This is a guide on where to watch and a brief look of each show.

The apple watch series 6 user guide is a guide on where to watch and a brief look of each show.

Miraculous Ladybug tells the tale of Marinette and Adrien, two French teenagers who are superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, battling to defend the city from supervillains. It is a French CGI television series created by French companies Zagtoon and Method Animation in collaboration with Toei Animation in Japan. It is also known as “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” or just “Miraculous.” 

The series has grown very popular among children and teenagers, with 91 episodes spread over four seasons and two features (TV specials). While the fourth season is now running, the producers are planning to continue the series up to the seventh season, with a few movies in the works. Ladybug & Cat Noir – Awakening, an animated musical film, will be released in early 2022. Here’s where you can watch the programs, as well as a summary of each narrative.  

At A Glance: Miraculous Ladybug TV Shows & Movies 

Shows on television: 

  1. Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2015)
  2. Season 2 of the Miraculous Ladybug – (2016) 
  3. Season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2019)
  4. Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2021)

Films (sometimes referred to as TV specials):

  1. New York – United Heroez – Miraculous World (2020)
  2. Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon – Miraculous World (2021)

Where can you see the Spectacular Ladybug? 

There is presently no outlet that streams or broadcasts the whole Miraculous Ladybug program. In the future, Disney Plus is a subscription service that allows you to will be your best chance for seeing all of the Miraculous Ladybug episodes. However, since Netflix presently holds the rights, this remains to be seen (more on that below).

The greatest places to view Miraculous Ladybug programs are listed below:

  1. Netflix 
  2. Disney Plus
  3. Now is the time for Disney.
  4. fuboTV
  5. Live TV on Hulu
  6. Sling TV
  7. Vidgo
  8. Youtube TV is a service that allows you to watch is a service that allows you to watch
  9. Stream DIRECTV 

Is there a Netflix version of Miraculous Ladybug?


The first three seasons of Miraculous Ladybug are now available on Netflix in the United States. The program’s rights to the show will soon expire and the show will be moved to Disney Plus, thus it will no longer be accessible on Netflix. 

Is there an Amazon Prime version of Miraculous Ladybug?

Seasons 1 and 2 of the program are now available on Amazon Prime. 

Is there a Miraculous Ladybug episode on HBO Max?

There are currently no Miraculous Ladybug programs on HBO Max. 

Is there a Disney Plus version of Miraculous Ladybug?

Seasons 1–3 of the program are now accessible for streaming in most countries around the globe (with the exception of the United States, where Netflix retains the rights to the first three seasons). Season 4 of Disney Plus is now broadcasting in the United States. Streamers will be able to view the remainder of the series on Disney Plus after Netflix’s rights to the program expire. 

The film Miraculous World: New York – United Heroez is available exclusively on Disney Plus, and the sequel, Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon, will be available shortly. 

Is there a Hulu version of Miraculous Ladybug?

Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug is now available to watch on Hulu. 

Is there a Peacock TV show called Miraculous Ladybug?

Currently, there are no Miraculous Ladybug programs on Peacock TV.  

Where can I get Miraculous Ladybug to watch?

Season 4 of the program is available on Disney Now. Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug is also available on streaming platforms that broadcast Disney Channel:

  • fuboTV
  • Live TV on Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Vidgo
  • Youtube TV
  • Stream DIRECTV 

Where can I get a free copy of Miraculous Ladybug?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 is now accessible for free on Disney Now through the website or the app. 

Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug is available on Disney Channel and via streaming providers that offer free trials: 

  • fuboTV is a subscription-based television service (1-week free trial)
  • Live TV on Hulu (1-week free trial)
  • a video (3-day free trial)

You may also get a free trial on Netflix to view it.

The Best Way to See Miraculous Ladybug

The Miraculous Ladybug programs and films are listed in order of when they were first shown. Assume you want to watch the program in chronological or timeline order. Because the Miraculous Ladybug program and films are issued in chronological order, you must follow the release schedule in that case. Let’s discover how to watch Miraculous Ladybug in the best sequence and what each narrative is like.

  • Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2015)
  • Season 2 of the Miraculous Ladybug – (2016)
  • Season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2019)
  • New York – United Heroez – Miraculous World (2020)
  • Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon – Miraculous World (2021)
  • Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2021)

Order of the Miraculous Ladybug TV Show and Movie

Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2015)


The program follows two high school students, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who live in modern-day Paris. Adrien is a fashion model for his father’s fashion business, and Marinette is an aspiring fashion designer. Marinette and Adrien, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, are superheroes named Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively. Their mystical creatures, “Kwamis,” are connected to a gem that is the source of their abilities. The Miraculous is the name given to this gem. 

Ladybug and Cat Noir, together with their Kwamis, Tikki and Plagg, respectively, battle “akumatized” humans. When someone gets akumatized, it generally occurs after they have been injured or traumatized by another person. Hawk Moth, a deadly supervillain who utilizes his abilities to Akumatize people and transform them into supervillains, causes havoc. Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous are his targets. 

Marinette has a crush on Adrien but is too timid to tell him since they are unaware of one other’s identities. Cat Noir, on the other hand, has a crush on Ladybug, although she finds his arrogance irritating. Ladybug becomes fond of Cat Noir during the school year and their heroic exploits, while Marinette overcomes her shyness and gets closer to Adrien. 

Adrien finally finds a grimoire in his father’s safe and takes it. Tikki investigates the book and learns that it is a holy book containing information on the Miraculouses and their owners. 

2. Season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2016)


Marinette meets Master Fu and learns that he is the Miraculouses’ final Guardian. Fu agrees. The book’s owner might be Hawk Moth, who could be Gabriel (Adrien’s father) or Adrien himself, according to Fu. These suspicions, however, would ultimately be disproved. When Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses are utilized together, Fu reveals to Marinette that they may grant wishes. However, they must exercise caution while utilizing it since it has the potential to upset the universe’s equilibrium. Every wish expressed will get an equal value outcome. 

With the aid of Fu, Ladybug and Cat Noir are able to recruit other superheroes to join them in their fight against Hawk Moth. Rena Rouge (a fox-themed hero), Carapace (a turtle-themed hero), and Queen Bee (a bee-themed hero) are Alya, Nino, and Chloe, respectively (a bee-themed superhero). 

Hawk Moth transforms into Scarlet Moth after akumatizing his helper Natalie into Catalyst. He now has the power to generate as many akumas as he wants. The five superheroes get together to take on the Scarlet Army, a group of supervillains. They defeat Moth by breaking his cane and transforming him back into Hawk Moth. Hawk Moth, on the other hand, is able to flee owing to Catalyst’s diversion. 

Marinette and her friends later meet together for a picnic, and Marinette works up the confidence to kiss Adrien on the cheek.

3. Season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2019)


Lila has a vendetta against Marinette, and she returns to Paris with it. She forms a friendship with Gabriel. When Hawk Moth discovers Queen Bee’s hidden identity, Ladybug feels compelled to inform Chloe that she can no longer be Queen Bee, putting their friendship under pressure. 

Luka, who transforms into Aspik, a snake-themed superhero, joins Ladybug and Cat Noir this season. They are subsequently joined by a number of other superheroes, including Max (a horse-themed superhero known as Pegasus), Kagami (a dragon-themed superhero known as Ryuko), Alix (a bunny-themed superhero known as Bunnyx), and Kim (a rabbit-themed superhero known as Bunnyx) (a monkey-themed superhero called King Monkey).

Marinette passes up the opportunity to tell Adrien about her love for him. This is because her confession will set off a chain of events in which the future Cat Noir will be transformed into a supervillain and destroy Paris. Later, she is distressed when she finds Kagami and Adrien are happy together. 

Hawk Moth pursues Ladybug to Fu’s hidden location, where he defeats Fu and takes possession of the Miracle Box. In return for the heroes’ Miraculouses, he turns Chloe against Ladybug and transforms her into Miracle Queen. All of the temporary Miraculous bearers are summoned by Miracle Bee, who reveals their names to Hawk Moth and brainwashes them in the process. Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Miracle Queen and face Hawk Moth, who has kidnapped Fu. 

Ladybug is named the next Guardian of the Miraculouses by Fu, who sacrifices his memories in the process. Ladybug suspends Chloe from the superhero squad when Hawk Moth escapes. Natalie also gives Gabriel Master Fu’s tablet, which contains the encrypted Miraculous spellbook. Marinette begins seeing Luka after learning that Adrien and Kagami are dating. 

4. United Heroez- New York – Miraculous World (2020)


Marinette’s class travels to New York. During the journey, Techno-Pirate, an American supervillain with the ability to shut down and steal technology, attacks the aircraft. The local American superheroes Majestia (a woman with god-like abilities), Uncanny Valley (a humanoid robot dressed as a teenage girl), Knightowl (a woman disguised as a male with electronics), and her sidekick Sparrow beat him (her daughter, disguised as a boy). 

Hawk Moth akumatizes Techno-Pirate into Techlonizer during their visit to the Historical Society, allowing him to steal and sabotage whatever technology he comes into touch with. He intends to employ Techlonizer to distract Ladybug and the heroes so he may take the Eagle Miraculous on exhibit at the museum. 

Cat Noir inadvertently ruins Uncanny Valley during the battle, creating a schism between the American and French superheroes. Adrien, distraught, abandons his Miraculous and chooses to quit the tour and return to France. Marinette is also discouraged by this. 

Hawk Moth uses the Eagle Miraculous to transform Techlonizer into Miraclonizer, who utilizes his newfound liberation powers to liberate American heroes from their morals and ethics, causing them to go wild. Uncanny Valley discovers Marinette and Adrien’s identities and enlists the help of Ladybug and Cat Noir to battle Miraclonizer. 

They are able to defeat Miraclonizer and reclaim the Eagle Miraculous. Sparrow receives the Eagle Miraculous from Ladybug and utilizes it to change into “Eagle.” Eagle then utilizes her abilities to restore normalcy to the American heroes. 

5. Shanghai’s Miraculous World – Ladydragon’s Legend – (2021)


Marinette travels to Shanghai by herself. She plans to see Adrien in a fashion show and pay a visit to her uncle on his 60th birthday. Fei, a young Chinese girl, takes everything of Tikki’s possessions, including her Miraculous, when she arrives in Shanghai. 

She spends the whole day wandering the city, getting lost and unable to connect with anybody since she does not speak the language. She finally runs across Fei, who confesses to stealing Marinette’s things and selling them to Cash, a ruthless pawnshop proprietor. Cash murdered Fei’s father and ruined his kung fu school, according to Fei. 

Fei returns Marinette’s things to him and reveals to her that her father’s kung fu school is really a guardian training facility. The guardians, like Miraculous, utilize Prodigious, a mystical gem that may transform its owner into any of the Five Animals if they exemplify the virtue each animal symbolizes. 

Hawk Moth, who has been listening in, akumatizes Cash into King Cash, who has razor-sharp blade fans for hands. Hawk Moth is able to find the cave where the Prodigious is kept thanks to Fei’s knowledge and break in with the assistance of King Cash. 

Fei transforms into Ladydragon and defeats King Cash with the help of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Hawk Moth, on the other hand, akumatizes Mei Shi, the Prodigious’ guardian soul, into “Yan Luo Shi,” a gigantic supervillain with lasers. Yan Luo Shi knocks Cat Noir and Hawk Moth back. Fei begins to question herself as she becomes unable to fight. 

Ladybug regains her confidence with Marinette’s assistance, and together, Ladybug and Ladydragon beat Yan Luo Shi. Yan Luo Shi reverts to a kwami-like monster that protects Fei. Local officials apprehend Cash, but Hawk Moth is nowhere to be found. Finally, Fei joins Marinette and Adrien at Marinette’s uncle’s restaurant for supper. 

Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug – (2021)


Marinette is now the Guardian of the Miraculous in the fourth season. She now has the additional responsibility of protecting the Kwamis’ secrets in addition to her duties as Ladybug. Along the way, she’ll have to deal with issues like her friendship with Luka, admitting her emotions for Adrien, and, of course, Battling Hawk Moth! 

*The fourth season of Miraculous Ladybug is currently airing. 

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