I’m so glad there’s something good for them in Washington without all this dirty politics. It’s his weird world and the DCAU. The animated universe weaves another great fairy tale, a sequel to the 2017 film. Even if you have doubts about prehistory, the Apocalyptic War just grinds it to a pulp. It’s absolute insanity, from the beginning.

He works for the Justice of the Dark League: The apocalyptic war is the way she pays tribute to all her characters. It retains the importance of primitive characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, with whom they were associated in prehistoric times. It brings back bad memories. What Joss Wadeon did to Batman in the Justice League is unforgivable.

Apocalyptic image of war

Direction and history of the Justice League Dunkel: Apocalyptic war (spoilers)

Directed by Matt Peters and Christina Sotta, the film is surprisingly successful in preserving the integrity of the DCAU’s heroes. The story Mairghred Scott wrote is different from anything you’ve ever seen before. He gets the best out of Darkseid and gives him what every fanboy would wish for the villain – monstrous power!

Who knew that Darkseid would find something like Paradamus, the mutated horror of the apocalyptic paradox. It’s just top-level bullshit!

Superman in charge is a bad idea. The countless bad decisions he made when he thought with his fist prove that over and over again? Let the man with the brains do it. Unfortunately, Batman has nothing to say.

So they attack the Apocalypse hoping to defeat them on their own turf. The only problem is that Darkside has a lead. He was already prepared for the invasion. He kills them one by one with his Paradumas. Only a few manage to escape, one of them is our protagonist who never lifted a finger during the war – John Constantine.

A World without superheroes

The Black Justice League: The war of the apocalypse has such big consequences when you think about it. If you see Superman constantly struggling with himself, crushed by the weight of his decision that cost everything, you understand the seriousness of the situation. It’s touching when you pause the film to think.

The new world is a disgusting setback. Surprisingly, some important characters survive, which makes the film less neglected. With Trinity alive, you know there’s hope. Batman has become a favorite of Darkseid’s. Superman returned the humiliated man with liquid kryptonite injected into his body. Wonder Woman is nowhere to be found.

As giant machines called Reapers attempt to undermine the Earth’s core, Sups finds a depressing Raven who struggles to keep his father Trigon in a magical prison.

Together they turn to Constantine and Demon (Etrigan) for help, who then travel to Damien in the outpost of the Assassin League. Then they all meet Lois Lane, whose plan is to break into LexCorp and use the paper tube to teleport to Apokolips.

Having a group of suicidal people by your side will keep you busy until the end. Their work is just a distraction, not only in the film, but also in reality. Take the sobriety out of the movie for a second to amuse yourself with your countless worries.

You should give it to Constantine because he used the swamp thing to attack one of the mowers.


There’s the revelation that Luthor was actually the sleepy man who secretly helped Lois all along. Then the teams split up and the strongest (Clark, Crow, Etrigan, Constantine and Damian) left with the Apocalyptic bar. While others like Lois, Luthor, and the Suicide Squad are fighting parades on the field…

The battle between Clark’s team and the Justice League led by Wonder Woman and Starfire continues until Apokolip. It’s the Cybernetic Furies now. Ertigan dies in battle, while Konstantin Wonder Woman frees the truth with the help of his own friend.

It’s sad to see the lightning that Darkseid turned forever to feed the Apocalypse. Cyborg’s in pretty bad shape too. It becomes a wall of the source that cannot easily be disconnected from the grid.

Constantine uses a techno spell on him to free him from Darkseid’s control. Oh, Darkseid and Batman return to the Apocalypse before Darkside orders Batman to kill Damien.

You dare call me that? Your mother drugged me to make you. It disrupted your education, broke my mind. But when Lord Darkseid opened my eyes, I realized you were never my son. Just a burden.

It is only before Batman kills Damien that he is confronted with a revelation. He realizes that he’s about to become the one he was most afraid of – the man on the other side of the gun who took the child’s innocence. He feels he’s broken Darkseid’s control of him. Mad with disobedience Darkseid attacks Batman, but Damien comes between them and dies trying to save his father.

End of

Raven’s depression weakened Trigon’s chains and forced him to free himself. Trigon rejects Constantine’s offer to choose his corpse as owner, enters Superman and kills Constantine. In the afterlife Constantine meets Zatanna, who tells him that she has enchanted him, causing him to flee the apocalypse, as Batman would have done.

Overwhelmed by the parades, Lois and her team embarked on a self-destruction scene. His last words caused Superman to lose control of Trigon.

Superman and the mourning crow

Constantine is revived by Zatanna, while Raven brings Damian back. Cyborg reveals his plan to beam all the scrolls of Earth to Apollo and then lure the planet into a black hole. Constantine and Raven use their magic to give Trigon the body so he can fight Darkseid while they all flee.

When all this seems to have a happy ending, Batman shows that 31% of the earth’s core is damaged, resulting in a billion deaths in the long term. It is Constantine who proposes to restore Flash to create a new flashpoint, as the first one led them to the news.

The film ends with Flash on the move as Damien and Crow share their first and last kiss.

You can order the Dark Justice League: Hence the Apollo War:


Which darkens the Justice League: The War of the Apocalypse is so amazing that the hands show how they manage to show each character in such a short time while maintaining a rock-solid consistency. It’s like bringing the whole family back from Washington for a common cause.

History creates justice for everyone. Hiding the most important truth in a little proverb in the prologue, which literally nullifies Constantine’s constant struggle with himself. All this time he thought he was absurd. Eventually he was told it was Batman’s plan.

The film also gives a glimpse into the world of DC’s extremely powerful creatures. For many, it’s like an educational shower.

Look at the Dark Justice League trailer: Apocalyptic war:

If you’re a DC fan, you already know the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut move. Don’t worry about that!

Here’s a teaser for you:

Justice League Darkness: War of the Apocalypse

War of the Apocalypse


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