In the promotional images of Jupiter’s Legacy, there is a glimpse of another main character who is likely to be revealed in the series: We’re talking about a guy fighting soldiers in white robes with what looks like a weird torch. His name is Hutch and he is played by Ian Quinlan. It’s not yet clear to what extent his role will mirror that of his comic book counterpart, but even though he looks very different from the original, his weapons are the same, and perhaps his attitude towards the Sampson family will be the same as well. Until we know more, let’s take a look at the original weapon.

Hutchence, whose name is not known, was born in New Mexico, the son of George Hutchence, best known as Skyfox’s biggest and most wanted supervillain, originally a founding member of Justice Unit. Hutch was born of a relationship between Skyfox and a woman from Santa Fe, Spring-Maldur … And unfortunately, he did not inherit his father’s skills, but his mother’s, which he did not have. He was a normal man. Throughout his childhood, Hutch had been watched, examined, observed by George, who was desperately looking for signs that powers were manifesting in the child, but nothing helped. This, of course, filled the boy with a constant sense of inadequacy as he felt unworthy of his father’s legacy and felt he had failed in what was most important to him. Instead of accepting his son as he is, George uses his incredible mechanical genius to build him a Power Rod, a custom flashlight that can replicate all of his powers, so that his son has gifts, albeit artificial ones. But instead of being the gift of a caring father, Hutch felt it was definitive proof that his father didn’t love him for who he was and would rather have another son. Shortly after Skyfox gave him the Power Rod, he was finally tracked down by the Union and in a final battle with his former friends, he was captured and locked up in the place he designed, the Supermax prison for authorized criminals. Hutch grew up with his mother, but soon followed in his father’s footsteps and became a petty criminal. Of course he was arrested and put in jail, and during his stay behind bars he realized that he was just trying to impress his father, like he always did. When he was done, he promised himself he would improve and become the normal, unconventional man his father feared. Moving to New York and starting a date with Chloe Sampson, the Utopian’s daughter, wasn’t the best first step in that direction.

Hutch knew full well that the only reason Chloe was interested in him was to oppose her parents, but he really liked her and her behavior didn’t bother him: He was her lover, maybe her friend, but certainly not her therapist. But Chloe’s plan worked perfectly, because one day Hutch received a message on his phone from the utopian himself, wanting to meet him. Hutch goes to the address given and meets the world’s most powerful superhero face to face, although Drowned is currently working as a mechanic and insists on being called Sheldon Sampson. When Hutch asked him how he knew his number, Sheldon flatly replied that he knew everyone’s number. As the two men spoke, the reason for the encounter became immediately apparent: Sheldon wanted Hutch to stop seeing his daughter and forced the end of his story on them. He didn’t even give the young man a chance to answer, as he insisted that he had once trusted Hutchence and that it had cost him a lot of money: He didn’t want to make the same mistake again, not when his daughter’s well-being was at stake. The conversation was abruptly interrupted when some emergency made the drow fly off to save someone else. Hutch, however, was sure of one thing: He had no intention of following the old man’s friendly advice, not if he did anything wrong. It wasn’t long before he had the chance to prove his true nature, but not in the way he had hoped. An impressive number of superheroes have indeed unleashed a rebellion against Utopia and orchestrated a coup against all the governments of the world to usher in a new era of prosperity for humanity….. Apparently, at least, they did. Given what he was, it was inevitable that Hatch would be at the first recruiting attempts, but he had other plans. Once he figured out what was going on, he used the Force Staff to teleport to Chloe, just in time to have her killed by the renegade heroes. She rescues her and begins teleporting across the world with her to escape a seemingly unstoppable army of superhumans. When they stopped running, it became clear that the world would never be the same again, and that Hutch’s dream of being an alien and living an ordinary life would become a necessity for him and Chloe…..

Hutch Hutchence is a rebel by nature, a man who more or less does what he wants, when he wants, without a deep understanding of consequences or motives. He is smart and resourceful, strong and agile enough to be a human, and can always rely on his power wand, which allows him to teleport anywhere by simply writing down the name of a place, firing powerful energy blasts and remotely controlling mechanical or digital devices. Raised as flawed and inadequate, Hatch has learned to accept himself and, although he has strong political and social ideas about how the world should be, he keeps them to himself, preferring to concern himself only with what is close to him….. Unless the situation requires him to be a hero, which he has always tried to avoid.


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