The cold never bothered them anyway

Caitlin: As a child, I exercised the Hippocratic Oath. I was obsessed with it. If someone stepped on a bug, I’d say: Don’t do anything wrong. It’s in my DNA. Unfortunately, my DNA isn’t what it used to be. So believe me when I tell you, answer every question I ask you or I hurt you and your family.

The Killer Frost Flash Season 3 Episode 7

A man comes home one summer night. It shakes like the wind. The further away it gets, the colder it gets. When he looks up, he sees the snow falling. All the time, the wind, the howling of the wind. He runs for cover and slips on a piece of ice.

A man can hardly stand it, but he can hardly concentrate because of the vibrations. He sees the silhouette in the fog and calls for help. A woman is fine. She has white hair and blue lips. She gets down on her knees and kisses a man. His body freezes when Killer Frost gives off heat.

Frost’s killer is one of the biggest ice villains in Washington. He was created to be a sworn enemy of the firestorm, but overshadows his popularity. So, who is she? What’s with the three killing jellies? How many frozen references are we going to make? Well, let’s see.

Crystal jelly: Queen of the ice

Frost’s killer: When I was a simple, unattractive Crystal Frost, I was rejected by men. They called me cold… insensitive. I’ve never had a lover… I’ve never had my own love…

The wrath of Firestorm #4

Killer Frost made his debut in Firestorm 3 in 1978. Jerry Conway and Al Milgrom made them.

Crystal Frost was a brilliant and unique student. She was in love with her teacher, Professor Stein, and rejected anyone who tried to take care of her. This has given her a reputation for being cold-blooded. Crystal finally confessed her feelings to Steinu, but he rejected her because he was married and his teacher.

The broken heart of Crystal formed a chess strip a mile wide. She was accidentally locked in a thermal freezer at work and was frozen. The crystal somehow survived this experience and mutated, giving it the ability to absorb heat and cause ice. She called herself Killer Frost and swore to kill Professor Stein. Man, all that anger for one man. She really should let it go.

Frost’s killer faced the firestorm. Ironically, Professor Stein was half a hero. The firestorm tried to bring him back to normal, but it never worked. Frost’s killer eventually died to absorb the heat of the firestorm and was burned.

Louise Lincoln: Cold-blooded killer

Security: I have a family!
Frost’s killer: Oh, beg again. It’s so much softer.

The Terror of the Young Justice System (Season 1 Episode 11)

Killer Frost made his debut in 1985 in Firestorm 34. Conway and Milgrom are creators again.

Louise Lincoln was a friend and colleague of the late Crystal Frost. She found a thermal camera and recreated the accident in the lab to commemorate her friend. Crystal was a despicable woman, but the new Frostkiller was cold madness.

Frost’s killer wanted to avenge Crystal’s death by killing Firestorm. She committed dozens of massacres to get his attention, joined several teams of super villains to destroy him, and sold her soul to the demon Nero to gain more power.

The Frostkiller has proven it can manipulate. She once seduced her super villain Mr. Freezer as part of a plan to become invincible. Another time she was diagnosed with cancer and convinced the Firestorm to cure her. Frost’s killer paid for his kindness to another murder. At least she’s consistent.

Caitlin Snow: Thermal vampire

Frost’s killer: The only way to feel the heat, the only way to melt the ice in my veins… is to kill.

The Justice League of America: Lethal gel number 1

In 2013, the third and final Frost killer made his debut in the Firestorm Rage: Nuclear man number 19. It was made by Dan Jurgens, who wanted to try out a new version of the song for the brand New 52 DC.

Dr. Caitlin Snow was a physicist who tried to invent the perpetual motion machines. She was successful when she discovered the images her late mentor Louise Lincoln had left behind. Dr. Snow’s assistants turned to them and presented themselves as criminals who wanted to defend their interests in the energy market. They put her in her own car and tore her to pieces.

Dr. Snow was released, but she was hit by the coolant explosion that brought her over. It got the power of ice, but could no longer generate body heat. She murdered her future assassins and started wandering the streets.

Frost’s killer had to take heat out of the body to survive. When she woke up, she left many victims behind and eventually attracted the attention of the firestorm. She fought, and Caitlin realized that her powers could heal her temporarily. She started looking for him, but was arrested and forced to join the suicide squad.

Frost’s killer was instrumental in the Justice League’s crackdown on the suicide squad. She managed to defeat the Justice League, which was brainwashed by a demon named Eclipso. To thank her, the League developed a treatment to save Frost from having to kill and offered him a place on the team that accepted her.

Dissatisfaction winter: The strength and identity of the freezer

Caitlin: We’re all pretty weird. Some of us hide it better. Come on, Breakfast Club? It’s one of the few killer stills, and I agree with him.

Lightning and Rage (Season 5 Episode 10)

These three murdering monarchs have the ability to project cold and absorb heat. They use their powers to build fences, slides, ice knives and weapons, anything they can think of. Enemies trying to fight them up close freeze forever, whether it’s with the Frostbite or the Kiss or Death.

The deadly forces of frost are nourished by the heat it absorbs. Ironically, this means that a cold store is the best way to keep them at bay. The three incarnations become weaker if they don’t absorb the heat, but Kathleen Snow will die if she isn’t fed for too long.

Finish it: Crystal Frost was crushed by Professor Stein’s refusal and kills others in revenge. Louise Lincoln is a psychopath who kills and manipulates for her own pleasure. Caitlin Snow hates to kill to survive and has joined the Justice League to atone for her crimes.

Actors playing the role of Killer Frost

Crystal Gel

Sarah Shahi – Young JudgeChristine Bauer of Streets – Suicide Squad: Pay for hell

Louise Lincoln

Jennifer Hale – Justice League, Justice League: Indefinitely, Superman/Batman: Enemies of society, Batman: Brave and brave, Batman: Attack on the arches

Caitlin Snow

Danica McKellar – DC superhero girl
Mena Suvari – Action
Justice League Daniel Panabaker – Lightning

Dida has everything?

the ice queen of Washington

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Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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