Jennifer-Lynn “Jennie” Hayden (Jade) is an award-winning film editor who has worked on such blockbuster films as The Wolverine, X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and X-Men: First Class.

Jennie Hayden is a New Zealand actress who was born on April 3, 1988 in Dunedin, New Zealand. She started her acting career by appearing in the television series Seven Little Dwarfs (1997) as Marla, and in the short film The Snow (1999) as Amy. Hayden made her film debut as Karen in the feature film All the Wrong Places (2002) followed by a small role as Barbara in the feature film The Wildest Dreams (2003).

Supporting actors are a tricky bunch, the kind who don’t get as much attention as their leading men or women. After all, they do the work behind the camera, but often don’t get the credit they deserve. Whether they’re the ones who help create an amazing visual effects or are the ones steering the massive sets, they’re the unsung heroes in the film industry.

The trailer for the new season of Stargirl is finally here, and it promises to be just as funny and entertaining as the first. …. Hoping, of course, that the move to the CW station doesn’t affect the storyline. In the new trailer, we see how Courtney tries to find others to join her new JSA, but she is eventually found by a girl who claims to be the daughter of Green Lantern and knows how to use the fallen hero’s power ring: she is Jenny Hayden, played by Isa Penarejo. Jenny, better known as Jade, is actually the daughter of Green Lantern and has joined a number of super teams over the years, including the JSA : Let’s look at it together.

Alan Scott, aka the superhero Green Lantern, and Rose Canton, aka the super-villain Thorne, married when he turned out to be reformed, and for a while they were happy…. But Rose felt that her madness had not gone away, not forever, and she was terrified. When the couple had two children, twins, Rose broke down and gave up for adoption for fear of hurting her children in her carefree ways: The girl was adopted by Julian and Myrna Hayden, a sweet couple who lived near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was named Jennifer-Lynn. She had a fairly ordinary childhood, with only a strange star-shaped birthmark on her arm to suggest something unusual, but she never realized how unusual she was until she was sexually abused in her early teens: In response to the threat, the birthmark glowed green, releasing an energy that enveloped her body to protect her. With her skin and hair dyed green, Jenny went looking for her biological parents, but the only one she found was a boy named Todd Rice who looked incredibly like her: He was her long lost twin brother, who had begun a similar quest after he too had acquired metahuman abilities. They joined forces, followed the energy flowing through their bodies, and realized they were powered by the Star Heart, the magical ring held by the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Jenny and Todd wanted to honor their father’s legacy and use their powers for good: They created the Jade and Obsidian masks and became crime fighters. Then they tried to join the Justice Society of America to serve where their father had served, but were rejected because they were too young and inexperienced….. Of course, that didn’t stop her.

It turned out that many other super kids like her were in the same situation, too young to fight alongside their super parents: Hector Silver Scarab Hall, son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Lita Fury Trevor, daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (daughter of Fury from the All-Star season after Crisis), Helena Huntress Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Albert Nuclone Rothstein, grandson of Cyclotron, Henry Brainwave Jr. King, son of Brain Wave and Jimic Girl, and North Northwind Cantrell, godson of Hawkman. All of these children have been placed under the protection of by Skyman, the former teenage superhero Star-Spangled Kid. He believed in their potential, not despite their youth, but because of it, and organized them into Infinity, Inc, to give them a chance to prove themselves when no one else would. Jade has proven to be an important member of the team and has learned a lot about herself, mastering the skills she inherited from her father, in addition to those she inherited from her mother. The team continued to grow and over time was joined by other young Legacy heroes such as Wildcat, Dr. Midnight, and Gourmet, and was led for a time by Mr. Bones led, but when Skyman was killed, things began to fall apart, and although Infinity, Inc. outlived its founder and mentor for a time, it ultimately didn’t last long. However, Jade had learned a lot from the team and was ready to spread her wings on her own. She moved to California, where she began modeling and eventually found her true passion in photography. She moved again, this time to New York, to work in this field. As Jade, she continues to fight crime, but in New York she crosses paths with the man who changed her life: Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern of Earth. Kyle was originally her roommate, but he became much more, and a romantic relationship developed between them, they even became a crime-fighting duo and joined the Justice League of America together. At this point, Jade had done far more than follow in her father’s footsteps.

Jenny Hayden, son of a hero, initially wanted to prove she was worthy even though she felt abandoned, but she has become a mature, stable and experienced heroine, a woman who knows her worth and importance and has nothing to prove to anyone. As Jade, she was born with a mystical connection to the Star Heart and can control its power; she can fly, create green energy structures powered by her thoughts, project energy explosions, and create energy shields (ineffective on wood, like her father); she also has the ability to control plants, which she inherited from her mother, and she has a psychic connection to her twin brother Obsidian. Jade is paving the way for a new generation of heroes and fighting to protect the people she loves. She fights for justice rather than recognition and embraces the responsibilities her gifts bring, as evidenced by the oath she took during her brief stint in the Green Lantern Corps: And I cast my light on evil, for darkness cannot stand the light – the light of the Green Lantern!


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“The Jade Empire” is the name of a film that director Stephen Chow wanted to do for over ten years. It tells the story of the beautiful and powerful jade statue of the same name, and the young man who falls in love with her. “The Jade Empire” was released on November 1, 2001.. Read more about rip jagger dc and let us know what you think.

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