Not too long ago, Falcon and Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie made harsh comments about the lack of diversity in the MCU. In an informal interview with Snowball artist Daveed Diggs, the conversation was mainly about the Black Lives Matter movement that is gaining momentum in the United States. Asked about his contribution at the time, Mr. McKee replied


Falcon and Winter Soldier are coming out and I’m hosting. When Snowball came out, [Diggs] was the leader. We have the power and the opportunity to ask these questions. It really bothered me to make seven Marvel movies where every producer, every director, every stuntman, every costume designer, every production assistant, every person was white…. But when you do Black Panther, you have a black director, a black producer, a black costume designer, a black stunt choreographer. And I think that’s more racist than anything else. Because if you can only hire black people to make a movie in black, does that mean they’re not good enough if you have a predominantly white cast?

According to Anthony Mackie, Marvel movies need to get better in terms of diversity.

What McKee thinks is valid. Oddly enough, you need a movie with a cast to hire black people. However, we will not be discussing the practice of hiring crew members today. Instead, we move on to a parallel topic related to diversity, but within the confines of what we see on screen.

So the big question is this: Is diversity ruining the decades-old legacy of the film world?

Diversity and inclusion

Before we get to that point, we need to define what diversity and inclusion mean. Inventory is the understanding that people are unique in their characteristics. These aspects may be related to ethnicity, race, gender, cultural background, social status, or simply to different interests or experiences, etc. Thus, if an institution includes only people of the same ethnicity but with different interests, it is technically a diverse environment – but in the context of the last section of this paper, diversity refers to gender, ethnicity, racial background and social attitudes.

Similarly, inclusion relates to the practice and overall effort of a given organization to welcome and accept individuals from different backgrounds so that they are treated and accepted equally. It is a sense of belonging that is cultivated within the organization and creates an atmosphere of respect so that everyone can participate and feel valued within the organization accordingly.

Why are these values so important?

Diversity and inclusion provide a platform for people from different backgrounds to mingle. Getting to know each other will be helpful as more cultures, ideas and perspectives will be brought forward. In this way, any underlying stereotypes or denials of one’s past are destroyed. This promotes mutual understanding between different cultures and ensures that all participants are valued, respected and appreciated.

Fas Numero Uno y Dos.

The first two phases of MCU were embryonic. Feige, a naturalist, was in the lab making his own baking chemicals to see which mix was good and which was not. It was a time when Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man was a huge gamble, making Captain America and Thor believable on screen was another obstacle. The specific goal at the time was to lay the groundwork for a large team of superheroes, which was a big gamble in itself.

But when the Avengers first got together to fight the Chitauris, it was strange to see a woman beating up five other heroes, and she was too ill-equipped. Captain America had his powerful shield and his polished body. Thor had Mjuh-mjuh and his polished body. Hulk had anger and a polished body. Tony had an arsenal of weapons and a polished outer body. So, who’s left? Sagittarius. And a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent firing a bench gun in a fight.

This is not to say that the Black Widow was not a valuable chess piece. She played a major role in the creation of the Avengers. She held out during the Chitauri invasion. But what I’m saying is, there could have been stronger heroines.

Phase 2, on the other hand, was still experimental. You have a great team. What’s the next step? You just have to add to the list, you know. Add extra boys, a witch, an android child and aliens, and boom! It’s more a story about the war machine.

Fas Numero Tres:

2016 marked a new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase 3 has just begun with Captain America: Civil War. It was a major upheaval in world history that led to the breakup of the group. Team Cap and Iron Man were not speaking to each other at the time, and it was not an ideal situation for our heroes to face the purple grimace of danger that loomed.

It should be noted, however, that Civil War introduced both Peter Parker and T’Challa, characters who will star in their films. These two heroes have contributed a lot to the multifaceted synergy of the MCU. Of course, if you consider Black Panther an independent film, it doesn’t meet the definition of diversity. They have an almost entirely black cast, with only two white men playing important roles. Here too we have an overview.

The addition of the Black Panthers has significantly increased the representation of the black community in the MCU. They were not simply relegated to supporting roles or ancillary functions. It has broken the stereotype that people of black descent are poor, worthless and excluded from society. It was more about empowerment. It was a large-scale operation, it must be said: We’re important too.

Spider-Man, on the other hand: When I got home, he was the new/old guy on the block. It was a bold re-adaptation of the character as a teenager who works with neurons in high school and has teenage problems. Nevertheless, it should be noted that his friends were of different nationalities. Peter’s best friend, Ned Leeds, was of Korean descent. Liz Allan (probably MJ too) was a mixed bag. Flash Thompson was Latino. It showed a very different landscape of New York City than the one seen on previous web walks.

Phase 3 also sees an influx of notable female characters, with the appearance of Valkyrie, Mantis, Wasp and Captain Marvel. We had a few of them run with their projects and some stole the show.

Let’s take a look at the protagonists who first donned the superhero mantle in Phase 3. I’m going to talk about the people who did the final attack against Thanos in Avengers: End of game (not counting the Wakandais, Warlocks and Ravaders army in the background, because that would be too crazy). There are thirteen such characters, including Stephen Strange, Carol Danvers, Korg, T’Challa and Mantis. Looking at the statistics, half of them are women, 21% African-American (14% foreigners) and finally Wong Chinese. Of the fourteen, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man are the only new Phase 3 heroes who are white and male. Thus, unlike the first two stages of the film universe, there is a marked increase in characters from different backgrounds.

The Captain Marvel conspiracy

Captain Brie Larson Marvel was in the middle when it was released in 2018. The Avenger Room, dressed in red and blue, was the talk of the day thanks to Brie Larson’s interview. The outcry was that his anti-human attitude would destroy the film. So when the film was finally released, there was the famous Rotten Tomatoes critical explosion.

Yes, I agree that Captain Marvel is not Marvel by studio standards. It is indeed one of Marvel’s most forgettable films. However, it would be incorrect to say that the sins of the film are due to the actress’ feminism. The film in no way diminishes the value of men.

It was the plot and overall execution of the themes that were not stellar. Brie Larson’s take on the female superhero is not inspired. Her character’s arc fell flat, and although Carol was imperfect, that didn’t stop her from getting what she wanted (which sparked a debate about whether she was a Mary Sue or not).

change gender and race

I think it’s the height of disagreement. Today, gender and race changes are not new in film adaptations. We’ve seen countless instances of certain characters getting the upper hand in the film. His girlfriend Friday. The Helen Mirren storm. Kingpin in Daredevil (2003). This is a particularly difficult situation when filmmakers choose actors of a different nationality for a character than that indicated in the source material. And that can give the impression that it’s not a tribute to something that was originally intended and that delights the hearts of fans.

For a while there was the scandal of white-washing, casting Asian, African-American and Latino characters with white actors; the list is long and goes back to the origins of cinema. There’s also been a buildup within the MCU itself, particularly for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, which features Tilda Swinton as an Alumnus, and that doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, this was explained in the film, and Swinton’s attractiveness more than compensated for what the Hallaballoo benches could have done. However, it was decided that the original role should not have racial overtones.

So if we have to go on a witch hunt to prevent white actors from getting roles for other races, shouldn’t we do the opposite? Shouldn’t Samuel L. Jackson apologize twice for playing Nick Fury, who is a white man in sequence 616?

It remains complex as the need for integration and representation increases. The MCU is a worldwide success. People from all walks of life watch and enjoy these films. The scope of the MCU is not limited to North and South America.

I think the desire for respect and belonging outweighs the desire of someone who just wants a truthful verbal adaptation of the source material. Nevertheless, care must be taken not to alienate those who have supported these properties from the beginning. It’s a delicate balance that must be struck to respect the character’s heritage, regardless of the actor hired for the role.

Phase 4:

Fase numero cuatro.

One particular sentiment that seems to resonate with many netizens is that of vigilant justice: The end zone is the end of the MCU. I agree. The power of the Stones of Infinity is gone. The threat of Thanos is gone. I mean, it was a 24-hour game. Some twenty films made in eleven years have reached this point. In Thanos. And here is the glorious triumph of the Avengers’ convention moment. It was the end of an era led by the first six, most notably RDJ Iron Man.

But to now say that Marvel Studios is a failure because of their next series of films seems a bit short-sighted. There is no evidence that the MCU cannot thrive without the Infinity McGuffins. Of course, the star power of a character like Iron Man couldn’t be more present on screen – RDJ has really been a big draw in the Avengers movies. Things will be different, but a clean slate means Marvel can start from scratch.

With the addition of a host of new names to Hall’s universe, the company’s ambition to create a diverse platform will soon become a reality. Shang Chi, Eternal, Miss Marvel, Moon Knight, and so on.  At first glance, this may seem like a blatant money grab, especially when you look at movies like Shang-Chi, The Legend of the Ten Rings, and The Black Panther. This may seem like an attempt to attract people of a certain nationality to the theater. And, yes, I won’t deny that it could be.

But considering that the first Black Panther was not only a success in the black community, but also with other people around the world, this invalidates the previous notion. The MCU’s diversity in its films has not been a problem, as these cultures have been very restrained and respectful so far.

Finally, I don’t think Marvel would effectively accomplish seppuku by introducing a bunch of new characters who aren’t typical white male models. And for the record, it’s not a sin to be white or male, usually against many emotionally charged new-age keyboard warriors. But since film is a global phenomenon, it’s very good that the studio is making an effort to make sure everyone is part of the party, because the world is bigger than just one country in North America.

As long as movies continue to inspire us, the viewers, to see that people from all walks of life can become heroes, I think that’s constructive in itself. Marvel can continue to do what it does best with its characters, building them up with compelling stories and ensuring that the dream of bringing the beloved properties of comics to life and respecting its heritage remains paramount. As long as the MCU doesn’t denigrate a particular community or non-destructive culture, what transgressions is the studio committing?

frequently asked questions

Is the MCU overrated?

Yes. It’s overrated. There are people who release things like comic books, you can’t expect masterpieces, they just have to be fun. But I think this makes no sense and leads to overestimating them. … MCU movies are like pop songs.

Will the MCU last forever?

The answer is no. Kevin Feige says they didn’t close the MCU chapter until after the game…. The success of the MCU continues to grow, and audiences are eager to see what the next film will be like. Alan Horn, an executive at Disney Studios, said they had 7,000 numbers and gave 6,010 after the game.

What is the strongest character in the MCU?

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, was voted the strongest character in the MCU because of the skills she acquired through the Tesseract.

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