You know this man, I suppose. Presidential candidate until 2020. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That Kanye West. Recently he was invited to the podcast of Joe Rogan, and among the many strange things he mentioned, he spoke briefly about Star Wars.

In particular the previous/last trilogy, which has been going on for some time. Personally, I prefer the original trilogy, but I agree with Kanye.

And it’s gonna drive me crazy here, West said in a podcast. The first time you saw me angry at a job interview. They said George Lucas’ predecessors were worse than Disney Star Wars. Like Sith revenge? We saw how Darth Vader was made! It’s like I’ve seen him ten times during Kovid. Don’t jump, Anakin. I have a high standard. I say prequels are better than anything… …and I’m sorry that the Disney/Star Wars design team… No, it’s George. It’s her baby. This thing was placed in his heart to show us, as children, the journey of the hero.

The moment George Lucas finished his role in the Star Wars universe was the moment the Star Wars movies went bankrupt. Artistic, critical, in terms of winning fans and in terms of long-term heritage. Yeah, Star Wars is his kid, and he shouldn’t have given it to Kathleen Kennedy. The Prequel trilogy (although it was largely absent in many areas) had one thing in common. There was a message. He had a purpose and a little gravity against all the myths.

I remember standing in line at the cinema to watch The Phantom Menace with my friend Maria (hi, Maria), and I also remember being fascinated by the characters, the story and the CGI effects. Yeah, Jar Jar wasn’t my business, but everything else was in place. Especially actors. So I’m still a big fan of Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman.

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Besides, if you remember, Lucas only made the first film of the original trilogy. New hope. Here, in the Prequel trilogy, he staged them all. And in any case, the predecessors were full of fun, inspiring messages and hope, and they merged with the legend of the franchise. They weren’t a vehicle for some crazy woman’s stupid plans. I’m for creating strong female characters (I can’t believe I’m using that term, but OH WELL), and I like to see them both on screen and on television. But what Kathleen Kennedy (and Disney) did in the last trilogy with the female character (and frankly with the male character) was terrible. It’s embarrassing. It’s insulting.’d-Say-This…-But-Kanye-Is-Right.jpg

The heroic way felt forced and unnatural to admit it in the last trilogy. And killing some of our favorite heroes was just a way for us fans. Honestly, I’ll always watch the prequel trilogy when it’s on TV or whatever. And it’s not just nostalgia. No matter how many Rotten Tomatoes try to convince me that the latest trilogy is of much better quality. That’s not true, and we fans know it. We can still feel it in our old rusted bones. And in our dust-covered lightsabers that are stored somewhere in our cellars. I remember how I felt about her and Kathleen Kennedy will never take that away from me.

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