The new masked episode of The Masked Singer brought the other three members of band A back into the limelight. During the battle for two seats in the Super Six, sun, popcorn and snowy owls sometimes stood up and took everyone’s breath away. This week we also had a guest presenter, actress and comedian Nishi Nash, who used her mother’s ears to let her guess who the celebrities were. Mask of the final of group A-Frontier.jpg Image via FOX

Let’s discover the new clues that came to light this week and guess which of the two remaining stars are still in this group. Prior to the performance, all three of them came together to sing, technically speaking, as a quartet. When she first heard the sun, she looked like Christina Aguilera, although there are clues to other possible celebrities.

Sun sang a song from my heart Janis Joplin for her performance. His note mentioned chimes, a van driving and cows. The relative who called her looked like a NASA guy. The tip of the robot of the night showed that the sun was certified gold. There are some references to Aguilera, but many people think online that it could be country singer LeAnne Rhimes. The judges themselves suspected Jewel, Demi Lovato and Katherine McPhee. Group-A-Finale-Mask-Frontier.jpg Image via FOX

Then there were snow owls singing the prayers of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. During their performance, all the big names danced and guessed. With clues like the rocket, the horse, the Parthenon and the drink of Roy Rogers there were many possibilities.

Nicole Scherzinger suspected it might be Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman Black. Other suspects were Brad and Kimberly Pesley and Amy Grant and Vince Jill. Group A Mask Frontier.jpg Image via FOX

In the end the popcorn showed that she had come to win and the family member/girlfriend she had invited made everyone think because he pointed out that he was also on the stage of Masked Singer. References to popcorn include deer, fashion and Russian nesting pupae. After hearing Domino Jesse Jay sing, her boyfriend made her realize that the judges had judged popcorn in previous seasons.

The puzzles included Taylor Dane and Cindy Lauper. We have to say that we’re still at an impasse. After the performances two of the participants took part in the selection process to see who would and who would not be in the Super Six. The sun was safe from impact, while popcorn and snow owls sang. The popcorn was declared the winner, and eventually the Snowy Owls were released. Mask of the final of group A-Frontier.jpg Image via FOX

After his first guess about this experience, Scherzinger again mentioned his guess about the duo – Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. She was right! They were wearing masks!

We now have the first two stars to advance to the last six. Next week we will see the artists of Group B and see who will join Sun and Popcorn. Give us your opinion about the masked singer and see you next week! Follow us on Twitter for more content.

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