This year, the movies have been bright and beautiful, filled with bright and beautiful people, and filled with bright and beautiful love stories. It’s a good thing, too, since the auteur is currently in a state of cinematic hibernation, and the directorial misses are piling up.

The upcoming release of the third installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has sparked a fresh wave of controversy over the trilogy, which was originally part of a trilogy that also included Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker. The three films starred Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the roles originally played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the original trilogy.

Romcoms is a place for movie lovers where your heart melts and you burst into tears of happiness at the end. Over the years, many films have had similar effects on us, but now there is a new story waiting to be heard! Yes, you heard me right. Netflix is once again releasing one of the best romances of the year with Sounds Like Love.

Sounds Like Love is a Spanish film that was released on 29. September this year in theaters is released. It is based on Elizabeth Benavent’s acclaimed novel, Songs and Memories. This novel is presented in the form of a duology.

A little history about section

Maca, who is considered an awkward and confused thirty-something, lives in the city of Madrid. There she works as an assistant to an authoritarian and compassionate fashion designer she can’t stand. During that time, she spent most of her time alone. But when that doesn’t happen, she tries to date men who aren’t worth it. She dated guys, but didn’t get very far with any of them. It turned out that she had trouble making an emotional connection with anyone, and frankly, she was tired of trying all the time.

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She has two close friends in her life, Jimena and Adriana, who she considers her open book. She experienced some of the best times of her life with them, as they had been friends since childhood. With all this in mind, Maki now has two best friends, a job that is a waste of her talents, and a little adventure and happiness on the side. Everything seemed to be going well until the day her ex, Leo, decided to show up.

Who was Leo?

Leo, the ex-boyfriend who was considered the biggest mistake of her life, was suddenly back on her doorstep. He was not the man you would normally expect to see. Leo will torment her, tear her life apart and then destroy all her feelings because he is a selfish, carefree man. Leo is one of the few reasons Maca has lost the trust of many men.

She still can’t connect with the men she dates because of past events. But now that Leo is back in her life, she suddenly has to process many of the feelings she has suppressed and forgotten for so long in order to move on with her life. And it can only get worse with his return, or maybe he came back to redeem himself. But judging by the way Leo treats her, it doesn’t look that way.


In the teaser released by Netflix, Maka and Leo run into each other, and Leo tries to ambush her when he returns to her. Then Maka breaks the fourth wall and says that if this were a love movie, it would be raining. And the next thing I knew, it was starting to rain. Then she realized that if this had been a romantic movie, the girl would have fallen into the man’s arms with joy and hugged her so tightly.

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But here, with Maki, she seems smart and strong enough to handle all those romances. We can only see what happens to these two if they try to be together again. Will Maca be able to move on from her two friends and her hopeless job? Or will she meet Leo again and bring him back into her life like nothing happened? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meeting the actors, director and writer

Let’s talk about some of the key players and the people behind the project. First, let’s introduce Maria Valverde, who plays the main character, Maka. There’s also the very famous Alex Gonzalez, who will wear the costume of Leo, the toxic ex-boyfriend and presumably the main antagonist. Let’s not forget Adrian and Jimena! Adriana is played by Susana Abaitua and Jimena by Elizabeth Casanovas. These are the only roles that have been officially announced to the public, while the rest of the cast remains in unnamed roles.

The screenwriter of this film is Laura Sarmiento, who has directed several other films. She is known for works such as Matadera, Zona and Isabel, films that play an important role in Spanish-language cinema. With her as a writer, this film is sure to stand out for her incomparable talent.

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Now it’s time to unload the big gun. The film is directed by none other than the very famous Juana Macias Alba. His career spans the last few decades. And it must be said that it has received the highest praise. She won the Goya Award for Best Short Fiction and the Goya Award for Best New Director for Plans for Tomorrow and Seven Coffees for the Week.

If she makes the movie, this project will definitely be a win-win for everyone. As always, Spanish content is among the best and as in this case, we fans can have high expectations for the film. This movie will raise the bar for romantic comedies.

Launch data? Where will it be?

The film is still in production, according to various rumors, but is scheduled for a release on the 29th. September in the cinema. So the film is still three months away from release and we couldn’t be more patient about the release.

Netflix has now released a teaser for the film that shows what the movie will look like. This is a teaser that only shows Mac and Leo. He shows how Leo is coming back into his life and tells her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since she left. This only increases the tension about where the story is going. For all we know, there could be several scenarios. So let’s sit back, wait and see how their lives unfold. Sounds Like Love will be released on the 29th. September is out on Netflix! Make a note of the dates!

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