Johnny-G - Genovese-Whos-Who.jpg At the request of the Fire Hedgehog we meet Frank D’Amico, the great villain of the first Fag. Portrait of Mark Strong, Frank is the biggest leader of the New York Mafia and the one whose activity is most threatened by the appearance of lunatics in strange costumes playing superheroes. He’s also a master who’s close to defeating these heroes… …until he’s blown up by a bazooka. In comics his real name is John Genovese, but his role remains virtually unchanged. His death is not as brilliant as in the film, but certainly memorable. Well, let’s see.

From his birth, John Genovese, better known on the street as Johnny G., would become heir to the great empire. Together with his older brothers Rocco and Ralphy, Johnny was the son of one of the largest Mafia bosses in the United States and learned two things from his father: how to run a family business with the right iron fist and skill and how to be a good father. He’s married to a good woman, Angela, and therefore has a son, Chris. While caring for his family, he also expanded the business of his extended family, sharing power with his two brothers Johnny-G - Genovese --Whos-Who.jpg , while remaining responsible for New York operations. Genovese controlled almost everything, from arms trafficking to prostitution, from drugs to petty crime, and of course he took care of the pockets of some important police officers, such as Detective Giant, full of incentives to look the other way when they encountered his operations. Everything went on, which was very profitable for Johnny, until something completely unexpected happened: Masked clowns in fancy suits started coming into his business. First there were two of them, a big boy and a little boy, who called themselves Big Daddy and Hit Girl, who managed to beat a ridiculous number of their accomplices and lose a few hundred thousand dollars; then there was another boy, a skinny boy in a green jumpsuit, who called himself Kick-Ass and was determined to make him angry too. John couldn’t bring himself to take these fools seriously, but he was surprised at the damage they could do to him. When he solved his driving force, the problem came from the most unexpected source: his worthless son Chris, a gentle nerd who reads comic books all day long, who accidentally thought about how his enemies were doing, and had the idea to lure them out and lead them to his worried father.

Despite all his doubts about Chris’s plan, John decided he had little to lose and agreed to finance his superhero personality. Chris became a Red Mist, and with his father’s money he could afford trendy gadgets like Myst-Mobile: Chris’ idea was that, like all superheroes, those who harassed his father could not resist the prospect of working together… …and he was right. First Kick-Ass, then Big Daddy and the Strike Girl were stuck, and Red Mist lured them straight to her father, who this time greeted them with full honor. The most dangerous was clearly a little girl, so John shot her several times in the chest and looked at - man-to-man.jpg where she fell out the window. Then he took Big Pope and Kick-Ass and tortured them. It turned out that Big Daddy had nothing special against him and that he was just an insane accountant who chose him as the villain of his personal superhero dream: Genovese executed him in disgust. When it was Kickpot’s turn, it was clear that he had nothing to do with the operations of the Great Pope and that he was completely harmless, but Johnny wanted to kill him to make an example of all those who would be tempted to follow in his footsteps. After the torture John also wanted to execute him, but the Hit Girl, who wore a bulletproof vest, reappeared and saved her boyfriend. They escaped and attacked John in his own home: In the battle that followed, Pinoc Ass won the Red Fog, and John Genovese defeated Hit Girl… until Pinoc Ass intervened and shot him in the penis. This distraction was more than enough to get Hit Girl back on his feet and end up with an ax with a once proud Mafia boss. He should have taken those superheroes more seriously from the start.

John Genovese is an unscrupulous and intelligent mafia boss, capo dei capi, who runs New York with an iron fist and beautiful business acumen. Like Johnny G., he likes to get his hands dirty, although he commands a small private army of armed thugs. So he’s an expert in armed and unarmed combat. As one of the most powerful criminals in the United States, Johnny G. controls a wealthy and profitable empire… but he’s an old-fashioned gangster, and he’s having trouble understanding the new superhero business, just a bunch of stupid clowns to him.

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