If we continue with the characters from the nonexistent Fox Daredevil franchise, we come to Elektra, a rather forgotten film, but which still has some comic characters we haven’t (yet) seen elsewhere. The first, of course, big bad movie, Kirigi, a young rebellious ninja, played by Will Yoon Lee. Kirigi, a formidable fighter with superhuman speed, at the head of a team of monsters (warriors with superhuman powers), follows Abby Millar and comes into conflict with Elektra, who protects her. He also turned out to be the murderer who had murdered Christina Natchios, Elektras’ mother, many years earlier. Kirigi’s comics aren’t that fast, but he’s much more impressive, and for their first fight he has no connection whatsoever with Elektra and her family. Well, let’s see.

Almost nothing is known about Kirigi, and what is known about Kirigi comes mainly from ancient legends. His face was never seen, his voice never heard, it is said that he was an immortal warrior who shook hands and killed his strongest enemies with abilities that no man had. In medieval Japan there is an old saying If samurai are afraid of ninjas, then ninjas are afraid of Kiriga. For centuries, a warrior who does not want to die has shook hands and always regenerated himself with a forbidden and unique style of meditation, traveling through the centuries like a myth, a nightmare trick, a legend whispered in the night. But he was too real, and when Elektra’s killer betrayed her hand and prevented an assassination attempt on her former lover Matt Murdock, Kirigi was summoned by Jonin to get rid of the rebel agent. When Electra and Daredevil got together looking for Jonin to cut off the snake’s head, they found Kirigi. Electra wasn’t afraid of myths, so she beat Kirigis Sais in the chest… but the ninja just pulled her out and kept walking on her. While running for her weapon, Kirigi strangled her with her Yoketsu Shugi (a traditional Japanese rope knife), but she cut the rope and managed to pierce it with a sword, a wound that would kill everyone… but not for Kirigi, a man who didn’t want to die. Kirigi spent the whole day recovering from his chest wounds, but then he was ready to go hunting again.

Kirigi easily tracked down his prey and found him in the docks. They resume their fight, and this time Elektra didn’t want to underestimate her indestructible enemy. During a fight, unable to evade Kirigi in strength or skill, - Eight-What.poison Electra foiled him and managed to catch him on an oil platform just before it exploded. Ninja, however, survived the ordeal and returned to the burning shore… where Elektra waited for him, and she beheaded him with her own sword, putting an end to her immortal threat once and for all. That would have been the case if Johnin hadn’t decided he still needed his best warrior. Using ancient black magic, the arms, head and body were sewn back together again and Kirigi was brought back to life in the mystical hand ritual: Many armed fighters sacrificed their lives to bring Kirigi back to life, but it was worth it, because this time the targets were their historical enemies, the Chaste and their new ally, the Devil. When Kirigi found his enemies, they kept Sorvigolov, who was locked in a lonely tank to recover his lost superhuman feelings. Kirigi fiercely attacked a ninja from The Chaste, but his resurrected form was more nestled than his original form, and his enemies trained for years to act as one body: The stone, the handle and the claw furiously repelled his attacks, confused him with their technique and finally managed to kill him. Their leader Stick knew only too well who their enemy was, so he quickly burned the attacker’s body as soon as he was on the ground: He didn’t want to risk another resurrection.

Kirigi looks more like a natural disaster than a man, a ruthless warrior whose will and soul is in complete disarray. As the most dedicated hand killer, he is incredibly gifted in many martial arts and ninjus and possesses several traditional weapons such as Saiis, Kyoketsu-Shugi, Surikens, long sword and especially his Shiar-Tachi, which is decorated with a samurai sword; he is extremely strong and inhumanely strong, and through meditation he can heal from any wound, even a deadly one, because he is almost immortal; he also has the form of pyrokinesis, because he can set his hands on fire with willpower and burn everything in his hands. Brutal, indomitable, uncompromising and cruel, Kirigi is a legendary assassin whose name alone can sow terror among experienced warriors, a walking myth that brings death to those who defy the hand.

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