Netflix’s latest release is a supernatural horror film set in 1980s New York. The show stars Sarah Paulson and Justin Theroux as two friends who investigate the disappearance of their friend, only to find themselves being hunted by an otherworldly force. If you can stomach watching gore from eons past then check out this intense story that takes place when technology was just getting started!

Netflix’s new horror series “Arcane” is a bit of a departure from the company’s usual fare. It is more suspenseful and gory than any other show that Netflix has produced before.

Regardless of whether or not they are followers of League of Legends, the game on which the series is based, Arcane has proven a success with reviewers and fans alike. Now that we’ve watched the program, we can address the question of whether Arcane is terrifying and how bloody it is.

Arcane is a dark and ominous program, but it isn’t quite as terrifying or brutal as some of its contemporaries. Arcane is really very acceptable in that area and shouldn’t be an issue for people who get afraid quickly. Animation, particularly anime, has had a lot scarier and gorier works, so it shouldn’t be a problem for those who get startled easily. However, don’t anticipate a kid’s show.

We’ll expand on this response and provide you with more information about the show’s content in the paragraphs that follow. You’ll learn if Arcane is a horror series, how frightening and gruesome it is, whether it’s appropriate for younger adolescents, and whether or not it’s upsetting.

Is Arcane a Horror Series or a Fantasy Series?

After a lengthy hiatus owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, Arcane premiered on November 6, 2021. And, although we had some prior knowledge of the program, we had no idea how dark and disturbing it would turn out to be, which piqued our curiosity in it.

Many people assumed that Arcane might fall under the horror genre, and we’ll discover how far that is from the reality.

Arcane was classified as an adventure and fantasy series with action and science-fiction components (you’ll notice a lot of steampunk aspects if you’ve watched the program). This is a pretty accurate classification, and it corresponds to the League of Legends video game’s categorization, thus we can affirm that it is true.


Now, it’s not uncommon for a fantasy or adventure series to have horror aspects, particularly if it falls into the dark or urban fantasy category (such as Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, or Darker than Black), but such programs are very distinct, and you get that horror sense right away.

We can’t claim we’ve noticed such aspects in this program after viewing three episodes of Arcane.

Arcane is dark, there’s no denying that, but the show’s atmosphere, like the original game’s premise, is pure fantasy. If there is any hint of terror, it is little and insufficient for us to classify the program as a horror series.

Okay, we can’t say that viewers who are easily scared won’t have shivers now and then, but Arcane isn’t anything close to being a horror film.

The program is, in reality, a wonderful example of the fantasy and adventure genre, complete with clear steampunk aspects.

Is Arcane a Fearful Subject?

Well, the answer to this question is dependent on what you believe to be frightening. On a general level, Arcane is not terrifying, virtually not at all, as compared to true horror series or films, however we do allow for certain folks to be startled by this program.

The problem is, Arcane never really tried to be frightening. It aims to present a fantastic and interesting narrative with plenty of darkness and depth, yet it doesn’t want to terrify you.

Now, we must confess that the scenes aren’t quite My Little Pony or the like, but they aren’t frightening either. As previously said, you can see what we’re talking about by comparing Arcane to Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, or even Death Note. These three fantastic anime series all have aspects of horror and are designed to terrify us. They make an effort and, for the most part, succeed.

Arcane wants to amuse us. The program wants us to involve ourselves in its universe, characters, and plot, and it does a fantastic job of doing so, so it doesn’t even have to be frightening, in our opinion.

Is Netflix’s Arcane as gruesome as it appears?

Well, everything we stated about the program being (not) terrifying also applies to it being (not) gory. Sure, there are a few (okay, a lot) nasty sequences involving weapons, murders, zombies, and other such things, but Arcane isn’t quite as graphic as you’d anticipate given all of the aforementioned features.

It’s just not the emphasis of the program, and that’s perfectly OK with me.

Arcane becomes a children’s show when contrasted to true horrific shows like Tokyo Ghoul, for example. Ghouls ate humans, ghouls ate ghouls, humans killed ghouls, ghouls killed humans, slashes, decapitations, severed limbs, and more (if you believe us when we say there’s more), and it was all fairly brutal.

In Psycho-Pass, several of the sequences featuring Dominators were also rather graphic. This is only a point of reference to explain why Arcane isn’t a gruesome show.

Essentially, the same remarks that we made in the previous section may be repeated here. Arcane isn’t graphic because it doesn’t have to be, and it doesn’t strive to be, given its concentration on other subjects.

Is Arcane appropriate for a 13-year-old?

Arcane is not suited for youngsters under the age of 16, according to initial announcements and Netflix’s classification. This is because to the darker themes it contains, not because it contains any particular age-related material. True, Arcane does deal with some darker subjects.

Politics, treachery, weird science, and tyranny are all topics that are appropriate for older children in the program. So, should you let your 13-year-old kid to watch the show?

In all honesty, we don’t see why your youngster shouldn’t watch this program if they’ve played League of Legends. Arcane is unlikely to scare a youngster since he or she has previously seen far scarier and gorier sights in video games or other entertainment. Not at all.

So, despite the age restriction, we believe that a 13-year-old youngster can watch the program and enjoy it just as much as you do, if not more.

Is Arcane Harmful to Children?

Arcane’s first three episodes have been thrilling so far, and there’s nothing incorrect about them. The narrative is engaging and leaves you wanting more, and there is nothing about the program that we could identify as being objectionable in any manner.

Is Arcane a Disturbing Concept?

Arcane has a dark plot and is likely to dive much deeper, based on what we’ve seen so far, but it’s not unsettling. Arcane is very fascinating when compared to series like Castlevania, Tokyo Ghoul, or Parasyte, and you don’t have to worry about it being unpleasant.

The “arcane cast” is a horror-comedy film that was released by Netflix on October 27th, 2018. It has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arcane motion capture?

A: Yes, the company is called Arcane

How many episodes is Arcane?

A: There are 11 episodes of Arcane.

Is Arcane based on League of Legends?


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