time, seems to appreciate the villain’s game and leaves the game, which is sometimes to some extent exclusive to Jack Palance. A good, efficient meat factory

Yes, the creature is not bad, but the first two actions are too talkative and stressful. The bucolic natural landscape is beautiful, but it would be much more cinematic with lots of monsters. Edkins plays Preston with the true charisma of a loser, but the rest of his team is very gentle and discreet (including Heng Le, who called him Jian) […] Still, Lundgren lifts everyone on stage, smiles and waves himself over the image of Harker. J.B.’s running

…a decent looking CG monster movie.  That’s all I’m saying.  The costs of the products are not absent, but do not differ from the general context.  It’s funny to see how much they prefer the appearance of Chinese actors when you look at the background of this film. Mondo Bizarro

The whole point of the film was to hate Harker, but Lundgren is too smart. Even if he gets a little spanking, the man will always be the bad guy, whether he plays the good guy or the bad guy. A legendary film about gigantic monsters that look like animals, but it’s not a real horror movie. Sure, it’s scary, but the whole tone of the film is pretty frivolous. Feedback on evaluations

Edkins isn’t feeling well because he didn’t write well, which is a shame. He is a solid action star and a good actor, who can be seen in his Universal Soldier films. But his character here is a good pair of shoes, and he has nothing to hold onto to free him from a painfully heavy dungeon. What really drowns this thing out in the end is the terrible sensitivity of the CGI and PG-13….. The sequence of attacks is just lazy and stupid and surprisingly unconvincing. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

Full of inconveniences, trembling dialogue and two protagonists who clearly call on their respective agents for a vitriol, Legendary does not have the stamp of approval for the dumping. However, if you have an insatiable desire to satisfy the desire for rope films about monsters, you can do much worse than this piece of hockey. With Shu Yang’s amazing cinematography. Snail pit

Neither good enough nor bad enough to enjoy this mediocre and fairly cheap creature on a traditional or ironic level. Scott Edkins has no better chance of victory and most of the fight is in support, but Dolph Lundgren is more than a competent, ruthless hunter. I’m afraid, Mr. Edkins, I won’t fall asleep, but the scenery is nice. Shameless expression

…it’s more of an adventure with a 1950s dinosaur movie. It’s not bad and it goes pretty fast after 92 minutes of work (the movie actually ends at 85 minutes, and we get 7 minutes of credits). Edkins does a great job, and Lundgren turns his patented routine into a man who kills people by talking slower. Video recording

The actors and characters:

Scott Edkins… Travis Preston
Dolph Lundgren… Harker
Yi Huang… Dr. Lan Zeng
Nathan Li… Brandon Hua
James Lance… Doug McConnell
Lydia Leonard. Kathy
Jian (as Jeng Le)
Murray . Cleve Walker… Chuck
Victor Sobchak… Vadim
Tom Austen… Scott
David Thomas Jenkins. Fry
Sheng Lee… Han Wu
Kayu Yang… Buy C
Paul Philip Clarke… Carl
Ivan Kotik… Greg

Technical details :

92 minutes

The trailer:

Here we go:

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