Halloween video game selection: Blasphemous

The retro Metroidvania from The Game Kitchen is as disturbing as the scary masterpieces as the original Diablo.

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The word Metroidvania is often used in retro games, and this type of video games has become a must on all modern platforms. It is difficult for everyone to find games that go beyond the classic themes of the genre. Mothblood: Moon Curse 1, 2 and Ritual Night is a very good game that continues the classics of the manga-like take that Castlevania introduced decades ago. Hollow Knight mixes the strange alien scenarios we first saw in Metroid with a miserable dark fantasy atmosphere, which is unique in itself, but which, despite its great merits, cannot be described as disturbing or horrific.

Spanish development studio The Game Kitchen entered the battlefield of Metroidvania in 2019 after the success of the Kickstarter 2017 campaign with Blasphemy, whose name comes from a twisted gothic script rarely found in games of any genre, not to mention an action platform with RPG elements. The Dark Fantasy is a genre that is not dark enough for such a game, and it even stands out against the backdrop of Diablo I and II, the undefeated champions of ultra-blooded and outspoken satanic fantasy.

Curiously, the name blasphemy is not a sign of the mentioned satanic images of the late 90s. On the contrary, the world of Zvstodia is so oppressively devoted to the fate imposed by the miracle that even acts of repentance can be considered blasphemy by other religious orders, which probably believe the same as everyone else in Zvstodia – like most of today’s religions – and are not limited to miracle followers and fanatics, but the higher being itself appears to be quite perverse and ruthless. More than the dedication of the people, she seems to live from a very graphic painting and a ruthless wine.

We find ourselves in this wild paradise of despair, inspired by Spanish Catholicism (the creator of the infamous Inquisition), as penitents, anonymous members of the Brotherhood of Silent Grief – they take a vow of silence, destroyed by a fate miraculously administered to them, with the exception of this man chosen by divine grace, Live and begin a pilgrimage through Zvstodiya, after the almost brutal murder of Crisantha, who was enveloped in agony, blinded – by her own sacrifice – by the legendary knight of the Anointed Legion, who dedicated his penance to the defence of his holiness, Pope Escibar, the religious leader who through his communion with the miracle brought the world of Zvstodiya into its present state.The game mechanism is simple and familiar, but subtly adapted to the original bit style and adapted to the dark scenario. Imagine Castlewania: A symphony of the night with a relic and a system to strengthen the rosary, filled to the end of the legend. One year after the release of the game, Virgins still get a lot of attention. This summer they released a free DLC that expands the Saga of Remorse, and if you are a native Spanish speaker, you can now enjoy conversations in full Spanish, which is the best way to enjoy the atmosphere of blasphemy. (Excuse me, Anglo-Sphere, but it seems so natural to perceive this baroque cultural background with the language of its original form)

If the blasphemy has flaws, they are definitely linked to the card and continue. The game is already filled with complex remorse, there is no need for punitive transport on it and a card can be very mysterious. On the way to Qustodia, there is a fast travel system, but there is nothing to write home about. A move shouldn’t be like a routine job. The level of design is good in itself, to be clear, the problem is to move in it, and even more so with the number of variations required by gender.
game on all modern platforms, and you can probably get it at a reduced price for Halloween – I can vouch for the PC version on GOG.com and Steam – although even at a full price it is definitely a steal. If you can afford it, don’t miss the packed version with artbook and soundtrack. Blasphemy will haunt you even after the game is over, and immersing yourself in this original legend and atmosphere is worth every player’s time.

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Gambling – 8.5

Difficulty/length – 8.5

Historical – 9.5

Graphs – 10

Sound design – 9


Take it!

A fine-tuned Metroidvania action platform game that will excite everyone, even Diablo and damned veterans!

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