In order not to be reprimanded by a click byte, I would like to refer to the title at the beginning – something in my copy of Skyrim or Xbox 360 prevents the game from working. And it’s a shame – I invested a few hundred hours in the game and I could probably have invested a hundred more.

But now I run into an unfortunate glitch that causes the game to crash and close when entering certain areas. I go to a dungeon or a town, and then, BAM, the game ends. It’s frustrating. The only solution the internet offered me was to remove the cache from the system – I did, but it didn’t solve anything.

Basically, I try to do anything that can break Skyrim on my console. I know a lot of people play this game on the PC, but they can usually fix it easily – but if anyone has any recommendations on how to fix it, please help me get back to this favourite game.'t-play-Skyrim-anyre--.jpg

The interference doesn’t quite stop me from playing – I can still drive to most parts of Overworld and some cities – but it hardly allows me to play. I can meet dragons or travel through the landscape, but I can’t do quests, dive into dungeons or find new treasures. That’s half of what makes the game what it is.

I’m rather upset by this situation, but there seems to be nothing else that can be done. Until someone tells me what’s going on or the problem is magically solved, all I can remember is this game and what I liked.’t-play-Skyrim-anymore-–.jpg

Basically, it ends with only one player in Dungeon & Dragon – but with less potential results for a particular action. If I have one criticism of the game, it’s that it doesn’t focus enough on role-playing. Some quests require you to make a decision, but the decisions you make rarely affect the final outcome of the story.

But the real depth of the game is not in the plot, but in the setting. Skyrim has improved the parameters and format of the outdoor ARPG to such an extent that they’ve even asked Legend of Zelda to change the format, giving us the Breath of the Wild, the long-awaited departure from Zelda’s standard formula.

The map is so large and the landscape so picturesque that it seems to be the only suitable place to talk about the return of the old dragons against the background of the civil war. The story seems relatively epic in relation to the context in which it originated – I may feel that way because I’ve explored every nook and cranny of the game, but I still think it’s true.

What I liked was that particularly hard battles ended up becoming something like a mathematical equation. If I met a dragon on the street, I could see if my assistant and I were well enough equipped to defeat him; if I have the right weapons and spells, can I heal myself? And then I interact with the environment to see how I can work, which is to my advantage – can I walk in a city or town that can strengthen me? Were there places I could hide to find protection? Is there a way to escape if necessary? Are there any hiccups I can use to gain an advantage? There are many variables in each session, and I try to manipulate them to my advantage until I win.'t-play-Skyrim-anyre--.png

I remember a case where I was chased by a dragon and just outside Dawnstar, I managed to get into town before it really attacked me. That is why the City Guard and the citizens would help to fight it. But when I got to Dawnstar, I found a kite approaching from the other side – two kites close together is rare, but it’s possible. So it was me and the city against two dragons; but because it was only after I had defeated the main plot, I had the chance to summon the dragon to fight on my behalf – which I did. Then there were two dragons against my character, a dragon and maybe a dozen guards and townspeople. Dawnstar is also the place where the city was built, so you can jump from roof to roof as if you were Batman. In the end, I lost the battle and did my best to recreate those exact circumstances, but it remains one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a video game.

I must also mention the time I collected 100 garlic bulbs. No particular reason. I just thought it would be fun. And it’s funny. And it was… if only for me.

By the way, it should be mentioned that collecting 100 garlic bulbs is not easy and not very useful. I’ve been hunting for a long time, and I’ve fled to several cities for theft. I did it mostly for my own pleasure, and when I was a kid, I had fun.

At one point Skyrim started to feel comfortable eating with me. I came home after a long day at work and banished all negative feelings by playing in the dungeon. Of course, there were days when I felt the charm that people were talking about the game when it first came out – I turned it on with the intention of playing it for a few minutes, and then I found out that you had spent a few hours playing it.

I think I’m done with the Skyrim 360. I had planned to get the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, and I think that when I finish playing games like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey, I will be able to get Skyrim for Switch… maybe…..

But on the other hand, I would be very grateful if someone could respond to the above mentioned malfunction. I shouldn’t underestimate my love for the game.’t-play-Skyrim-anymore-–.jpg

Which game do you like and why?

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