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In the 1960s Austin Powers was a hip international spy with only one thing on his mind… The kind. But if he’s not between the sheets, he’s as hot as his nemesis, Dr. Evil. If Dr. Evil cryogenically freezes to threaten Earth, Austin freezes, so he’ll be there to stop him. But if they both return to the 1990s, they will not only have to fight, but also overcome the culture shock associated with a 30-year freeze.

‘Austin powers : Letter from the Mystery Man of International Cinema

Below is a brief description of the spoilers.

International Man of Secrets (1997) In 1967 the British superspy Austin Powers (Mike Myers) pursues his arch-enemy Dr. Evil (Mike Myers). Austin arrives with his kick in the ass, Mrs. Austin. Kensington (Mimi Rogers), enters Dr. Evil’s hideout in the London rocking nightclub. Unfortunately, Dr. Evil escapes in a space rocket in the shape of Bob Beaglesworth’s giant mascot and freezes himself and his cat’s regular companion, Mr. Beaglesworth, in cryogenic motion. In response, Austin has placed himself in cryostasis in case Dr. Evil returns in the future and threatens Earth.

Thirty years later, in 1997, Dr. Evil returned to earth to carry out his diabolical plan to blackmail the countries of the world and give him money. On his return he executed his accomplice Mustafa (Will Ferrell) for miscalculating the freezing process, causing Mr Bigglesworth to lose all his hair. Dr. Evil also learned that his right hand, number 2 (Robert Wagner), had transformed Dr. Evil’s empire into a highly profitable, multi-billion-dollar company called Virtucon. However, Dr. Evil is not interested in entering into legitimate agreements and decides to steal nuclear weapons and demand that the world pay him $100 billion to prevent their explosion. Dr. Evil is also not interested in his biological son Scott Evil (Seth Green), who was created from Dr. Evil’s frozen sperm and raised in a test tube by Dr. Evil’s accomplice, Mrs. Farbissin (Mindy Sterling). Scott is also outraged by his father’s absence and resists Dr. Evil’s attempts to get closer to his estranged son.

Following Dr Evil’s return, the British Ministry of Defence ordered that Austin’s powers be restored and that he be appointed to an investigation. Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), Kensington’s adult daughter, has been assigned to work with Austin and help him adapt to the 1990s. Vanessa and Austin travel to Las Vegas, Nevada posing as a married couple to gather information about Virtucon and the number 2. Number 2 is accompanied by his sexy Italian secretary Alotta Fagina (Fabiana Oudenio), who decides to press the button for information. Austin breaks into Alotta’s penthouse and takes pictures of the gigantic training plans. When Alotta returns, Austin tries to seduce her, but Alotta tends to find out more about Austin. She and Austin make love, which Vanessa doesn’t like, and fall in love with Austin despite her old attitude.

Alotta told Dr. Evil that Austin was watching her. The woman shows that she has a series of evil killing robots that look like beautiful blondes with bad clothes. The robots called fembots are equipped with high quality guns in the box. Dr. Evil also sent two assassins to kill Austin. One of them, Paddy O’Brien, didn’t make it and died when Austin drowned him in the toilet. The second, Random Trouble (Joe Sleep), takes Austin and Vanessa as they try to infiltrate Virtucon.

Austin and Vanessa are taken to Dr. Evil’s secret underground lair, where the master of evil discovers that he intends to place a warhead in a large underground drill and send it to the heart of the earth. When he arrives, Dr. Evil plans to detonate a warhead that will erupt every volcano on Earth. The United Nations capitulates to Dr. Evil’s demands, but the angry maniac tells Austin that he still wants to detonate the warhead. Dr. Evil puts Austin and Vanessa in a deadly trap, but two skilled spies can easily escape. Vanessa returns to the surface to seek help, while Austin stays in the cave to stop the bomb. In his search for Dr. Evil, Austin confronts the fembots who spray him with soda and try to keep him under control. But Austin seduces the fembots with a striptease that blows up all the Fembots.

Vanessa and the British troops go back into hiding to help Austin. They join the spy of the 1960s and start attacking Dr Austin’s forces. He is able to stop the underground drilling and continue his search for Dr. Evil to catch the fool once and for all. Alotta takes control of Vanessa, but the number 2 tries to betray Dr. Evil by making a deal with Powers to keep him in charge of Virtucon. Dr. Evil uses a trap door to kill number two in an underground fire pit. Dr. Evil also activates the base’s self-destruct device and then returns in orbit with Mr. Beaglesworth in his Beaglesworth rocket. In Austin, Vanessa and the British troops flee from an underground base and barely manage to escape, because the camp is destroyed.

After the mission Austin and Vanessa got married. They are congratulated on the good work done by their superiors Basil Exposition (Michael York) during their honeymoon. Later they are attacked by Random Task, but Austin repels the killer with a penis pump and gives Vanessa the chance to knock him out with a bottle of champagne. The bride and groom go out on the balcony and look at the sky. In the air, floating in orbit, Dr. Evil promises revenge on Austin.

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