For more than two decades, I’ve been amazed at an extraordinary Oscar victory. I dare say it’s unworthy, but I’m not the only one who dares to say it. Glenn Close shares my opinion and eventually she talks about it. It’s a long-awaited remark, but still accurate, if you ask me.

And yes, I’m talking about Glenn’s last words about winning Best Actress in 1999. Really, I’m talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. And before she became an integral goddess, cookbook writer, health guru, and before she launched her unbearable GOOP brand. She was a good actress. I dare say, a respectable actress. With a little help from his famous parents, his A-list friends and Harvey Weinstein, but still. She was a good actress.

And she even starred in one of my favorite movies. Meat and Bones, Seven, Hard Eight, Great Expectations and probably my favorite Royal Tenenbaums. Oh, and the infection. Let’s not forget the film about the OG pandemic, which I watch over and over again in this terrible year. A year that will never end.'t-Get-It-Either-Glenn--.jpg

But the love of Shakespeare is not on my list of favorite movies. What for? Because it’s still not a good movie. Plus, it’s not on my list of Gwyneth’s favorite concerts either. So I agree with Glenn. How could she win the Oscar? It doesn’t make any sense.

Honestly, I think the nomination by your colleagues is as good as it really is, Close said. Besides, I never understood how you can honestly compare games, you know? I remember the year Gwyneth Paltrow beat that incredible actress at the station, and I thought to myself: What? It doesn’t make any sense. Glenn added, and I agree.

And I know everyone is enthusiastic about Cate Blanchet and of course about Fernanda Montenegro (the actress from the main station Glenn refers to). But to be honest, I was very much in love with Emily Watson that night. She was great with Hillary and Jackie and deserved many victories. Especially Gwyneth.

But this is not Oscar’s first undeserved victory in history, and certainly not his last. Personally I was also surprised about the victory of Roberto Benigny in the category Best Actor in the Leading Role. And to be honest, a few years ago, I didn’t have the enthusiasm for Moonlight. But I’m retiring.’t-Get-It-Either-Glenn-–.jpg

But I’m glad Glenn’s still talking about it after all these years. I think she’s at a point in her career where she can say these things and walk away. She is a famous actress, a real writer, and at the age of 73 (and with 7 Oscar nominations) she can say what she wants. Look, I know this is a matter of personal opinion. And I know that hatred of Gwyneth not only affects her current career, but has annoyed me since the late 1990s.

Yeah, everybody remembers the crying, the awful pink dress she wore and the awful speech she gave that night. But the first thing that comes to mind when you (and I promise you, not just me) mention this victory is ……… Oh, uh… It wasn’t the right move to get out of the academy. Take a look at the comment section of the Oscar video below. So, yeah. Don’t blame Glenn for the obvious. Gwyneth didn’t deserve that Oscar, but I think Weinstein’s campaign was stronger. And yes. There is no justice in this world. If they existed, Glenn would have received that award by now.

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