April Fools’ Day is a day dedicated to jokes, pranks, funny videos and more, so why not get in on the tradition? The film Jack Frost was an April Fool’s Day comedy, released in 2000 with a plot of a snow sculptor who is possessed by a demon, the demon’s brother, and their battle against the demon. The film was written and directed by Ken Russell, the same man who created the ’60’s cult classic Altered States.

Jack Frost is a mysterious figure that is said to reside in the northernmost town in the world, a town that’s kept to itself due to the fact it often experiences extreme cold weather. The town itself is built on a hill that overlooks other northern towns, and is a popular spot amongst hikers and campers. Many long-time residents of the town say the inhabitants of the town are descended from refugees from the Great Fire of London, and that Jack Frost is an expression of that fire. Though he’s not seen in person, he’s frequently addressed by the townspeople as being there to protect them from the dangerous elements of the northern world.

I have always been fascinated by stories of people who have been frozen in time and brought back to life. The first person that comes to mind is Jack Frost. After his wife dies in a car accident, a doctor thaws him out so that he can help his daughter pass her driving test. However, Jack is not the same man anymore and must fulfill a bizarre task before his daughter is allowed to drive.

The third and final member of Hutch’s team in Jupiter’s Legacy is also from the comics. In Sunshine Clouds, Jack Frost, played by Morgan David Jones, is a third wheel of sorts. He’s not wanted for his ice skills, but for the usefulness of his magic car, which he uses in the episode during a robbery… and unfortunately crashes into an immobile Chloe Sampson. It’s not that Jack Frost is more useful in the comics, but he’s certainly older and more of the first generation than the second. Let’s see.

Jack Frost, of unknown name and history, was a super villain in the 1970s. With freezing powers, he was just one of the many super thieves and super robbers roaming the United States of America at the time until he met the man he calls the boss of his life: Skyfox. Skyfox, a renegade superhero of the Justice Alliance, found his true calling in 2009 when he realized that all heroes only maintain the status quo for the benefit of the rich and privileged, while persecuting the proletariat, who have no other way to make a living but through crime. Skyfox turned super crime into class action, even a class war, and Jack Frost wanted to get involved. He joined his team and became his assistant. It accompanied him in crimes that were usually demonstrative and always culminated in mass robberies, social uprisings or sharing the spoils with the weakest and poorest. Jack Frost went from simple burglar to a cross between Robin Hood and Fred Hampton… and he loved it. But nothing good lasts forever, and eventually the Alliance turned against Skyfox: It took a hundred superheroes, but eventually they managed to overpower him and lock him up in Supermax, a high-tech prison for supervillains that he built himself. Skyfox managed to free himself after a few years, but he never got his old gang back together or contacted Jack and the others: Those days seem to be gone forever.

Over the next few years, Jack Frost made money by selling Skyfox’s unique technology on the black market and gradually stripping his boss’s ship, which was still hidden in the African jungle, of all its fancy gadgets. But times are changing more than he expected, and against all odds he’s even starting to miss the old Union. Brainwave and young Brandon Sampson staged a coup and took over the Union and then the White House, creating a police state that years later proved Skyfox right on all counts. The new government did not tolerate trespassers, and Jack Frost had no intention of becoming a firefighter after so many years of arson: He kept a low profile for a while, and when he realized that the new Union security forces could reach him anywhere, and even hire other supermen like Barnabas Wolfe to track him down in plain clothes, he left the country altogether and hid in what he could consider his natural habitat, Antarctica. Deep in the South Pole, he could be safe, far from the Union and its tyrants. He was sure no one would ever find it, but it turned out he was wrong: Years later, his boss’s son, young Hutch, came to him with his family, namely his girlfriend Chloe and son Jason, and with a proposal. Hutch put together a new team with the goal of taking out Brandon and Brainwave. The prospect was interesting, and Jack Frost looked forward to it: He accepted the offer and brought Hutch and the others to the old Skyfox ship that served as their base. This new adventure turns out to be much more than Jack expected, and he finally gets to work with his old boss again…..

Jack Frost is an old fighter with the idealism of a revolutionary and the pragmatism of a career criminal. He is a former supervillain and can make ice arrows that freeze anything and anyone he touches. His body temperature is so low that he is virtually immune to extreme cold. Jack Frost, a bank robber who has found a cause worth fighting for, is the last of a generation of revolutionaries branded as criminals years ago, and he doesn’t have much strength left to try to start a whole new rebellion…..


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Jack Frost is an upcoming American-German-English-Icelandic drama film written, produced and directed by Tommy Wirkola. It is an origin film of the famed Jack Frost myth, having been inspired by the Icelandic Folktale of the same name.. Read more about jack frost meaning and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Jack Frost is not related to Elsa.

How does Jack Frost get his powers?

Jack Frost is a spirit of winter.

How did Jack Frost Die?

Jack Frost died when he was frozen by the North Wind.

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