Although most regular series no longer exist due to the ongoing pandemic, we have received a pretty good new series: Helstrom. To find a new character in the Marvel comic, we must go directly to episode four, Confinement, because as we can see, Sister Gabriella goes through the most traumatic confession of all time. The priest she goes to, Father Joshua Raven, is in fact possessed by a demon, Raum (he’s also from a comedy, but he’s only mentioned because he has no real face), and tries to kill her after harassing her. Fortunately, the Guardian intervenes quickly, but the obsessive priest portrayed by Trevor Roberts returns in the following episodes to torture our (anti-)heroes. In comics, Raven is not the one who deserves all those pathetic Gabriella shows for him: Let’s find out why.

Yeshua Crow was born in 1959 in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of a beautician and an accountant. He was brought up in a strict Protestant upbringing and from his childhood has regularly attended meetings of the Ministry of Salvation --Whos-Who.jpg : At the age of nine he was already so familiar with the scriptures that he was nicknamed the youngest pastor. And a few years later, of course, he became a priest. As one of the most charismatic and popular ministers of the movement, he was quickly elected leader of the meeting and won the respect of those who did not like the group at first. The raven continued to grow in glory and faith, and he did not doubt his own holiness. It was therefore only natural that he heard the voice of God at the age of 34. In visions and dreams God spoke to his (clearly) beloved preacher and revealed to him that many innocent souls were trapped in hell by demonic machinations and were waiting for their redemption: It was up to him to find those souls and set them free, as he now has the power to do so. Reverend Raven had no doubt about his mission and the fact that he had been chosen, and this was the beginning of his downfall. Following his voice, he went to New York, where he began to wake people up in a desperate coma: To the public he was a conscientious miracle worker, but in reality he used his new power to free some souls from hell and bring them into a body in a coma. He was sure that he was doing God’s work and when the famous exorcist Gabriel Rosetti, who came to expose him, was so surprised by his resurrection that he began to believe in him, he had definitive confirmation that he was right. Not that he needed it, of course.

Despite the fact that Rosetti had become a true believer, there was another famous exorcist who did not agree with him at all: Dimon Hellstrom, alias Hellstorm. The storm of hell brought one of her last resurrected saints to Crow, a sociopath who immediately tried to kill someone again and forced the minister to see the truth: the one he heard --Whos-Who.jpg whose voice was not the voice of God at all, but the voice of the devil who had very different plans for the souls living in New York again. The Hell’s Storm explained to Reverend Raven that the souls he had freed from Hell were used as lightning rods for the forces of evil, so that demons could have a safe passage between their kingdom and the earth. In the beginning the signs of hell on earth would have been weak and sporadic, but the stronger the signal, the stronger the demonic presence would have been until a large-scale invasion began. Unfortunately, the raven has already released the six souls who needed hell to build his passageway. When the storm of Hell and Gabriel Rosetti began to fight the demons who were already on the streets to find the resurrected souls and to get rid of them before it was too late, Reverend Raven was alone with his shame. Conscious of his naivety and pride, Raven prayed for forgiveness, but the one who answered his prayers was not the angel he was waiting for: One of the women he had brought up, Julia, came to visit him, but now, thanks to him, she is inhabited by the soul of a very special inhabitant of hell: Satanic Succubus. To show his gratitude and appreciation, Satan passionately embraced the Father and thus nourished his soul, which was immediately sent to the depths of hell, where Marduk Curios, the devil to whom he obeyed, waited for his faithful servant.

Joshua Rabe is a man who has always followed the holy path, trusting in his own holiness, so full of pride and self-control that he could not even recognize it. Built with magical powers, it is capable of taking the souls of the damned directly from hell and transferring them to uninhabited living bodies, namely those of humans in a vegetative state or irreversible coma. His overwhelming naivety can only be explained by his unreasonable conviction that he is undoubtedly holy, and his desire to serve God’s will usually ends with a more earthly desire to be loved and cherished by his servants.

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