I am Sam, the grace of Monaco, very strong and incredibly close. It’s all done with the obvious goal of getting an Oscar. All absolute nonsense. Ron Howard’s last village, Elegy, belongs to this group. D.D. Vance’s autobiographical bestseller is an inanimate and failed adaptation, which will only be remembered as a mistake because of its extremely skilful composition.

What is history/alegory?

According to IMDb, a law student from Yale returned to his hometown to understand family history, Apalachian values and the American dream. I’m British, so I had no idea what Appalachian values are. And after I’ve seen that, I’m not smarter at all. Family? We’ve got them all over the world. Community? Yeah, we do. It seems to consist mainly of wearing jeans and owning an old van.

Actually, J. Д. Vance remembers his rustic youth in the sacred halls of Yale University and searched the house many times, surprisingly that it should happen given his origins.

Good Ole Daughters

J.D.’s family consists mainly of three women. First the matriarch Mamau was played by Glenn Close, all cigarettes and strange sermons were presented as wisdom. For example, there are three kinds of people in this world. Good terminators, bad terminators or neutral. Which is very good, because the film is completely forgotten. They were even proud to put it in the trailer. And that doesn’t mean anything. People are good, bad or neutral. Consider me stunned, Confucius. Close gives the best of herself; she’s Glenn Close, she’s been one of the best actresses in the world for decades, but what they give her is not as real as the cross between Beverly Hills native Yoda and Coach Rocky.

J.D. Lindsay’s (Hayley Bennett) sister in the movie. It’s a little memorable. There is not much to say, which is a huge improvement over the maternal figure JD Bev, played by Amy Adams. Adams is another great actor… Usually. But this….. – is one of the worst performances of the year. You can feel how tense she is and do all the scenes. It’s not an action, it’s an ACTIVATION. They continue to be amazed that it’s the same person since the arrival or the doubt. He never felt like he was in the collection of cartoons about the cartoons and the madness Vance is dealing with.

Holy boy

In a work of art, Vance’s family would be a nightmare to build a life. But that’s Vance’s real story. What, in the style of Horatio Alger, is presented as rags to a rich narrative only adds weight and makes his mother demonic. It’s like a man sells himself just as unbelievably by throwing his mother in front of a bus. It’s very uncomfortable.

Honestly, she’s not there alone. It presents the middle of West America as an obstacle or a trap. At first, J.D. offers a glass of his choice of two types of wine, and the wine sells as if it were incredibly difficult for someone from Kentucky. There are still undiscovered tribes in the Amazon who know Chardonnay and Cabernet, for God’s sake.

Oh, and if you’re eating unidentified silverware, wait until someone else picks it up and copies it. No more drama. Free advice for the local writer, and I’m not smart enough for Yale.

Anyone can do better than

At every stage, the Rustic Elegy is a kind of triumph over adversity that Ron Howard managed to overcome in his sleep. Maybe for a 60-year-old man, he’s still very busy. He certainly continues the casting tradition that age doesn’t matter, but the act he started with Wilford Brimley, 50, who plays a retired person in Cocoon. Part of the mourning titany is that of Mamau, who became pregnant at the age of 13. Glenn Close is 73 years old and has little flattering make-up. Amy Adams is 46 years old, and even if you try to make the movie ugly, it doesn’t seem like you can’t accept her as being that old. Considering that Winona Ryder was mentioned in Hollywood as Zachary Quinto’s mother when she was only six years old, you’d think they’d take advantage of that to hire a mother who didn’t look old enough. The fact that Freida Pinto, 36 years old, plays a student is another sensitive aspect of the suspension.

Hans Zimmer, Brian Grazer, Vanessa Taylor. is in itself an almost impressive list of experienced Hollywood professionals who will never refer to him again in their CVs. It’s best not to look at all, because I don’t think you remember.

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