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I had fun building this list of hard masters for the Hard Master series, but I’ve got more ideas for it. The next one will be “Hard Master – Who’s Who in Action Movies”, and I’ll be taking a different approach to this one – I’ll be listing the actors who got the roles that were originally intended for the hard masters (if there was one), and why.

In the eyes of the snake: In the G.I. Joe Origins trailer, the hero receives an offer he can’t refuse from a man who invites him to join an ancient ninja clan. That man is the tough Master, played by Iko Uwais in a much younger version than anything we’ve seen before. In the movie G.I. Joe: In Cobra Rising, the Tough Master appears only in flashbacks, played by Gerald Okamura, in a version that strangely blends Japanese and Chinese traditions. In the film, he takes on the young Snake Eyes as his apprentice, as well as the more violent and frustrating Storm Shadow. He ends up being killed, apparently by Storm Shadow, in a storyline reminiscent of the comic: Let’s look at it together.

Rough Master, real name unknown, born in Japan, member of the semi-legendary Arashikage clan, a ninja clan that sought balance and harmony by intervening in history to support one of the two warring factions and ensure that justice would always prevail. After years of rigorous training, mastering the techniques and philosophy of his clan, Hard Master became the first leader of the modern era and restructured the clan into a kind of business enterprise, where he himself became chairman of the board of directors, his brother, Soft Master, became vice president in charge of finance, and his nephew, Young Master , became a junior partner. Changing the surface to leave the depth unchanged is what has allowed the Arashikage clan to survive for centuries, and Master Hard has succeeded, adapting to the language and style of the new world without betraying the old ways and values. The council lost a member during the Vietnam War, as the young master, alias Tommy Arashikage, was half American and fought in the war as part of his training. When he returned, he was not alone, for during the war he had a fraternal friend, a man named Snake-Eye, whom he invited to join the clan. Snake Eye had lost his entire family, and he had nothing left to lose, so the tough Master gave him a new task: He trained him hard and forced him to take the toughest and most difficult tests in the clan, but he always came out victorious, always humble enough to learn something new, but wise enough not to hide his extraordinary abilities, which surpassed even those of his friend Tommy. For the first time in years, the hard master was impressed.

The stern master, known for his extreme severity and strict discipline, decided to personally begin training Snake Eyes, teaching him a series of forbidden techniques known only to those destined to become the leaders of the Arashikage clan. So it was clear to everyone except Snake Eyes himself that the Stern Master wanted him as his successor and preferred his to his own cousin: In fact, Tommy always seemed too eager to use his skills to kill, while Snake Eyes, who was even better at everything but archery than he was, was only willing to take a life if it was absolutely necessary or unavoidable. To the stern master, this was the crucial trait of a wise and sovereign leader, and he wanted to develop both these skills and this way of thinking. But when he explicitly tells Snake Eyes that he wants him to succeed him, Snake Eyes refuses, not wanting this to come between him and his friend Tommy, with whom he had already begun a bitter rivalry. However, the tough master did not give up training him and continued to teach him the oldest and most formidable techniques of the clan. One night, the stalwart master took Snake Eye to a dark room to train him in the technique of the blind sword. To prepare him, he challenged him to recognize the style and movements he was copying, the style and movements of the warrior he knew. The Tough Master imitated the Snake Eye himself, which caused his downfall when the archer saw his shadow behind the wall and fired an arrow at it, thinking he hit the Snake Eye, but he actually dealt the Tough Master a fatal blow. When he died, Master Hard realized that the arrow that hit him was one of Tommy’s arrows, but with his last breath, he tried to claim his cousin’s innocence, knowing that despite all the evidence, he wasn’t the culprit. But years passed before Tommy Arashikage was acquitted of the murder…..

The Fierce Master is a wise and stern leader, an experienced teacher who has led his ancient clan into the new millennium and trained generations of warriors to apply the old ways in the new world. He himself is a formidable fighter and an expert in martial arts. He has mastered traditional Japanese weapons, which he uses in combination with ninja techniques known only to the Arashikage clan. A hard man for a hard job. The Tough Master strives to prepare his warriors to bring balance and wisdom to everything they do, and this mission is much more difficult than training them to be perfect fighters.


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Hard Master is a Japan-based production company that consistently makes and distributes low-budget-but-high-quality horror movies. They’ve done it with silly titles like The Demon Cat and The Dummy to much more serious fare like Liquid and Silver.. Read more about snake eyes and scarlett and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who killed Hard Master?

The killer is unknown.

What is Arashikage clan?

The Arashikage clan is a ninja clan that was founded by the legendary shinobi, Arashi. The clan’s symbol is a black and white circle with an eye in the center.

Who are the bad guys in GI Joe?

The Cobra organization, led by the evil Cobra Commander.

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