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Here on the street is an American horror movie from 2019 about a group of friends celebrating their graduation by going to a cabin in the woods. When hope for the future gives way to fear of the unknown, they begin to suspect that something ominous is haunting them.

Writers and directors Matthias Breuer and Liam Hall (making their debut) – film stars Nicole Brydon Bloom (1BR), Austin Larkin, Claire Lord, Fergie L. Bloom (1BR). Phillip, Tess Tragellas, W. Scott Parker III (Abomination 2011; Broken Springs aka 101 Zombies; April Fool’s Day 2008) and Kimberly Avery (Paramnesia). Produced by Rebecca Richin.


Hoping to distract himself from an uncertain future, Francis (Nicole Brydon Bloom) invites his friends Lauren (Tess Tregellas) and Barb (Claire Lord) to his family’s mountain hut to celebrate their graduation. The girls have to share the space with their school leaver Francis, Hal (Austin Larkin) and his tramp Terry (Fergie L. Phillip), but in the end the group decides what is definitely a fun weekend when they meet their friends and go back to hunting children.

However, after a series of strange incidents and mysterious disappearances, the gang begins to suspect that they may be haunted by something sinister. Is there any truth in the city legends they shared as children? Or does the creepy neighborhood know more than she admits? As old relationships go through trials and tribulations and new truths emerge, the group must find a way to come together to deal with a threat that could jeopardize more than just their friendship….

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Too much time is spent on the dramatic side of things for this thriller to be harder, darker or more satisfying as he struggles with the tone set by his friendship. He’s not helped by the end, which seems disappointing… It’s entertaining and worth seeing, but it’s a pity he hasn’t reached his full potential. Film The Massacre

Many scenarios have tried to accurately capture the anger of young people, and some of them have been successful (I am thinking of Lady Bird). But it’s surprisingly refreshing that Hall and Breuer can capture this trait of youth in the form of an independent horror film. Here On Out offers emotional truth and subtle surprises in a film designed to make you think it’s your usual film about dead teenagers. The fact that she plays so well with this model is a pleasant surprise for everyone. Filming the threat


The film was released on the 17th. November 2019 premiere at the Carrborough Film Festival

Gravitas Ventures is available on request at 3 pm. December 2020 available here.

The actors and characters:

Nicole Brydon Bloom… FranzAustin Larkin. The Lord of HalClaire… BarbFergie L. Phillip… TerryTess Tragellas… LaurenV. Scott Parker III… James Kimberly Avery… A serious nurse…

Shooting locations:

Meban, North Carolina

Technical details :

87 minutes

The trailer:

Here we go:

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